Do you want to get more out of your training?

Do you want more muscle?

Do you want to be more powerful?

Do you want to take your training to the next level?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to start Strongman Training!

Dear Strength Coaches, Athletes, and Hard Core Strength Training Enthusiasts:

You've seen Strongman Competitions on TV - haven't you?

Isn't that some of the most impressive stuff you've ever seen!!?

The competitors in the sport of strongman are some the strongest, most powerful, and often the most muscular athletes in the world today.

Have you ever wanted to try lifting atlas stones, lifting logs overhead, flipping Tires and many other insane feats of strength, just like these guys?

Well, now you can begin your journey to super strength, muscle and power with the Introduction to Strongman DVD.

Here are 12 REASONS WHY
you NEED to do Strongman Training
if you are serious about the results you get in the gym


It's time
to go beyond your normal limitations and become an even stronger version of yourself due to its use of heavy loads, speed, repetition, and more challenging implements.


It's time
to get athletic, get up on your feet to lift, press and carry things with Strongman Training. Strongman results are more transferable to sports than conventional forms of training.


It's time
to use your whole body to perform lifts like Strongman, which means more muscle will be stimulated per lift than with other styles of training.


It's time
to be ready for ANYTHING. Strongmen have to lift objects that are bulky and hard to control. This hardcore strength will make you one of the toughest dudes in the gym.


It's time
to face challenges and come out on the other side mentally tougher! No more pansy-ass workouts, it's time to train like a Strongman.


It's time
to make some sacrifices! You are bound to lose some skin here and there. But don't worry. Calluses and skinned knuckles grow back.


It's time
to develop respectable hand strength. Strongman training makes you Grip explode like no other form of training. You forearms blow up, your hands toughen like leather and your fingers and thumbs become lethal weapons.


It's time
to move some serious weight around! Strongman training increases your core strength in ways that are unattainable through conventional methods.


It's time
to become a raging powerful beast! Strongman trains the ATP and Creatine energy pathways providing the explosion and power seen in many sports.


It's time
to build a body that can move like a tank! Strongman training makes your whole body work as one UNSTOPPABLE UNIT!


It's time
to train like the best athletes in the country! Strongman training take splace in Collegiate and Professional Football, Wrestling, MMA, and many other BAD-ASS sports because this training makes you a BAD-ASS.


It's time
to get ahead of the curve. Strongman implements like Tires, Sledge Hammers, Farmers Walk Implements, Odd Objects, Logs and more have been on The Biggest Loser, commercials for Nike and Reebok, and big screen movies such as Rocky. Even the fitness juggernaut, Crossfit, has adopted Strongman Training practices. Will you be ahead of the curve of Pop Culture or will you be left behind in the dust of obscurity?

"The DVD is Excellent!"

The Strongman DVD was excellent in demonstrating Strongman exercises for development of total body strength, power and conditioning specific to enhanced sports performance. An example of sports performance training was clearly demonstrated in the Tire lifting segment, with Steve's emphasis of lower body triple extension when training hip complex strength while focusing on power angles specific for sport performance power and strength along with finishing the movement using proper elbow angles and hand positioning to execute an upper body power movement.

Steve and Jedd's teaching progressions of the exercises were outstanding, coaching proper lifting mechanics and technique that produce optimal performance gains while insuring reduction of risk of injury while training.

I was very impressed with Jedd and Steve's "Introduction to Strongman DVD" and recommend it to any sport coach looking for safe and effect ways to train athletes for strength and power gains."

Doug Smith, MS, CSCS, USAW Senior, NASM-PES
Juniata College Strength and Conditioning

"I Highly Recommend You Check This Out!"

"If strongman training is a venture you'd like to take yourself, or with the athletes/clients you train, then I would highly recomend you check this out. Many common strong man exercises are shown and the techniques these two men use in these events are broken down so that you and whomever you're working with will be able to be safe and successful performing these exercises."

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Basketball, University of Richmond

"Your Products Never Disappoint!"

"Jedd, Your products never disappoint and this Strongman DVD that Steve and you put together lives up to all the hype. I was expecting a straight forward here is how you do this lift DVD but what I got was so much more.

The warm-up and injury prevention techniques that you both shared was an unexpected bonus. Also, the explanations of benefits and how to avoid potential injuries for every exercise was excellent. I will recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking to incorporate strongman movements into their training program."

Jerry Shreck
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bucknell University

"DVD's Like This Come Once a Career!"

"Informative DVDs like this come out only once every career.

I hope you plan on developing this into more DVDs because the instructional information you provide is something greatly needed and constantly sought after.

This will be a DVD watched by everyone that trains at my gym."

