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Dear Friend of the Iron Game:

Do you want build bigger arms?

What if I told you, you could have noticeably bigger arms in just 31 days?

Would you want to know more?

Of course you would - everybody wants to have bigger, stronger arms.

Well, if you want bigger arms, then you need to forget everything you've ever been told about muscle building.

Forget what you've read in bodybuilding magazines. Many of the Pro's have "chemical assistance" to help them grow muscle.

Forget what the "Big Names" are telling you on their blogs. They'll say anything that gets them paid.

Following "Conventional Wisdom" can only get you so far. Eventually, it leads to agonizingly slow muscle gains, and years of stagnated growth.

Sooner or later, if you want to see your muscle building gains SKYROCKET, you've gotta throw the rule book out the window.

It's time to do something that's been proven to work.

Introducing, August of Arms, the ULTIMATE Jump-Starting, Plateau-Destroying Arm-Training Specialization Program.


Here's What You're Getting With August of Arms:
  • A Full Month of Training Programming
    The entire month of August is laid out for you, organizing all of your full body training, day-by-day. The hard part is already done for you. This month's gonna be a piece of cake!

  • 30 different workouts
    Forget about being bored this month. The only 2 workouts that are the same are on Day 1 and Day 31. Day 1 is a benchmark day, where you'll establish where you're at on Key Arm Training Exercises. And Day 31 is a re-test day, where you'll see just how far you've come!

  • Be Part of a Massive Social Media Movement
    Last year, dozens of people participated in August of Arms. This year, it's going to be in the HUNDREDS, and you're going to see it all over social media.

  • 50+ DIFFERENT Arm Training Exercises
    This month, you're going to shock your body like never before. With this kind of variety going on, your arms won't have any choice but to grow!

  • Video Demonstrations of ALL Exercises
    No wondering how to do lifts right, or worrying you'll do the wrong one. Whether they're time-tested classics that have been around for decades, slight variations to make them more intense and effective, or lifts you've probably never even seen before, I've shot a video of every single arm exercise for you.

  • 3 DIFFERENT Daily Stretching Routines
    Serious HARD WORK requires an equal proportion of the right SOFT WORK as well. Each day, you'll go through the "Stretching Battery" I've laid out for you. These stretches help you close out August feeling better than you did when you started!

  • ^ ^ All This for Just $37 ^^


    Top 4 Biggest Arm Training Lies

    Don't believe the baloney you've been told. The following statements are just plain wrong or are out-right lies!

    1. There's No Reason to Have Big Arms

    Total B.S.! The fact is the bigger your arms get, the better chance you have of being STRONG. In 1982, The Journal of Physiology cited research that stated there is a "positive relationship between cross-sectional area and maximum isometric strength." In other words, build up those arms and the strength will come.

    2. Arm Training is a Waste of Your Time

    Absolutely False! One of the most important aspects lifting and sports is CONFIDENCE. Building big arms gives you the confidence you can use in lifting and the right mindset to WIN at sports, EXCEL at work, and BE THE BOSS in other parts of life.

    3. Arm Training Doesn't Carry Over to Anything Else

    Total Crap! It's well known that strong arms assist in pulling movements like Pull-ups, and Rows. Plus, strong triceps aid in pressing movements like Overhead Lifts and the Bench Press. So train your arms with pride as you see your Bench numbers go up and watch the size of your back inflate from all the extra reps on Pull-ups.

    4. Doing Rows and Presses is All You Need for Arm Development

    Total Miss-information. While the biceps and triceps are definitely involved in those movements, targeting these muscles through specialized isolation movements is the only way to maximize your growth potential.

    5. Arm Training Will Get You Hurt

    Some people think that by training the arms, you'll tire them out for other lifts and run the risk of injury, when actually the OPPOSITE is true. For instance, by NOT doing forms of Curls you never fully strengthen the biceps. Think about how many Strongmen tear their biceps in competition - it's not from a lack of training the events - it's from a lack of complete strengthening of the biceps.


    Trips to the Hospital
    Time away from work
    Missed Workouts
    Complete loss of gains

    What better way to add in hardcore, no-nonsense arm training, than with August of Arms!?


    The ULTIMATE Jump-Starting, Plateau-Busting,
    Arm Building Program

    It doesn't matter what kind of program you're on, eventually you WILL see plateaus in your training.

    Sooner or later, EVERYONE sees their gains screech to a grinding halt, and at some point you've gotta switch stuff up.

    FORGET everything you've been told about muscle building in the past.

    FORGET about hitting each body part once a week.

    Sooner or later you HAVE to pay EXTRA ATTENTION to your lagging body parts.

