Do You Suffer from Scrawny Neck Syndrome?

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ATTENTION: Fellow Lifters Looking for Complete Muscular Development,

Does your neck look like stack of dimes?

A scrawny neck, just like skinny legs and pipe-cleaner forearms, stick out like a sore thumb.

Well, if you suffer from Scrawny Neck Syndrome, it's not your fault!

Is Scooby Guilty of Skipping Neck Day?!?
After all, Neck Training is constantly left out of training programs.

Think about it, when's the last time you saw Neck Training mentioned in a muscle-building magazine?

Did you ever see Arnold Swarzennegger training his neck?

The truth is, unless you're a wrestler, football player, or an athlete who does a contact sport, you've probably never even thought of training your neck before!

And that's a damn shame, because now, we're all walking around with skinny, scrawny necks.

"Pencil neck geeks" as Classy Freddie Blassie used to say.

But Don't Worry, Brother!

Even if you've got the SKINNIEST NECK IN THE GYM, it's not too late to make a change...

Introducing: NECKVEMBER -
A Thicker Neck in 30 Days!

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Here's What You'll Get in NECKVEMBER

1. This Month's Neck Training is All Planned for You
The nice thing about Neck Training is you can plug it right into just about any training program. I've gone through all the trouble of mapping out this month's Neck Training for you.

2. Proper Progressive Training
If you've never worked neck before, no worries - neither have I. The Neckvember program is all set up for beginners like you and me. You'll start out with 2 days of Neck Training the first week, and gradually increase the volume as each new week comes along - EASY PEASY!

3. Quick Workouts
You won't have to re-arrange your entire life in order to train your neck. Each Neckvember workout is quick, and you'll be able to work the drills in, between the other lifts you're doing, pin them onto the end of your session, or do them separately - whichever works out best for you!

4. Every Exercise Explained
Neck injuries suck! You don't want to set yourself up for a hurt neck - you wanna build it up and make it stronger, right? I agree. So the Neckvember Program is made up of basic neck training exercises that you'll be able to learn and do in no time. Each exercise in the Neckvember program is shown in the Exercise Index. Get ready to have fun!

5. No Expensive Equipment to Buy
Turns out, even though they don't get much attention, there are a lot of great tools out on the market for training your neck. However, I didn't want to make you have to go out and buy anything else, so if you've got access to weight plates, a bench, an exercise ball and a band or two, you're all set to start building a bigger neck TODAY!

6. A New Neck - Strong, Balanced, and Limber
Each Neckvember workout consists of 3 parts: (1) Strengthening & Mass-building Exercises, (2) Balancing Exercises, and (3) Stretches.
    (1) Strengthening / Mass: This is where the majority of the time is spent, working toward your primary goal

    (2) Balancing: You don't want to bring about other problems, like bad posture or out-of-balance musculature. Each workout contains the best movement for making your neck as strong and healthy as possible.

    Kurt Angle - Serious Neck Development
    (3) Stretching: Nobody wants a tight, immobile or instable neck. At the end of each session, you'll go through a quick stretching battery to speed up recovery and keep your neck feeling awesome.

    DOCTOR AND THERAPIST APPROVED - I learned the Neckvember Stretches when I was going to Physical Therapy for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome in late 2012 and early 2013. These stretches are great for improving posture, reducinging pent-up stress, and promoting recovery from one workout to the next.


Special Bonus:
Expert Interview

Mike "The Machine" Bruce

Available ONLY During the Introductory Period:

An Exclusive Expert Interview with performing strongman,
Mike "The Machine" Bruce.

Mike Bruce is known for having the Strongest Neck in the World!

The Machine has had steel bars and baseball bats bent and broken across his neck and throat, and has set many world records for neck lifting, so there's no one better qualified to speak on Neck Training.

The Machine rarely does interviews anymore, so I am most appreciative to him for letting me offer this Bonus for a short time.

Pick up NECKVEMBER today, so you can get your copy of this 60-minute interview:

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There's no doubt a big strong neck looks better than a scrawny weak one.

It rounds out the physique and makes your development complete.

But did you know there's actually MANY other reasons you should train your neck?

You might be surprised when you read the following list...

Why You Need A Strong Neck

You probably don't realize how important having a strong neck is. Here's why you need to start taking neck training serious NOW:

Paul Orndorff - The Brandon Bull
Look More Manly
A thick, meaty neck just screams strength and power. Is that the message you're sending? Or is your message more like weak and fragile. No more covering up your puny neck with collars and scarves. Let's start building it up today.