Clint Darden
Professional Strongman Competitor

"Very Solid DVD!"

"I checked out the video and I really enjoyed it. I have experience with farmer walks and tire flips, but the other moves were new to me. Nonetheless, I was able to keep up with everything that was discussed.

I think the DVD was very easy to follow, gave great tips on both the proper technique of each movement as well as what to expect while doing the movement, and would be a very solid contribution to anybody's learning list if they are at all interested in strongman."

Charlie Cates, CSCS
Self Made Fitness

"Well Worth the Investment!"

"Jedd Johnson and Steve Slater's Strongman DVD is an excellent introduction to the various events one would expect to see in any strongman competition. If you are new to the strength game or relatively seasoned but want to add strongman training to your repertoire, this DVD should definitely be your first pick.

An overview of all the lifts is provided with an emphasis on proper technique and how to integrate the lift into your training. The technique elements included, while subtle, make a huge difference both in terms of your personal safety (and thus your long-term lifting ability) and the poundage you can lift. The better your technique, the more you can lift- and that goes double in odd objects and stones.

Steve and Jedd include their personal warm-ups and cool downs. I was very pleased to see an emphasis on soft-tissue recovery. Many lifters have knots of tension throughout their deep fascia which can be worked out before it reaches a critical point requiring professional intervention with nothing more than foam roller and a tennis ball. Jedd and Steve demonstrate this simple recovery modality along with others, all of which would be of benefit and are rather easy for the average lifter to integrate into his recovery regimen.

If you are interested in lifting stones and odd objects, flipping tires, cleaning the log or carrying weight over distance- the tips these two coaches have for you are well worth the investment."

Guy Razy, MSc Physiotherapy
McGill University

"Basic, Down to Earth, Useable Instruction"

"With elements of STRONGMAN TRAINING being incorporated into the preparation for athletic competition, basic instruction is necessary to increase training efficiency, results, and prevent injuries. The INTRODUCTION TO STRONGMAN TRANING DVD was the equivalent of sitting in the corner of Steve Slater's training warehouse while observing and listening as instruction was given to a group of trainees. Its basic, down to earth, useable instruction from the "what to wear," stretching, and how-to on the major movements.

It isn't fancy nor scientific but its all useable, time tested, and easy to absorb and apply. From beginner through intermediate to the advanced competitor who could use a solid review, this is valuable stuff for those seeking strongman training information."

Dr. Ken Leistner

"Miles Ahead of the Competition"

"Jedd, you and Steve have put together another great product!

I think Injury Prevention is one of the most important aspects of this DVD considering more and more coaches seem to be integrating strongman events into training. The sections on warming-up and rehab/prehab and the value placed on them is something I'd say always sets your stuff apart from 99% of other training resources, especially given the frequency with which you see World’s Strongest Man competitors getting injured.

In terms of quality I'd say it's also miles ahead of the competition - I think the best indication of this is the fact that the sound during the outdoor sections is still clearly audible and unlike some videos I've seen you aren't forced to read lips just because of a gust of wind or a car driving by. It might not be a huge deal to some people but I think it shows what a professionally and carefully made product it is.

Even though it's primarily focused on instruction and demonstration your DVD is still very inspirational and makes me want to get out there and lift, especially since the technique advice will undoubtedly give you the ability and confidence to lift even more. Thanks for such an awesome product!"

Rory Hickman

"I Wish I Had This DVD
Before My First Comp"

"Jedd Johnson is my go-to guy for strongman and grip training and I wish I had this DVD before I competed in my first strongman contest!

Jedd and Steve cover such a wide array of strongman events that this DVD is sure to be a staple for anyone looking to start out with strongman training for years to come.

With a serious lack of quality strongman training information out there today Jedd & Steve have done the world a great service with this product."

Christopher Smith

Imagine - When you step onto the court or field, the players on the other team can't believe the size you have put on from doing all the work with the strongman implements. Your delts are like big round boulders. They're cut up and they demand respect.

What if - When you pull on a tee shirt, it fits differently. The sleeves are tight because you've put size on your arms and it hugs you torso like never before because doing farmers walks has put layers of muscle on your traps and manhandling industrial tires has put blown up your chest.

Think about this - the gut you had 6 months ago is gone and you are starting to see abs now because the strongman training you've been doing has boosted your resting metabolism and you burn more calories at rest now so you're shedding off the pounds.

How about this - Recently you have noticed that you can really elevate now, because the strongman training requires triple extension of the ankles, knees and hips, making you more powerful and explosive. It's an awesome view from up there isn't it?

