Do You Want a Bigger Upper Body?
Bigger Traps, Meaty Shoulders,
and a Thick Upper Back Could be Yours By the End of the Month.

It's time to build Monster Mass in YOKETOBER.

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Fellow Lifters,

Do you want to put on more muscle?

Do you want a bigger upper body?

Wanna bring up your Bench Press?

Then the key is developing a strong and thick upper back - a massive Yoke.


I've listened to your feedback!

Over the years, the most common feedback - positive or negative - is that it's tough to fit all 31 of the Yoketober workouts into your training.

So this year, I've made it even easier to get the amazing benefits and massive growth from Yoke Specialization.

This year, in 2023, the training is based on 4 days per week of high-intensity, extremely well focused training, excellent exercise selection, and completely manageable workload and volume.

All while getting the same, if not more growth, out of these killer workouts.

Get ready to blow up your Traps, Shoulders, Upper Back and Triceps with about 50%-60% of the time commitment per week!

This year, the workouts are broken up into 4 categories to systematically build all 4 segments of the Yoke.

Here's how each day is broken down:

On Mondays, the main part of the Yoke we will hammer is the Traps. The goal is to build Traps so big that you can see them from the front. Think Bill Goldberg, Road Warrior Hawk, and Hercules Hernandez sized Trap muscles. We will train 2 movements per day. One will be a Shrug variation, and the other will be a Row variation. I’ve got a few different variations for you to stimulate growth all month long.

On Wednesdays, we will switch to a different area of the Yoke – the Shoulders. The focus will be to make you wider and wider as the month goes on. Before you know it, every time you encounter a doorway, you’ll be running the risk of ripping off a door jam. We’ll hit 2 movements per workout, and we will focus on working the entire deltoid complex in one movement with a Press, and we will alternate between a Side Delt and Posterior Delt emphasis. In my opinion, these are the 2 heads of the Deltoid that need the most isolated attention, because the Front Delts are getting worked on just about every Pressing movement you do. So the Sides and Rears get the isolation attention this month.

On Fridays, we change our focus once again to the muscles primarily responsible for filling out your shirt sleeves, and adding stress to stitches – the Triceps. Making up a much larger portion of the arm than the Biceps, by building the Triceps, you take up more real estate in the sleeves, and as a result, your Biceps will seem even bigger than they are. This is a thinking man’s game, so we're going to the next level with our body sculpting approach this month. We will be doing a variety of pushing movements throughout the month to build the back of the arms 3-dimensionally.

On the weekends, you’ve gotta pick your poison. You’re gonna be forced to train 2 days in a row, no matter what. You’ll need to decide if you’d rather go back-to-back building the Yoke on Friday and Saturday or if you’d rather opt to double up on Sunday and Monday. Naturally, you can make that call on a week-to-week basis as well, to see what works best for you. On the weekend, our focus is the rest of the Upper Back: the Middle and Lower Traps, the Rhomboids, as well as the External Rotators. This also becomes a day focused on balancing everything out as far as antagonistic strength balance, and to make sure we aren’t only building size in the bigger muscle groups. Because we’ve got more to hit on the weekends, we’ll have 3 drills to do on these days. This may work out to a bit more time in the gym on the weekends, but it really will depend on your ability to recover from set to set and your ability to stay focused.

As you can see, this is a stark difference from past years' 31 days of training.

But, when you consider that in past years, on average lifters missed between 3 and 5 days of training throughout the course of the month, it means that this year there will be much less pressure and stress about getting sessions in and making extra trips into the gym.

I hope you like the new format, and it helps you become an even BIGGER version of yourself.

Get ready for the easiest-to-implement version of Yoketober ever.

Have fun with it!


What Is The Yoke?

Bane (Batman) Yoke Freak
The Yoke is made up of the Traps, the Upper Back, and Shoulders.

These muscles come together to form an outline of the upper body that stands for strength, just like the image of Bane from Batman, to the right.

Nothing says "Strength" like having a muscular upper body.

And if you don't have a big set of traps, massive shoulders and a thick upper back, then your upper body is INCOMPLETE.

A thick upper back commands attention and demands respect.

If you're missing this important piece of the complete physique, it's time to change that RIGHT NOW.

Forget October - it's time for YOKETOBER.

The YOKETOBER program is built on intense specialization to bring up your lagging upper back.

How Yoketober Came To Be

In August of 2014, I set out to train my arms every single day of the month.

After #AugustOfArms
Arms 1" Bigger
I called it #AugustOfArms, and hundreds of people followed my progress throughout the month.

Several dozen joined in with me, training Arms all through August.

By the end of the month, I had added just shy of 1 solid inch to my arms, cold - with no pump.

And several others did the same, averaging 3/4 of an inch gained over the course of the month, proving that intense specialization training can bring up lagging body parts.

In September, my area of emphasis was the legs, and I called it #Legtember.

Bill Goldberg - Yoke Freak
In both of those months, my followers asked me if I was providing workouts to follow along throughout the month.

Unfortunately, for #AugustOfArms and #Legtember, I made up the workouts as I went along, so I had nothing to offer you as guidance.

But for Yoketober 2014, it was a whole different story. I planned the entire month out, sold the program, and it's been a fixture in our yearly training ever since!

My goal this month was To help YOU succeed in YOUR Muscle Building goals just as much as it was for me to be successful myself.

For Yoketober, I've got everything ready ahead of time and it's all packaged up and ready for you to attack.

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YOKETOBER Was Designed For YOU!

I put this together to help you SUCCEED and to help you GET BETTER.

I didn't sit down and choose exercises that were my favorites - I chose exercises that work.