    It's time to throw out the rule book, open a can of whoop-ass, and BLOW RIGHT THROUGH your muscle building plateaus with Arm Specialization Training.

    ARM SPECIALIZATION TRAINING, training the arms with a higher frequency per week than other body parts, is a sure-fire way to get your gains going again.

    Question: Are There Other Lifting Styles
    That Base Their Programming Around Training
    The Same Body Parts Multiple Times per Week?

    The answer is without a doubt, YES!

    In fact there's actually a LOT of examples of lifters who train the same bodyparts multiple times per week. Here's just a few...
      Powerlifters: It is a common practice for Powerlifters to perform 2 upper body workouts and 2 lower body workouts per week. This has been proven an exceptional method for increasing strength.

      However, they don't go in there and push for bigger and bigger personal records every time they're in the gym. They change up the exercises, the loads, the bar speed, and other factors in order to bring up their all-around strength levels.

      You'll be manipulating these same kinds of variables - exercises, body parts worked, loads, bar speed, etc. - during August of Arms as well.

      Olympic Lifters: It is not unheard of for top-level Olympic lifters to train 5 or more days a week and sometimes to train 2x a day. This has been a proven way to increase performance in the Olympic lifts for DECADES!

      However, they have a method about it as well. They perform mainly full-body lifts which shares the stresses over large areas of the body, so they can continually improve over the long haul.

      During August of Arms, you'll be spreading the stresses over the entire arm musculature strategically, by constantly modifying the exercises used. In fact, your arms will probably feel better because of all of the variety.

      Grip Enthusiasts: The overwhelming majority of grip enthusiasts train the very same body parts - the hands, wrists and forearms - every single time they're in the gym. I fit into this category and this approach has served me well for over 10 years.

      However, they aren't going into the gym and doing the same handful of exercises all the time. They do a variety of different lifts that test individual facets of grip strength, allowing them to train hard in each workout and keep progressing.

      You'll be doing one other thing during August of Arms that Grip Enthusiasts do - you'll be implementing proven pre-habilitative movements to promote recovery from one workout to the next. This will keep your momentum (and growth) going strong throughout the month.

      Strongman Competitors: These athletes are a combination of Powerlifters and Olympic Lifters, with a hint of Manual Laborers thrown in, because they have to cover distance. Strongman Competitors train multiple days a week and almost every single workout involves heavy Grip and Core work.

      However, they can do this because the sport of Strongman involves so many different types of events. Over the course of a week's time, a competitor might work on 10 or more individual events, so no one part gets completely beat into the ground. The wear is shared.

      Your training will be like Strongman Work, because new exercises are introduced all the time. While most lifters focus on the same exercises for months on time, you'll be doing nearly 70 different exercises during August of Arms.

      Crossfitters: Crossfit athletes pull from just about all of the above strength sports. There's no denying the incredible athleticism seen in some of these athletes.

      Due to the dynamic nature of so many of the lifts done in Crossfit, many of the lifters have had to increase their focus on taking care of their bodies in order to stay at a peak level, and it's paying off for many of them.

      You're going to see the same benefits during August of Arms, because you'll be following proper warm-up, pre-habilitation and stretching guidelines, as well as better hydration practices than you ever have before.

      Ballet Dancers: These performers put themselves through tremendous levels of physical stress in order to reach the pinnacle of their craft. Their lower bodies take a beating in order to attain perfect execution.

      One of the ways these athletes differ from so many other strength athletes is their level of stretching. They must keep their flexibility in balance with their body control and strength.

      Any you will be taking a similar approach during August of Arms. For each day, there is a short list of stretches to complete. You'll be investing a few minutes of time each day into your body and you're gonna feel like a million bucks.

      Manual Laborers: We can not forget the Industrial Athletes out there. Mechanics, Meat Processors, Contractors, Carpenters - these people all use their arms day in and day out.

      They know that if they can't work, they don't eat. So, they work smart and take care of their bodies so they don't have to miss any work.

      August of Arms is built on a smart approach to training so you don't have to miss any workouts all month long.
    Whether they're athletes or workers, ALL of these people continually work the same muscle groups and movement patterns week in and week out.

    And this month, we're going to harness the power of High Frequency Arm Training and turn it into massive gains.

    I've already laid out the entire month's program in a way that you can intensely and effectively train the arms in some way or fashion every single day.

    You'll see noticeable gains in your upper arms WITHOUT killing yourself in the gym every day and without spending hours on your arms every session.

    Smart Training with the intent of building arm muscle without over-training and without causing too much soreness. That's what August of Arms is all about.

    Throughout August of Arms, you'll be constantly modifying multiple variables of arm training volume.