And finally, think about how cool it will be to love training again! Admit it - your routine has gotten stale. You've been doing the same stuff for too long and you need a change. Strongman training will be the thing that gets you going again - gets you enjoying training again - and gets you progressing again!

These are the results that strongman training can have and Steve and I will show you how it's done.

Here is some of the experience that Steve and I bring to the table.

Steve has competed in and organized over 30 Strongman shows and works with top level Strongman competitors all the time. His equipment is top of the line and has been used by some of the strongest men in the world.

I have competed in about 10 Strongman shows, and have promoted many. I have also worked with Strength Coaches and athletes since 2004 at clinics and seminars speaking about the benefits of this type of training.

And on top of all that, we LOVE Strongman Training. We love doing it, we love watching it, and we love helping others learn how to do it the right way.

You see, there isn't much good information out there about how to do Strongman Training unless you are willing to read through forums for hours and hours. And then, you have to wade through the garbage in order to find the good quality information.

We want to get this DVD out there and provide you with the information you can use RIGHT NOW in order to implement Strongman and begin benefiting from it right away.

So we put our heads together and covered the most common and most beneficial Strongman training events.

We went in depth big time with this one.

Just check out the events we covered and
why you need to start doing these TODAY!

The Log Press demands and develops PURE BRUTE STRENGTH. Aside from being one of the coolest of the Strongman Events, it is also one of the most beneficial, whether you are an athlete who trains for performance or a cellar dweller who just wants to Kick Ass.

  • Full body exercise that builds strength from the feet up to the hands

  • Forces you to have good balance in order to complete the overhead press

  • Neutral grip is a good hand position to help avoid wrist and shoulder problems

  • The size of the log helps strengthen the abdominals and lower back

  • Proper clean technique activates the hips/glutes, teaching the athlete the importance of exploading the hips to gain power.

  • Can be put overhead in a strict fashion, focusing more on shoulder and tricep power, or in a Push Press and Jerk fashion, focusing more on triple extension, the highly athletic movement pattern involving the sequential firing of the ankles, knees, and hips. This movement is found in many sports and including it in your training will help increase speed and power as well as rate of muscle recruitment

The Tire Flip develops the type of strength needed for Football, Rugby, Judo, and Wrestling. When you flip a tire you are training your body to tackle, hit, throw and mangle whatever is put in front of you.

  • Targets the posterior chain - the glutes, the lower back, and hamstrings - the area of the body responsible for generating mass quanitities of power in athletics.

  • Develops speed against a resistance - Speed is essential in order to perform a flip. Tire flipping can turn you into a fast and fierce athletic freak!

  • Develops mental toughness - when you flip a tire, you know you are stronger and tougher than more than 99.99% of the population

  • Trains the entire body all at once, training the body like a well-oiled machine for performance.

  • Incidentally, this event is frequently done incorrectly and if so can cause injury to the biceps, but when done correctly, the risk to benefit ratio is low

  • The tire flip is also famous for the levels of conditioning that it produces. Prepare to feel your lungs in ways you never have before!

Odd Object training is what Strongman is all about. Do you want to just be able to lift barbells and dumbbells, or do you want to be ready lift anything life throws in front of you - air conditioners, sofas, pianos - barbell training only goes so far - with Strongman Training, you can be prepared to SAVE A LIFE!
  • Trains the lower back to be strong in a variety of positions, not just in the lordotic curve

  • Trains the core to stay tight and react to forces and the dynamic center of gravity of objects like kegs, sandbags, and more

  • Develops Grip Strength in unusual ways due to the strange shape of the implements

  • Allows you to train conventional movement patterns normally done with barbells and dumbbells using implements that make the movements much more challenging and preparing you for performance at a whole other level

In this section we cover everything you need to know in order to execute the Farmer's Walk like a seasoned veteran, from the mechanics of the pick-up, to holding and carrying the implements as well as how to turn a corner with them without break your face!
  • Trains the Grip like no other Strongman event

  • Trains the body through movement under tension. It's the thing to simply pick up a weight and then set it back down. It's another thing altogether to pick it up and then walk with it!

