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You’re Not Going to Believe This One


I’ll mark this under things not to try, along with getting my nipple pierced with some weird dangly thing and wearing cargo shorts while sticking my stomach out.

I would prefer setting an example for my clients rather than doing some publicity stunt.

Set an example for your clients by:

  • not doing half reps
  • not demonstrating bad form
  • not doing tons of isolation exercises
  • training yourself and getting under the weight
  • continuously re-educating and reinvesting in yourself
  • by always being humble

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Original Story:

Gym trainer’s get fat regime | The Sun |News

How to Build Muscle | Muscle Building Workouts | How to Lose Fat | Six Pack Abs

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One Response to “You’re Not Going to Believe This One”

  1. Salem Says:

    I think he wants to justify being fat by saying he wants to understand them.

    Well good he doesnt work in a drug addict rehab or he would be a junkie 😀

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