    Each day of training is a little different, based on what kind of day it is:
    • Full Arm Day ONLY

    • Partial Arm Day ONLY

    • Body + Full Arm Day

    • Body + Partial Arm Day

    These 4 types of days allow you sprinkle your Arm Training throughout the month of August, just like seasoning on a T-Bone Steak.

    Some bites of the steak have more seasoning than others.

    Some days involve very low volume, sometimes only a handful of sets.

    Other days involve a lot of arm training volume, higher set and rep-counts.

    The whole time, you're constantly hitting the arms from multiple directions.

    You're mixing up your grip, the implement used, the angle at which you're working the muscles...

    ..and as you move deeper into the month, constantly modifying training variables, your arms have no choice but to GROW!

    August of Arms training rests on 4 Pillars of sound training knowledge.

    4 Pillars of Smart Arm Training

    August of Arms program is the smartest investment you can make in your arm training, because it's not based on hype, but rather sound strength and conditioning wisdom:

    Pillar 1. Arm Muscle Proportion Drives Your Training When it comes to putting overall size on your arms, the key is triceps work. The triceps make up nearly 2/3 of your arms, so August of Arms puts more emphasis on triceps training. Once you build your triceps up, your sleeves are gonna feel like they're about to EXPLODE.

    Pillar 2. Energy Requirements Must Dictate Your Arm Training Bigger movements and bigger muscles require more energy to work, so they need to be worked FIRST to maximize your results. August of Arms takes this approach to arm training so your arms BLOW UP fast.

    Pillar 3. Full Body Training Is the Anabolic Foundation to Building Arms The arms are involved in many multi-joint exercises that work large quantities of muscle mass. These exercises are MUST HAVES in your program to ensure your optimal growth potential.

    Pillar 4. Balance is the KEY to Sustained Arm Gains Get out of balance, and you get hurt. Get hurt, and you can't grow. The August of Arms training program is designed to keep you IN BALANCE, so you keep on progressing all through the month and even AFTER August has flown by.

    You can put extreme focus on your arms for the next month, if you do it the right way.

    As you can see, August of Arms is more than just some fad, or some gimmick.

    It's based on sound training wisdom and backed by facts.

    With August of Arms guiding you in your lifting, you can add inches to your arms in the next 4+ weeks.



    Are you embarrassed of your arms?

    Do you have skinny, scrawny arms?

    Are your weak arms holding you back in your strength training?

    Do you purposely wear shirts with long sleeves so your weak-looking arms stay covered up?

    Are you worried that someone's going to pick on you because you have girlie arms?

    Are your arms WEAK and hold back your bigger, compound lifts, like your Bench, Pull-ups, and Rows?

    Well, you can put a stop to ALL that in the next 31 days.

    In just a month's time your sleeves can start fitting tighter.

    You can start seeing a difference in your arm size in the mirror.

    You can start feeling the difference in your lifts.

    People will be complimenting you about how big your arms have gotten.

    And you'll be able to tell them that the only supplement you've been using has been good hard work.

    The secret weapon for big arms is AUGUST OF ARMS.

    Get it today:


    This year, August of Arms is going to be the Most Fun You've Had All Year, with the Biggest Gains You've Seen All Year, too.

    No More not knowing what to do.

    No More doing the same stuff all the time.

    No More boring workouts.

    You're gonna LOVE your arm training this year!

    All the best in your training,

    Jedd Johnson

    Common Questions

    Is August of Arms a Digital or Hard Copy Product?

    August of Arms is an ebook in PDF format. You will be able to download it to your computer, laptop, MAC, or smartphone to view it.

    How Long Will It Take to Receive August of Arms?

    You will be able to download August of Arms within minutes of purchasing it. The delivery page will come up on your screen within seconds of completing your purchase.

    What If I Have Trouble Viewing or Accessing August of Arms?

    No problem. Just email me at [email protected] and I am happy to help you out.

    What Do I Need to Be Able to Access August of Arms?

    There are many free apps that allow you to easily view PDF's. Adobe Reader is one example that you can use on your computer. Many others exist for mobile devices.

    Will I Be Able to Print Out August of Arms?

    Yes! Feel free to print out the workout plans and take them right with you to the gym. That is exactly what I will be doing.

    What If I'm Already Following a Program?

    No problem. You can plug the Arm Work for August of arms right into what you're doing. I'm currently following a 10-Week Deadlift Program, and plan on adding August of Arms training in seemlessly.

    I Have Vacation Planned. Will This Ruin August of Arms for Me?

    I have family vacation planned for August 1 to August 8, myself. I do not plan on missing any workouts. There is a section in the manual that addresses this exact question to help you enjoy your Summer while also packing mass on your arms.