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7 Deadly Sins of Strength Training

February 27th, 2015

I had the amazing opportunity to put together an article for sponsor, Onnit’s magazine, Onnit Academy.

It’s called “The 7 Deadly Sins of Strength Training.”

Here’s a picture of the magazine:


Here’s what you’ll learn from the article…

No matter what your main objective in your training is, it takes a LOT more than just getting your workouts in, to be successful.

There’s other stuff you’ve gotta do to support your training and recovery in order to ensure you see the results you want.

Whether you’re trying to build a massive yoke, excel at strongman, or training to close bigger grippers, when you get these 7 things right, you see better results in your training.

As my sponsors, Onnit has sent me a special link so that my readers can get a copy of this issue, and all you need to do is pay the shipping charges.

Special Onnit Academy Link for my DIESELS

This is a complete STEAL of a price, too.

This is easily the highest quality fitness magazine I’ve ever seen. The cover and pages actually feel more like catalog quality than cheapo magazine stock.

Plus, the information is top notch. This issue alone features contributions from:

    Mark DeGrasse, me, Lance Brazil, Joe Defranco, Jim “Smitty” Smith, Travis Stoetzel, Travis Janeway, Trey Hardee, Doug Fioranelli, Evan Brand, Luke Hocevar, Marcus Martinez, Joe Daniels Ryan Mortensen, Ken Blackburn, and Matt Wichlinski

Plus, I flipped through the thing and found just ONE ADVERTISEMENT in the whole issue.

So you’re not staring and endless supplement ads as you go through it like most magazines that are out there.

Instead, you’re getting solid information.

So, get yourself a copy for as cheap as you possibly can, by just paying shipping:

Onnit Academy Magazine – pay just $4.95 to cover shipping costs

I hope you pick it up and let me know what you think of the article!

Thanks and all the best in your training.


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Grip Hogs Day – A Success for New Grip Athletes

February 11th, 2015

Grip Hogs Day 2015

GHD normal

In December, I decided to run a contest with the primary objective to help get new Grip Sport Athletes involved in the sport.

I chose 2/7/15 and since it was right after Groundhog’s Day, I decided to name it Grip Hogs Day.

There were two divisions: the Open Class and a Super Match between my partner, Luke and myself.

I am happy to say that the entire contest was quite a success, as 7 out of the 12 lifters were first-time competitors and ALL of them reported they loved the contest and can’t wait for the next one!

Before I get too far into this, I want to send out a thanks to Luke Raymond, my Dad, and my wife. With everything they did, it was the easiest contest I’ve ever run! Thanks everyone!

Grip Hogs Day

Here are videos of each of the events:

Silver Bullet Hold

This event involves holding the IronMind Silver Bullet between the handles of a #3 Captains of Crush for as long as possible. Everyone got one chance to get their best time on the #3, and if they could not do get a legal hold, they could try the #2.

I have been dancing very close to the World Record in this event for the last few months. I was close again this time, with 43 seconds, but just didn’t have enough to break the record.

Two Hands Pinch

The Adjustable Pinch Device was used, so each competitor could use the width that felt best in their hands. Each got 4 attempts to lift the biggest weight possible.

I broke a new World Record off the ground in December on this lift and I was hoping to complete it at GHD, but a rash of thumb tears really affected my training the last couple of months and I had to settle with 248.

Double Overhand Axle

This lift is like a regular deadlift, only a 1.9″ OD Axle is used with a double overhand grip, both of which tax the hands more than a regular deadlift. The highlight of this event for me was watching newcomer, John Stepien, pull 383lbs, matching my lift, in his first ever Grip competition.

I truly thought this would be the day I hit 400lbs in competition, as I hit it recently in training, but I couldn’t quite pull it to a legal height, or control it as needed to be legal.

Pickaxe Lift

This event is similar to the Sledge Choke, only instead of moving away from the head of the hammer in order to increase the difficulty, everyone grips in the same spot and weight is added to a loading pin at the front of the handle. To keep the lift strict, a shot is balanced on a nut on to the top ridge of the Pickaxe.

The record prior to the contest was something like 11.4lbs. I had broken this several times in training, as had my partner Luke Raymond. As we anticipated, the end of the event ended up being a shoot-out between Luke and me, as we both set new records of 11.77. I won the event, lifting 12.18 and 12.51lbs in my later attempts. Luke tried 12.51lbs on 2 separate attempts, but his wrist power just wasn’t there due to an injury he sustained in December.

The Bull Ring Extensor Lift

This is a brand new event that was introduced at GHD. You place your hand inside the ring and lift the weight with the strength of the extensors.

The Bull Rings are available now. Contact me for ordering details at jedddotdieselatgmaildotcom. Aside from effectively allowing the extensors to be worked heavy and progressively, the Bull Ring can also be used as a hub device.

