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Building Freaky Forearms – Method Number 73

Big Strong Forearms
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Table Top Zottman Curl

This week, the Grip Strength Challenge involved the Table Top Curl and the Zottman Curl, a combination that will help increase forearm size, lower arm strength, and elbow stability and health.

Check out the videos – lots of great variations – but whose is the best?

Leave a comment with your vote, below!

Mike Rinderle

Darrin Shallman

David Wigren

Daniel Reinard

Andy Thomas

Thanks for your votes. Hope to see YOUR video next week in the Diesel Grip Strength Challenge.

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13 Responses to “Building Freaky Forearms – Method Number 73”

  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    I’ll go with Wigren, even though I hate the Swedes and he stole the sledge idea from me. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Frank Pizzo Says:

    My vote for this weeks challenge goes to Mike Rinderle…though David Wigren’s is a very close second for me…all the other submissions were very strong too.

  3. Cameron Bailey Says:

    I vote for Wigren, but he is still a show off. Hope you win buddy.

  4. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Wigren takes my vote. Loved the teeth bending, besides he’s a hot Swede. 😉 Andy a very close second for hitting some big pinch grip during that curl. Looks darn hard to do that. Great job by all guys!

  5. Carl ansara Says:


    These weekly diesel challenges are amazing, but for what it’s worth they are WAY too subjective. I appreciate the creativity aspect, but the video response should reflect the challenge. In other words, if the challenge is towel pullups, then it should be the winner who performs the most towel pullups, period. Not who can do 2 with a weighted dip belt, or off monkey bars, etc. Zottman curls challenge should be with a dumbbell, and most weight lifted is the winner.

    I am all for creativity, but this is why I stopped submitting the weekly challenges, just too subjective otherwise.

    Not trying to be a dick, but I honestly believe that the competitors would better enjoy if the parameters were more strict. I could be wrong.

    And for the record, Andy Thomas for my vote!

  6. Kris Hamilton Says:

    I’m voting for Mick Rindorley. Go Ireland!

  7. David Wigren Says:

    My vote goes to Mike R. I wouldn’t have stolen his sledge idea if I didn’t thought it was badass, lol

  8. Darrin Shallman Says:

    My vote goes to Andy. Nice block curl. He made it look very easy.

  9. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Wow, Wigren with the teeth bend!

  10. gene pires Says:

    Andy for me cause he did his in Martha Stewarts dining room.

  11. Gary Gray Says:

    Andy Thomas. Close second to both Daniel Reinard and Mike Rinderle.

  12. Todd Coenen Says:

    Great submissions this week by all. I have to go with David Wigren for the win. That teeth bending looked painful as hell!

  13. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Voting is closed. David Wigren wins with 5 votes to Andy’s 4 and Mike’s 3!

    Thanks everybody. Look for the new challenge to come soon!

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