I didn't choose exercises that involve rare or hard-to-find pieces of equipment - I chose movements that you can do in just about any gym, private or commercial.

I didn't just put together a book on a bunch of variations of the Shrug - I chose exercises that will hit your upper body from all different angles, leaving your muscles wondering what is going to happen next, and FORCING them to grow.

And I didn't just throw a bunch of hard and heavy exercises at you that would leave you all muscle bound and unable to move at the end of the month - I chose exercises that will actually help you move BETTER and feel AWESOME, on top of LOOKING JACKED.

Bill Kazmaier - Yoke Freak
YOKETOBER is not only a specialization program.

It is a look into EXACTLY how I train, week in and week out.

It will be like you and I are hitting the gym together, brother.

We will be doing the same exact workouts on the same exact days, whether we are on opposite ends of town or opposite ends of the world.

No more going to the gym with no plan.

For YOKETOBER, it's all laid out for you.

No more having to repeat the same boring workouts all the time.

For YOKETOBER, there is very little repetition and you'll love this whole month of training.

No more reading rip-off training magazines that blatantly lie to you about lifting.

There is so much dishonesty in them, it's hard to know WHAT TO BELIEVE in those magazines anymore.

With the YOKETOBER program, you have nothing to worry about except getting to the gym and putting in the work.

You're already going to the gym. Now, let's take your results to the next level.

Speaking of RESULTS, let's look at the results I got from the program in 2014...

Yoketober Results

As you can see, on the right, the Traps are noticeably thicker.

The muscles of the upper back are much thicker and fuller.

My deltoids also got bigger and could be seen better, sloping out beyond the triceps.

And the triceps also got bigger.

I LOVE doing Yoketober, every year, and you're going to love it too!

Get Yoketober, do the program, and you can see results like these too, and maybe even blow right past me!

Yoketober Testimonials and Feedback

"Never Felt My Traps THIS PUMPED!"

"I've never felt my traps this pumped! I must say in all the years I've experimented with different routines, yours has been the best in so many ways. I can't wait to start another body part in November.

I loved YOKETOBER! My strength went up in all my lifts. I loved the power lifting/bodybuilding combo. Keep up the great work."

Rolando Torres

"I Can Tell a Dramatic Difference"

"Yoketober is great. I have not felt my upper back/Traps/Lats/Tri's work so hard in my life. Very sore and working very hard.

It has been just over a week and I can tell a dramatic difference. Keep bringing out these workouts. Love em! Thanks."

Allen Larsen

"Grew So Much, He Barely Fit in His Suit"

"Jedd, Just wanted to say how much fun I had with the Yoketober workout. I am feeling great and very happy with my results.

Last Saturday, my brother got married. I barely fit in my suit since they measured me on October the second. I almost couldn't button my top button. Thanks again."

Josh Culpepper

"My Traps Grew Like Weeds!
Most Fun I've Had in the Gym."

"My traps grew like unwanted weeds in a backyard but it was my whole Yoke that really blossomed. The change was noticeable in my regular clothes.

I swear (this latest) Yoketober is the most fun I've had in the gym period! "

Peter Brown

"Worked with the Training I was Already Doing"

"I found a way to work it into my training I was already doing. My favorite was probably the Rack Holds. Smoked my traps!"

Alexander Keith Vajgrt

"Helped Me Pull Nearly 3x Bodyweight"

"Thank you for the program. I bought the Yoketober program last year & had great results from it. I actually pulled a 300kg deadlift at 101kg bodyweight!"

Ryan Bloor

Now's the time to take action.

If you want a bigger, thicker upper back...

If you want to build bigger traps that pop up through your shirt...

If you want cannonball-shaped deltoids that demand attention...

If you want sleeve-splitting triceps that poke out of your shirt like horseshoes...

Then you've gotta get YOKETOBER, and build Monster Mass by Halloween.

Click the Button below to get started TODAY.

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All the best in your training.


Common Questions


YOKETOBER is a full month of specialization on the YOKE - the posterior muscles of the upper body that make your outline and cast your shadow - the Traps, the Side and Posterior Delts, the Upper Back Muscles and the Triceps.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Ebook

Currently, I am using Paypal as my proccessor. Once you make your payment, I have it set up to go to the download page instantly. If it does not work or if you close the page out by accident, just email me and I will send the link right over to you as soon as I possibly can.

What If I'm Not Familiar With the Exercises?

Every single exercise that is included in the Yoketober Program comes with an entry in the Exercise Index at the back of the ebook. In most cases, there is also a short video clip showing proper execution of the lift as well. Naturally, if you still don't understand the movement, just hit me up with an email or in the Facebook Group.

What if I Don't Have Facebook?

If you don't have Facebook, no problem. Any question you have, just email me and I am happy to help you out. My email address is found throughout the Yoketober Program.

What if My Genetics Keep Me from Building a Big Yoke?

Then you need this program even more. In #Legtember, I was finally able to bust through my genetic ceiling and add some size to my legs after a full year of focused leg training. I HAD to specialize in order to trigger further growth, and that is what YOKETOBER will do for you.

I read where a guru said too many Shrugs will hurt you. Is this true?

You won't have to worry about that in YOKETOBER. I have set up the program so that there is balance throughout the month, and so that you work your shoulders through a variety of planes of motion. I think you'll see at the end of the month that you actually move BETTER than when you started.

And at $27, you're paying less than 99 cents per workout.

It's time to put up or shut.

Do you finally want to see changes in your physique?

Do you finally want to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see?

Do you want to finally GET YOKED?

Then pick up YOKETOBER today.

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