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Grip Strength: Inch Dumbbell Training

December 4th, 2014

Thomas Inch was a performing strongman who lived during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He is most well known for his challenge dumbbell, an all-one-piece, cast-iron dumbbell with a nearly 2.5-inch handle, weighing 172-lbs.

To this day, replicas of what is now know as the Inch Dumbbell, remain one of the biggest challenge items in Grip.

After a short break from Inch Dumbbell Training, due to very sore shoulders that were causing pain every time I tried pulling something off the floor, I have resumed my Inch Dumbbell Training.

The Inch is never a simple feat for me. It is always something I need to have my mind right for. But I am working hard to make it easier all the time.

Here are some of the Inch Dumbbell feats I have tried and attained in recent training:

Inch Dumbbell + 55-lb Anvil

The Robo Blob is a Fatman Blob replica machined from a raw steel billet. It is pretty tough for me to lift, but not nearly as tough as some of my other Blobs, especially the Handle Blob.

Inch Dumbbell + Half 115lb Block Weight

This half 115lb Hex head has been around for a long time. Its sides actually slope out every so slightly, amking it a bit tougher than some other straight-sided blocks.

Inch Dumbbell Rows

These lifts all took place inside of one workout. I am trying to hit the Inch as many times as possible throughout the week. The idea is to make lifting it feel easier and easier and easier.

It’s time “Lifting the Inch” is no longer up on such a high pedestal.

All the best in your training.


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Super Strength Show Interview – Ray Toulany & Jedd Johnson

December 2nd, 2014

First off, a BIG THANKS to everyone who took action last week during the huge Black Friday Sale I ran.

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Today, I have something else that’s very cool for you.

I was recently interviewed by Ray Toulany on the Super Strength Show =>

In my opinion, this show was one of the most professional I have ever been a part of.

I have gotten to know Ray very well over the last year, and it was my pleasure to be on the show.

You’re gonna see that the shows that Ray conducts are quite different from the majority of them that are out there.

They don’t just cover training information, but they talk about mindset, they talk about overcoming challenges, and they talk about what it truly takes to be successful.

I think you’re gonna really like the show,so PLEASE take the time to LIKE and RATE the interview on iTunes.

Here’s to spot to listen to the show on Ray’s site: Super Strength Show – Ray interview Jedd

Or you can look it up on iTunes, if that is what you’re used to doing.

Me, I don’t even know how iTines works, and I used to actually do podcasts from time to time…

Have a great day and all the best in your training.


Cooking with Napalm – YouTube Q& A Show

November 24th, 2014

I recently started a new webshow on my YouTube Channel called, “Cooking with Napalm.”

In this show, I answer 3 to 5 questions that have come in via email or comments on my YouTube videos.

I grab up the handful of questions from my computer and answer them while I am cooking on the grill or in the kitchen.

This has become a pretty popular feature on my YouTube Channel, so I am going to start doing it a bit more.

Here’s the most recent episode:

Do you have any questions for me?

If so, be sure to leave them in the comments section below, here on my site, or in the comments below any video on my channel.

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Thanks and all the best in your training.


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Prepare for the Cold – Get Your Diesel Hoodie

November 18th, 2014

I am ordering in a stash of Diesel Hoodies. Get your order in by Thursday, November 20th to make sure your hoodie order gets placed in the first round. Make your selection below. If you order more than one hoodie, there may be slightly more shipping involved. I will contact you so we can take care of it.

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On the back in white lettering, will be “Strong ‘Til the End.” Because that’s what you’re going to be when you wear this Hoodie!

Thank you for your order. Any questions, please contact me at jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com.

All the best in your training.


Perseverance – A Guest Post from Rick Walker

November 3rd, 2014

This touching guest post was written by Rick Walker, one of my long-time friends, and the guy who first got me into Grip. I hope you enjoy it.


As adults, we learn through our experiences that life is not a straight road, but a series of ups and downs, twists and turns, wrong ways and short cuts. We learn this through our own struggles and failures, our own bad choices, our own falls and climbs. A child should not have to learn about his own road at such an early age.

My step-son could just give up. At age 10 he has learned life has a way of getting messy. Life has a way of turning you up-side-down and shaking you. At age 4 he experienced the death of his father. Though he was only 4, the experience had, and continues to have, a profound effect on him. It is hard enough as an adult to lose your elderly parents, but to be 4 years old and have your dad there one day and gone the next, to see him lying in a hospital bed, to see him at his viewing and funeral, and to process exactly what is going on does something to the soul that can never be reversed. Yet he persevered.

By age 8, after much pleading by his mother and me, the school finally tested him and discovered he had a learning disability. He was struggling to learn to read and spell no matter how hard he worked at it and how much we helped him. The school had written him off as lazy, but we knew better. His test showed his IQ is high but his reading ability lags behind. He now has to leave his regular class room on a daily basis to get extra help in reading. He could have shut down. He could have fought against it and fell further behind, but he didn’t. He persevered. He works hard at his studies and is a straight A student. Perseverance.

The summer of 2013, his mom and I noticed he seemed to really be leaning up, was going to the bathroom often, and complained of being tired. He had just finished a great baseball season so we at first chalked it up to that. We put him on the scale and he had lost 10 pounds. 24 hours later he was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Life, once again, had dropped a major bomb on a 9 year old kid.
Most of this would break us. Most of this would leave us depressed, broken, and beaten. But this 9 year old kid took it in stride. He never shed a tear; he just looked at his doctor and said, “What do we have to do?” and, “Can I still play football?”


It is not often that a father learns an important life lesson from his son. It is usually the other way around. He continued to train hard and prepare for his 2014 football season. Never once breaking to the sugar lows and highs, never once complaining about the 7 shots a day, about the constant checking of his blood, about the many blood tests he endures once every 3 months. He just persevered. At a time when I was fighting my own demons with my heart issues, this 10 year old boy was teaching me how to live. Week after week, workout after workout, he was showing me that success is not defined by never falling, but by falling over and over again and always getting back up. Always pushing forward. Always fighting back at whatever life decides to throw your way. He taught me to live for the moment, to live for today. He taught me that whatever the future may hold, we have this second right now to be a champion. He has made me a better father, a better husband, and a better man.

At the end of the 2014 season, his team finished with a 5-3 record and took the #1 team in the league, a team with a 7-0 record, to a dog fight in the second round of the play-offs losing by a score of 14-6. That same team went on to win the championship the very next weekend 31-0. They scored twice on us.

Casey scored 12 touchdowns, had over 800 yards rushing, and 60+ solo tackles. He currently squats 120 for 5s, bench presses 90 for 5s, and deadlifts 160 for 5s at a bodyweight of 92 pounds. At this time we are prepping for a December powerlifting meet where he fully intends on crushing the 10-11 year old 97-pound records that have stood since 2001.

At the end of the season, Casey also received the following awards: Academic Achievement Award, Perfect Attendance Award, Offensive Back MVP, and Overall Team MVP.


My son has become a man in a short period of time. Because he HAD to. He had no other choice. Give up and give in, or persevere. He chose, and chooses, to PERSEVERE. Day after day, workout after workout. He has a dream and a goal to one day play in the NFL. As a father I will do everything I can to make sure this amazing young man does just that.

Next time you are down and out over something, your training is stagnant, your life is stagnant, you hate your job, whatever it may be, think of this 10 year old boy and all he has overcome in his short life. Realize that it really isn’t as bad as it seems. And persevere.

#34 Casey J. Lettie Walker, 2014 Football Highlights

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” – Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption

Thanks to Rick Walker for putting this piece together. -Jedd-