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Fast Conditioning with Kettlebells and Chains


Fast Conditioning with Kettlebells and Chains

You want to make ANY exercise harder?  There’s a simple solution.

Add chains…

When you add chains to an exercise, it gets real.

If you remember our first chain training video (it had a huge amount of positive feedback), it really opened peoples eyes to not only making training fun again, but many different practical uses for chains besides accommodating resistance.


Here is a variety of conditioning circuits I ran at the end of a recent workout.

It is important to keep it fresh and there is nothing wrong with running a circuit and then switching to another different circuit on the next run.

Here are the exercises I did.

Kettlebell / Chain Conditioning Routines

  • Kettlebell Clean / Squat / Press
  • Kettlebell Chain Push-ups
  • Kettlebell Chain Renegade Rows
  • Kettlebell Chain Push-up / Clean / Squat / Press
  • Chain Plate Push / Kettlebell Swings

What Do the Chains Do?

Throws you off balance and forces you to stabilize harder throughout the execution of the lift.  This, along with the kettlebells, really increases the intensity.

What Volume (sets x reps) Should I Do?

Depending upon the weight you use, you could do any where from 6-12 reps per movement and perform 4-5 different combinations for each workout.

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8 Responses to “Fast Conditioning with Kettlebells and Chains”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Thanks for the post-I was just thinking I wanted to change things up today with a little circuit….I now have a circuit to play with! Thanks brother!!!!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thank YOU Jerry!

    Let me know how it goes brother!

  3. Rick Walker Says:

    Good stuff Smitty.

    Love the plate push with chains…

  4. Harlan Jacobs Says:

    Nice work. I will have to try them. Keep um comimg !

  5. Louie Says:

    what would be the best way to make/buy chains? i dont have access to any machining equipment but i dont mind spending good cash on training tools.

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