Your Personal Life Insurance Policy
We're not talking about Geico and Nationwide. We're talking about avoiding altercations and surviving attacks. When you have a big thick neck, you reduce the chance of being seen as a target, and if an attacker is dumb enough to come after you, a strong neck is an asset you NEED in a fight.

Weak Neck = High Risk
A weak neck is a liability in sports. It's clear that a strong neck will help you in wrestling or football. But even so called "non-contact" sports like basketball and baseball can involve occasional freak collisions that can injure your weak neck and rattle your brain.

Recover Faster from Injuries
A strong muscle bounces back to normal faster than a weak one. Don't let muscle pulls and strains affect your performance in the gym - start training your neck the right way TODAY.

Where the Head Goes the Body Will Follow
This is a common adage from wrestling and martial arts, and it's 100% true. If an attacker can get a lock on your head, it could be really bad for you. Stop messing around and start training your neck, so if anyone is ever dumb enough to try and grab you, you can show them how big of a mistake they've made.

Reduce Risk of Concussions
We hear a lot about the risks and life-altering effects of concussions these days in sports. While rules and regulations are being changed all the time to "increase safety," the best thing you can start doing RIGHT AWAY is building up your neck strength to help prevent concussions and keep your brain intact.

Goldberg - Neck Like a Tree Trunk
Get Less Headaches
Do you get a lot of headaches? Many headaches come from problems with the neck. Is your weak neck making your head hurt? Let's start correcting that today.

Improve Posture
Be honest with yourself on this one - How's your posture? Do you have forward head lean? Do you do a lot of gaming? Are you always on your phone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to start re-shaping your neck posture through proper strengthening and stretching techniques, like the Neckvember program provides.

Improved Overall Functional Strength
Think of functional strength as being ready for anything. In your current training layout, do you feel that your neck strength would allow you to defend against an attacker? Do you think you could take a couple punches, in order to land a good one back? If not, you need to start training your neck A.S.A.P.

Better Neck Stability on Complex Lifts
Ever hear of someone missing a lift, because of a weak neck? It happens! Sometimes on complex lifts like Cleans and Deadlifts, the form break-down begins up top, and throws everything else off below. Don't let this happen to you. The mixture of dynamic and isometric training methods in Neckvember will help you get a stronger, more stable neck, that becomes an asset to the rest of your training.

Improved Breathing
Breathing is all about the lungs, chest, and diaphragm right? WRONG!! The scalene muscles of the neck are involved in just about every single breath you take, so a stronger neck can mean more efficient breathing when lifting, working, running, etc.

Got a Glass Jaw?
Many guys are down for the count with just one square punch. The reason? Their neck is weak. While I don't promote fighting, I also don't promote weakness that could get you knocked out, either. Taking your neck training seriously can mean the difference between getting hit and going down, or getting hit and surviving the altercation.

As you can see, there's way more benefits to having a bigger, stronger neck than just good lucks and an impressive physique.

Quite literally, your life and well-being can depend on the condition of your neck.

So, isn't it time you started building a bigger, stronger, thicker neck?

I think so, too.

Order your copy of Neckvember, today. Click the button below:

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All the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson

Common Questions


Neckvember is a month of specialized Neck Training. With all the benefits of having a strong neck, aside from the way it completes your physique, it makes sense to train the neck. Neckvember gives you a jump-start on neck training, allowing you to gain on the ground you've lost over the years, and finally start building a big neck.

How Long Will It Take to Get the Ebook?

Currently, I am using Paypal as my proccessor. Once you make your payment, I have it set up to go to the download page instantly. If it does not work or if you close the page out by accident, just email me and I will send the link right over to you as soon as I possibly can.

What If I'm Not Familiar With the Exercises?

Every single exercise and stretch that is included in the 30-Day Neckvember Program comes with an entry in the Exercise Index at the back of the ebook, with a short video clip showing proper execution of the lift. Naturally, if you still don't understand the movement, just hit me up with an email.

What if My Genetics Keep Me from Building a Big Neck?

Then you need this program even more. With Neckvember, you can make the most of the hand you've been dealt and turn it into a winner. Through specialization, you can see better results in your Neck Training than ever before.

I read where a guru said Neck Work is DANGEROUS. Is this true?

I've been researching Neck Training for the last several months, in order to put together a Neck Training Specialization Program for beginners, and help you implement safe and effective Neck Training.

By the end of the month, you'll have a thicker neck that's balanced in strength, while also maintaining your neck flexibility.

Do you want to build a Thicker Neck in the Next 30 Days?

Then pick up NECKVEMBER today.

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Load the Space Ship with the Rocket Fuel -
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