Looking Back on Grip Hogs Day

I would say this is easily the most fun I’ve ever had at one of my own contests, despite failing to break the records on the Silver Bullet and Two Hands Pinch. The group was all great, and I was so happy to meet all of the new competitors!

GHD Flex

As you can see, we started everything off with a Flexing Pic, and aaalllmost everybody took part. Eli Thomas couldn’t believe the size of the guns on Napalm.


Mike Chaffee, Jedd Johnson, John Stepien

Mike Chaffee, who won the Novice Class award (first time competitors), and John Stepien, who came in 2nd place in the Novice category, both said they were hooked! I can’t wait to see what else they are capable of down the road!

I wish you would have been there, brother. You GOTTA make it to the next one!

Until then, all the best in your training.


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Giant 200lb Kettlebell Goblet Squats

February 2nd, 2015

What You’re Capable of When Your Back’s Against the Wall – 200lb Goblet Squats


Over the last year, I’ve had on loan a GIGANTIC 200lb Kettlebell from a business partner of mine.

From time to time, I would work it into my training, with the objective of hitting legit Goblet Squats with it.

Heavy Goblet Squats are AWESOME: If you haven’t done Goblet Squats in your training, they are a great alternative to Front Squats, as you get that frontal loading, but don’t have to deal with the same pressure in the wrists, as you would feel when supporting the bar in Olympic-style Front Squats.

Goblet Squats with this massive chunk of iron proved to be very very challenging, and as a result, I got frustrated and tried them less and less.

Recently, my business partner said he’d be coming to grab it and take it back to his gym, so I decided I’d better pursue Goblet Squats a few more times while I had the chance.

It’s amazing what you are capable of when your back is up against the wall.

I knew that my time with the Kettlebell was short, so it became very important to me to accomplish this goal.

So, I essentially cut out all off the negative thinking that was keeping me from succeeding with these 200lb Goblet Squats and finally just went after it.

Here’s a video series showing my most recent success with the 200lb Kettlebell Goblet Squats, which will then be followed by previous, less impressive attempts.

Obviously, once I began inverting the Kettlebell, these became quite a bit easier.

And once I got a taste of success with these, I’ve been able to improve every single time I’ve tried them.

So, here’s the BIG QUESTION: Have you been holding yourself back?

I know I was. I kept telling myself these were hard and because of that, they never got any easier.

I encourage you to take a look at your training, take a look at your thinking, and honestly ask if you’re talking yourself out of success in your lifting.

And if you are, stop doing it.

Tear down the mental barriers and make it happen.

So much of this stuff is mental. Get your head right and your lifting will follow.

All the best in your training.


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Diesel Crew Site Directory – All Posts at

January 27th, 2015

Welcome to the Diesel Directory, Brother

This is the site directory. It has all the posts added from 2008 to 2011. The purpose is to help you find the exact information you’re looking for.

All the posts are arranged by topic, so that should help you out big time. For even quicker search abilities, hit the “Ctrl” Button and the letter “F” at the same time, to bring up a search window. You can then type in the term you are looking for, and it will help you find that specific word.

I still have several years’ worth of posts to go through, and I will make sure you know every time updates are made. Please be sure to add your email address so you know when this page is updated, as well as anytime new posts and videos are added to the site.

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Grip Strength

Pain Free Pull-ups: How to Do Pull-ups Without Elbow Pain

January 18th, 2015

Elbow Pain can ruin your workout. When elbow pain gets in the way of your training like this, it can be hard to see the results that you want from your workout. To avoid elbow pain in my training, there are several handles that I use INSTEAD of doing them on the actual Pull-up Bar. This video shows you the handles I use to reduce elbow pain and make my Pull-ups virtually pain free.

Here are links to buy the devices shown in the video for pain free Pull-up training, as well

The Back Bull: I love this thing. It goes onto the bar easy and allows for both a near-overhand or near-underhand position, depending on which muscles you want to emphasize.

Perfect Pull-ups: Unfortunately, I can no longer find Perfect Pull-ups for sale. However, there is a tool out there called Stamina Rotating Handles that look very similar. What’s nice about these is that they allow for a bit wider grip.

Grapple Grips: To my surprise, I can not find these handles anymore either. That’s a shame because these handles could be used for Dumbbell Rows and Cable Rows, as well. A similar device you might want to try is the Grandfather Clocks from Rogue Fitness

Metolius Rock Rings: These tools are made for training the hands for the demands of climbing, but with the way they swivel while hanging from a bar, the make Pull-ups much more comfortable for the elbows.

All of these handles are very effective at reducing the pain you feel when doing Pull-ups and Chin-ups. If your back training seems to be suffering due to elbow pain, then give one of these a try and see if they can be effective at reducing elbow pain from Pull-ups as much as they have been for me.

Any questions on these tools, feel free to ask via the comments section below, email, or message.

All the best in your training.


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