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"The DVD is Excellent!"

The Strongman DVD was excellent in demonstrating Strongman exercises for development of total body strength, power and conditioning specific to enhanced sports performance. An example of sports performance training was clearly demonstrated in the Tire lifting segment, with Steve's emphasis of lower body triple extension when training hip complex strength while focusing on power angles specific for sport performance power and strength along with finishing the movement using proper elbow angles and hand positioning to execute an upper body power movement.

Steve and Jedd's teaching progressions of the exercises were outstanding, coaching proper lifting mechanics and technique that produce optimal performance gains while insuring reduction of risk of injury while training.

I was very impressed with Jedd and Steve's "Introduction to Strongman DVD" and recommend it to any sport coach looking for safe and effect ways to train athletes for strength and power gains."

Doug Smith, MS, CSCS, USAW Senior, NASM-PES
Juniata College Strength and Conditioning

"I Highly Recommend You Check This Out!"

"If strongman training is a venture you'd like to take yourself, or with the athletes/clients you train, then I would highly recomend you check this out. Many common strong man exercises are shown and the techniques these two men use in these events are broken down so that you and whomever you're working with will be able to be safe and successful performing these exercises."

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Basketball, University of Richmond

"Your Products Never Disappoint!"

"Jedd, Your products never disappoint and this Strongman DVD that Steve and you put together lives up to all the hype. I was expecting a straight forward here is how you do this lift DVD but what I got was so much more.

The warm-up and injury prevention techniques that you both shared was an unexpected bonus. Also, the explanations of benefits and how to avoid potential injuries for every exercise was excellent. I will recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking to incorporate strongman movements into their training program."

Jerry Shreck
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bucknell University

"DVD's Like This Come Once a Career!"

"Informative DVDs like this come out only once every career.

I hope you plan on developing this into more DVDs because the instructional information you provide is something greatly needed and constantly sought after.

This will be a DVD watched by everyone that trains at my gym."

Clint Darden
Professional Strongman Competitor

"Very Solid DVD!"

"I checked out the video and I really enjoyed it. I have experience with farmer walks and tire flips, but the other moves were new to me. Nonetheless, I was able to keep up with everything that was discussed.

I think the DVD was very easy to follow, gave great tips on both the proper technique of each movement as well as what to expect while doing the movement, and would be a very solid contribution to anybody's learning list if they are at all interested in strongman."

Charlie Cates, CSCS
Self Made Fitness

"Well Worth the Investment!"

"Jedd Johnson and Steve Slater's Strongman DVD is an excellent introduction to the various events one would expect to see in any strongman competition. If you are new to the strength game or relatively seasoned but want to add strongman training to your repertoire, this DVD should definitely be your first pick.

An overview of all the lifts is provided with an emphasis on proper technique and how to integrate the lift into your training. The technique elements included, while subtle, make a huge difference both in terms of your personal safety (and thus your long-term lifting ability) and the poundage you can lift. The better your technique, the more you can lift- and that goes double in odd objects and stones.

Steve and Jedd include their personal warm-ups and cool downs. I was very pleased to see an emphasis on soft-tissue recovery. Many lifters have knots of tension throughout their deep fascia which can be worked out before it reaches a critical point requiring professional intervention with nothing more than foam roller and a tennis ball. Jedd and Steve demonstrate this simple recovery modality along with others, all of which would be of benefit and are rather easy for the average lifter to integrate into his recovery regimen.

If you are interested in lifting stones and odd objects, flipping tires, cleaning the log or carrying weight over distance- the tips these two coaches have for you are well worth the investment."

Guy Razy, MSc Physiotherapy
McGill University

"Basic, Down to Earth, Useable Instruction"

"With elements of STRONGMAN TRAINING being incorporated into the preparation for athletic competition, basic instruction is necessary to increase training efficiency, results, and prevent injuries. The INTRODUCTION TO STRONGMAN TRANING DVD was the equivalent of sitting in the corner of Steve Slater's training warehouse while observing and listening as instruction was given to a group of trainees. Its basic, down to earth, useable instruction from the "what to wear," stretching, and how-to on the major movements.

It isn't fancy nor scientific but its all useable, time tested, and easy to absorb and apply. From beginner through intermediate to the advanced competitor who could use a solid review, this is valuable stuff for those seeking strongman training information."

Dr. Ken Leistner

"Miles Ahead of the Competition"

"Jedd, you and Steve have put together another great product!

I think Injury Prevention is one of the most important aspects of this DVD considering more and more coaches seem to be integrating strongman events into training. The sections on warming-up and rehab/prehab and the value placed on them is something I'd say always sets your stuff apart from 99% of other training resources, especially given the frequency with which you see World’s Strongest Man competitors getting injured.

In terms of quality I'd say it's also miles ahead of the competition - I think the best indication of this is the fact that the sound during the outdoor sections is still clearly audible and unlike some videos I've seen you aren't forced to read lips just because of a gust of wind or a car driving by. It might not be a huge deal to some people but I think it shows what a professionally and carefully made product it is.

Even though it's primarily focused on instruction and demonstration your DVD is still very inspirational and makes me want to get out there and lift, especially since the technique advice will undoubtedly give you the ability and confidence to lift even more. Thanks for such an awesome product!"

Rory Hickman

"I Wish I Had This DVD
Before My First Comp"

"Jedd Johnson is my go-to guy for strongman and grip training and I wish I had this DVD before I competed in my first strongman contest!

Jedd and Steve cover such a wide array of strongman events that this DVD is sure to be a staple for anyone looking to start out with strongman training for years to come.

With a serious lack of quality strongman training information out there today Jedd & Steve have done the world a great service with this product."

Christopher Smith

Steve and I are looking forward to helping you accomplish your goals!

All the best in your training,

- Jedd -

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