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World’s Strongest Hands Leg 3 Results

This past weekend was the Third Leg of the World’s Strongest Hands Series.

Leg 3 Results (World-Wide):

    1 David Horne – 4.5pt
    2 Nick McKinless – 8.5pt
    3 Steve Gardener – 9.5pt
    4 Jedd Johnson – 16pt
    5 David Thornton – 18.5pt

This 4-Leg series started in August and has taken place each month, contesting the Two Hands Pinch, Wrist Developer, and Vulcan Gripper.

It was a great showing this weekend here in Wyalusing. Check out the names below.

Mike Rinderle – from Washington DC, Mike made his return to Grip competitions since an injury began holding him up since May.

Brent Barbe – The third place finisher at the 2010 National Championship, Brent has been training hard and improved his Two Hands Pinch greatly, reaching the 100-kg mark for the first time in competition.

Chuck Carns – Chuck is also showing signs of improvement, especially in the pinch. he looked much more confident in all the events than I have seen him in the past.

Rick Walker – Rick made the trip for his first Grip contest since 2004 and looked like he’d been doing them right along. He stayed very conservative with his attempts due to his unfamiliarity with the equipment, but immediately has gone back to training, so look for bigger numbers next time around.

Jedd Johnson – My hands felt great and I set Personal Bests in both the Vulcan Gripper and Wrist Developer. My Pinch felt great, but I tore a chuck of skin off my thumb during my first attempt, and subsequent attempts amounted to nothing more than air beneath the plates.

Mary Ann McKeague – She is doing very well, finishing second over all amongst the ladies. Her training involves many types of strength disciplines and I think that if she were to narrow her focus she could add some serious weight to her pinch and move up some levels on both the Vulcan and WD.

Cheri Walker – This was her first competition, but from what I hear, she enjoyed it quite a bit and is looking forward to the next one. Perhaps there could be a friendly rivalry between these two in the near future?

As always, it was a great time pushing myself over the course of the last few weeks and challenging myself to do more. I look forward to the next and final leg of the WSH Series on November 13, 2010.

For more information on these contests, check out this link: World’s Strongest Hands Series.

Below are some videos showing how everyone did. There are six videos overall and each one is between 2 and 6 minutes long…ENJOY!

Men’s Two Hands Pinch

Ladies’ Two Hands Pinch

Men’s Wrist Developer

Ladies’ Wrist Developer

Men’s Vulcan Gripper

Ladies Vulcan

Great job to everybody, all over the globe, that laid it on the line this past weekend.

Keep hitting it hard.


See More Grip Videos here => Jedd’s YouTube Channel


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10 Responses to “World’s Strongest Hands Leg 3 Results”

  1. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Excellent work Jedd and to everyone that competed there! Awesome job by all!

    I did leg 3 here in Minnesota at the Movement Minneapolis and it went well. I was happy and set PRs in the 3 official events and then a few more Adam added for fun. I need to send a shout out to Adam T Glass for helping me set another 3 PRs in the events over leg 2. So far, I have failed to not PR each time in all events. Fun stuff!

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  2. Kevin Greto Says:

    Sweet, I look closer to that Lvl 5 Vulcan crush than I thought.

    Thanks again for the awesome time, Jedd. I’m extremely happy with my numbers for my first competition. Hopefully I can continue to bring them up through next years WSH. That BW pinch feels close, just a few more months of training. Thanks again for all the tips and knowledge, tournament related and not.


  3. brent Says:

    Thanks for putting these videos up. That 100Kg pinch was along time in the making. It feels like it won’t be my PR for long though…


  4. Jim Smith Says:

    @Kevin – Sure thing brother! Thanks for having the balls to come up and give it a try!

  5. Rick Walker Says:

    We had an awesome time Jedd, and it rekindled the spark a little bit in me! Cheri loved it and is fired up and wants to train all the time. I have to reighn her in!! LOL! I expect her numbers to go up a ton.

  6. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Great time as usual brother. 200lb + pinch and level 17 on the gripper in leg 4. Wrist developer, I just hope I don’t tear anything. 🙂

  7. Chuck Carns Says:

    I had a blast and it was a great time with some great people! Mike, I’m gonna get your 200lb pinch @ Leg 4!

    Kevin, great first contest! You were a sponge sucking up all the info you could from us. I wanna see that BW pinch from you!

  8. Jedd Says:

    Thanks for coming up guys. Made the contest even better!


  9. Jim Smith Says:

    @ Chuck – Keep up the good work, brother. Looking for 200+ from you in November.

  10. strength training for wrestling Says:

    Great videos on some serious hand strength displays. I’ve definitely got to incorporate some of these into my routine! Thanks guys!!

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