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"Outlaw Strength Coach Reveals High Impact Training Methods
That Will Take Your Strength Training Program to the Next Level
AND Access is 100% Free"

From Jedd Johnson, Co-founder Diesel Crew

Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor
Two Time Grip Strength Champion
Pinch Grip World Record Holder


Here's What You'll Discover in the DIESEL FILES:

 Quick Wins for Full Body Strength
     Instantly Downloadable PDF

This report explains the training principles involved in the Diesel Method to produce strength and power and how to implement them into your training program in order to take your strength and muscle building to the next level.


 Quick Wins for Improving Grip Strength
     Instantly Downloadable PDF

There are hundreds of Grip Training tools on the market, but are they necessary? This report will show you the 8 tools you need to have in your arsenal in order to build Killer Grip Strength while also keeping your lower arms healthy and injury free!


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