  • Strengthens the ankles and feet by having to support weights well beyond normal body weight and also by moving over rougher, less predictable terrain

  • Can also be done for timed holds and max lifts in order to put even more emphasis on Grip Strength and developing toughness

  • Helps improve posture by forcing the upper back to do the work, pulling the shoulders back and strengthening the hips

The Yoke is the kind of implement that sets Strongman competitors apart from the rest of the strength sport community. It's not enough to be able to just lift up a bar and support it - you also have to carry it over a distance and do it quickly all at the same time.
  • Builds the core like very few other movements can

  • Trains the body through movement under tension because the load is carried on the backs of the shoulders

  • Strength developed with the Yoke is highly transferable to the Squat and its variations

  • The very heavy loads that can be used make conventional squats seem much lighter

The Atlas Stones are one of the most alluring events in all of the sport of Strongman. There is something primal about stone lifting that harkens us back to the times of our ancestors, something animalistic and savage.
  • Similar joint angles and force production to many sport power positions: Football Linemen, Martial Artists, Rugby Players, and Wrestlers

  • Loading the stone to the high chest position or to a platform trains triple extension, and helps build jumping and leaping power for explosive sports

  • Demands a powerful posterior chain in order to bring the stone from the floor up to the loaded position

  • The torso and arms produce tremendous crushing action when lifting stones, immense forces that simple gym lifts are incapable of producing

Steve and I really wanted to OVER DELIVER with this product,
so we went beyond event training and included other important topics like WARM-UP, SUPPORT GEAR, and INJURY PREVENTION!

These methods are used by professional Strongmen to maximize their
performance in contests each time they compete,
and you need to do them too!

We show you how to go through a dynamic warm-up - one that will wake up your muscles and prime your CNS for serious hardcore strength training.
  • Why a proper warm-up should be based on movement, instead of just lame static stretching

  • We show you exactly how to move through a full-body warm-up before touching any weights or implements

  • How yoga-inspired movements can play a role in getting your warmed up and ready to build serious strength

  • Why mistreating the tendons and other soft tissues can hold you back and even reverse your progress

  • Why light dumbbells can be your best friend, especially if you have had beat up shoulders from other sports in the past

We show you the support gear we use that helps us keep going at a high level and that will help you accelerate into your next ten years of Strength Training.
  • The right way to protect the back and help it perform under heavy loads

  • What to wear on your arms to get rid of and even prevent painful conditions like Tendonitis. SECRET - It's not what you think!

  • What you can wear in order to get rid of annoying IT Band pain

  • The difference between WARMTH GEAR and SUPPORT GEAR

This section is where we really went to work! We wanted to make this part of the video something you could use to improve your ability to recover from hard workouts as well as prevent injury and imbalances for all your strength training efforts, not just for Strongman Training!
  • The best stretches for managing stress in the lower body

  • How balancing out Hard Work with SOFT WORK is one of the best things you can do in order to enjoy Strongman Strength Training for years and years to come

  • We show you our post-training stretching techniques and tell you why putting off stretching can hold you Strength Training back or even make your strength numbers go down

  • Why spinal flexion (bending forward) is not only unnecessary but also DANGEROUS for your spine when doing your stretching session

  • How you can keep your muscles healthy and help you with your performance in the gym

  • Why if you improve the quality of the fascial tissue, you can improve your performance in Strongman Training

  • Watch a LIVE recovery session I do with Steve in order to help his lower back, shoulders, and traps from the hard training we did throughout the day. (This is the same stuff that I have personally watched professional strongmen do prior to going onto the stage at the Arnold Strongman Classic and after competing!)

Look at these other game-changing elements that you will learn once you pick up this DVD today:

  • How strengthening the lats can help you build a bigger log press and bench press

  • How flipping the tire can help improve your cardio-vascular conditioning and why you'll never need to get on the boring treadmill again

  • How odd objects can prepare you for the chaotic and unpredictable environments in sports like football, rugby, wrestling, fighting, and more combat sports

  • What it means to be Bone-on-Bone for improved performance in Strongman

  • Why if you are "Cleaning the Log" you are doing it incorrectly (Insider Strongman Secret that most people, even top level coaches, do WRONG)

  • The difference between barbell lifting and log lifting and the subtle technique changes that will help you lift 20 to 30 pounds more weight

  • We'll show you FOUR DIFFERENT ways to put the log overhead. We'll tell you why each one of these techniques puts emphasis on different muscle groups and by using all of them how you can accelerate yoru results even faster

  • The TWO ULTIMATE MISTAKES you must avoid when flipping the tire and how to avoid these mistakes (even though other DVDs on the market tell you to do it WRONG)

  • Why you should never just let the tire fall over and why you should always push it as hard as you can

  • The TOP THREE MISTAKES that new Strongman Trainees commit at Steve's training facility

  • Important safety details, both when in the middle of a set of the Tire Flip, AND when the set is all done

  • Why a boxing heavy bag can be the perfect Odd Object trainer for both new Strongman Trainees and experienced Veterans

  • How the principle of Dynamic Center of Gravity sets Odd Object training apart from any other type of strength training discipline

  • Learn how Keg Training can be one of the most exciting forms of strength training that will also blow up your cardio-vascular fitness

  • Why just like the game of Golf, Strongman Training is "All in the Hips."

