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THE HARD TRUTH: the same old grip training equipment will only take you so far...

Sooner or later, it's time to take your grip work to the BIG LEAGUES.

And that time is NOW!

Train your hands for serious strength with the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 - the BEST Thick Bar Training Tool on the Market Today!

Napalm's Nightmare
Training the hands separate from your body can only take you so far.

For the biggest benefit possible, you need to train your hands, and your body, at the same time.

That's where the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 comes in...

Check out this 100% TRUE STORY:

In 2010, I felt like I had run head-on into a wall with my grip strength training...

My progress had stopped DEAD in its tracks...

It was the definition of a training plateau.

The gains were coming slower and slower all the time, and it seemed like the competition was getting more and more intense each day.

I needed something to kick my grip strength into a new gear, and I began brainstorming on ways to go to the next level.

That's when I came up with the Napalm's Nightmare, a two-handled thick bar device with rotating grips, that could be attached to a loading pin for some of the most vicious grip training you'll ever do.

At first, the Napalm's Nightmare came with plastic handles, but now, since teaming up with my good friend, Lucas Raymond, of Arm Assassin Strength Shop, the Napalm's Nightmare just got even SCARIER, because it now comes with 100% steel handles - strong enough to withstand a bomb blast.

When you get yours, you're gonna see right away how easily you can turn your training into all out warfare for superior grip strength and explosive full body training:

Here's Why You NEED a Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 in Your Training Arsenal, TODAY:
  • Save Time in the Gym: The Napalm's Nightmare's Double Handles enable you to train both hands at a time. This let's you get double the work done in half the time.

  • Strengthens the Hands AND The Body At the Same Time: You can pull tremendous weight on this thing, which means not only your hands are gonna get stronger, but your body will get brutally strong as well.

  • Extreme VersatilityThe Napalm's Nightmare attaches directly to any loading pin and carabiner set-up, so you can train with whatever weights you have - Olympic, Standard - you name it.

  • Multiple Uses: This thing is super versatile, and can be used for Deadlifts (full grip, thumbless, & monkey grips), Rows, Pull-ups, Pull-downs, and the most dreadful thick bar exercise of them all - Swings!

  • Build Dynamic Grip Strength: The Napalm's Nightmare's design allows you to swing it just like a Kettlebell, creating some of the most sinister swings you've ever attempted. Get ready to build bone-crushing grip strength, along with athletic core strength and explosive hip power.

  • Grip Power Through the Roof: The swinging action of the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 allows you to train the hands dynamically with over-speed eccentrics, a beneficial form of grip training that works the hands like no other training means can.

  • Massive Carryover to Sports: There is no other piece of equipment like this available today. If you need grip strength for your sport, then you need one (or more) of these in your gym.

  • Ships EASY & Goes Anywhere You Go: Made of steel, yet only about 10lbs, can fit in your gym bag, AND fits inside a flat rate box, so shipping is manageable and wait time is short.

  • Virtually Indestructible: Don't worry about having to treat it with "kids gloves" or having to worry about it losing its vicious rolling action like some "rolling handles." The Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 can take a thumping, and you can keep on pumping!

  • Excellent Carryover to Multiple Grip Lifts: We've got multiple reports of increases on the Apollon's Axle, the Rolling Thunder, Crusher, and even Deadlifts on a normal bar.
Napalm's Nightmare
What are you waiting for?

We offer the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 with 4 different handle sizes: 1 1/4", 2", 2 3/8".

Order the set that matches YOUR NEEDS the best, and be sure you get it in time to be wrapped up neatly under your Christmas Tree!

Also: Don't forget to add the "Training with Napalm's Nightmare" DVD to your cart for no extra shipping charge.

Below, You Can Grab Your Napalm's Nightmare
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Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 - 1 1/4" Handles

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Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 - 2" Handles

Just $125 + $13.60 Flat Rate Shipping

Napalm's Nightmare 2.0 - 2 3/8" Handles

Just $125 + $13.60 Flat Rate Shipping

Add 1 1/4" Handle (no extra shipping charge inside USA)

Just $25 & no extra shipping when bought with the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0

Add 2" Handle (no extra shipping charge inside USA)

Just $25 & no extra shipping when bought with the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0

Add 2 3/8" Handle (no extra shipping charge inside USA)

Just $25 & no extra shipping when bought with the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0

Add Training with Napalm's Nightmare DVD (no extra shipping charge inside USA)

Just $19.99 & no extra shipping when bought with the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0

***For International Customers, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] to set up your purchase with a proper Shipping Quote.

You're going to love the Napalm's Nightmare 2.0, and you're going to love the strength you build in your hands and wrists, even more.

Thank you for your order, and all the best in your training.