  • How to conserve energy in Strongman Training in order to get more repetitions, which means more Strength, more Muscle, and more Performance!

  • Why if your posture sucks, then you need to start doing Farmer's Walks

  • The best collars / clips to use when training with plate-loadable Farmers Walk implements for quicker exchanges and to be able to train effectively train multiple people and strength levels at the same time

  • How to prevent skin and callus tears from using the Farmers Walk implements

  • Why short and choppy steps are sometimes better than long graceful strides when you are training for maximum strength and safe strongman performance

  • Why lifting Farmers Walk implements is more about pushing the Earth away from you than it is about standing up with the implements in your hand

  • The simple technique when performing a turn with Farmers that can help keep your speed up and prevent a possible injury to the back, knee or shoulder

  • What to look for in a good Yoke and why you should NEVER buy some Yokes...EVER

  • How to adjust the height of a Yoke for your height - TIP - this part is extremely important for Yoke Training and I learned this the hard way

  • The absolute MUST-DO TECHNIQUE when starting out in the Yoke Walk

  • Why staying TIGHT with the Yoke Walk can help you develop more strength and increase your performance

  • Two **CHEAP** things to get right now in order to be able to lift Atlas Stones in your gym without worrying about damaging the floor

  • Why Atlas Stone Training all begins with the stance, and why if you get this part wrong it will totally screw up the rest of your Stone Lifting Technique

  • We answer the ages-old question of whether you need Tacky in order to get strong with Stone Lifting

  • Why Strongman Training in general is PERFECT for anyone who sits in an office setting all day (HINT - if your glutes are weak and your hip flexors are tight, I'm talking about YOU!)

  • Why Stone Lifting is one of the best and most beneficial types of exercise movements you can do

Check out the specific ways Strongman Training
can enhance sport-specific performance.

Football - Break through the line with powerful leg drive, leap higher to catch more interceptions, hit harder at the line of scrimmage

Hockey - Faster break-away power, stronger lower back to get the edge on your tired opponents

Baseball - Improve grip strength for increase power hitting, increase core and glute power in order to throw harder and further

LaCrosse - Improve sprinting speed, better endurance, and cutting ability

Basketball - Better leaping ability, improved knee stability, throw chest passes the length of the court

Powerlifting - Increase your GPP, replace Board Presses with supine Log Presses

Highland Games - Improve lower body power generation for the caber toss, enhance explosive power for the stone and hammer throws

Mixed Martial Arts - Better striking power and punching speed, bullet-proof core and lower back, improved defensive abilities in the guard

Boxing - Pack a harder knock-out punch, retain punching power later in the bout

Wrestling - Throw your opponent around like a rag doll, counter-maneuver more adeptly by absorbing force more efficiently

Soccer - Increase overall strength and injury susceptibility, improve kicking and sprinting power

Volleyball - Elevate above the net, block shots with ease and be resilient against injuries from action on the floor

Swimming - Improve your power off the platform and the kick off the wall, as well as your endurance and sprinting speed

Track and Field - Pack more power behind your Shot Put, Discus, Javelin Throw, and increase the power of your late-race push for mid-range and long distance runners

Firemen / Rescure Personnel - Improve ability to maneuver challenging terrain, carry victims out with confidence and speed

First Responders - Maintain a steady mind under pressure of emergencies, improve cardio-vascular fitness

Military - Increase conditioning for entry into the service, maintain conditioning during furlows, be more resilient to harsh terrains and conditions

Crossfit - Bulletproof the shoulders and other joints, learn proper technique for high volume work

Personal Trainers - Increase the variety of your workouts and programming capabilities with safe exercises your clients will enjoy

Strength Coaches - Learn the proper techniques for not only increasing strength and power for your student athletes, but also increase their resilience against injury!

So what will it cost to get this DVD and start learning the safe techniques
and understanding how to implement Strongman Training

Considering the amount of time Steve and I worked on this and the amount of time this DVD is going to save you from headaches and trial and error,
we could easily value this DVD at $97. But...

But because we are doing this to help out other Strongman enthusiasts,
you can get this DVD for just $49.99, an absolute steal.

Steve and I are looking forward to helping you accomplish your goals!

All the best in your training,

- Jedd -

PS: Remember, Strongman Training is loaded with benefit and anyone interested in increasing their strength and power can do so with Strongman Training, but doing so injury free is the most important thing and that is where this DVD comes in.

PPS: If you think you are already strong and powerful enough to dominate against everyone else, then this DVD is not for you. However, if you know that there is always room for improvement in your game, then click the yellow button above