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World’s Strongest Hands Leg 3

Contest Details

Entry Fee: $15 per leg. $37 total if competing in more than 2 legs.

Date: October 16, 2010

City: Wyalusing PA 18853

Time: 11:00 AM start, 2 PM Finish (+/-)


1. Two Hand Pinch: 4 Attempts at Maximum Weight

2. Wrist Developer: 4 Attempts at Maximum Expansion

3. Vulcan Gripper: 4 Attempts at Maximum Close

Current Competitors


Mike Pachulski (Novice, TGA Member)

EJ Livesey (Novice, TGA Member)

Chuck Carns (Open, TGA Member)

Brent Barbe (Open, TGA Member)

Mike Rinderle (Open, TGA Member)

Jedd Johnson (Elite, TGA Founder)

Frank Snyder (Open)

Rick Walker (Open)

Kevin Greto (Novice)

LADIES < = YES - Ladies are competing in Grip!!!

Mary Anne McKeague (Open, Ladies)

Cheri Walker (Rookie, Ladies)

* * * Other athletes have expressed interest but have not sent in registrations. To reserve your spot, please leave a comment below or hit me with an email.

Other Details

Scores from this locale will be sent to the main headquarters and tallied against the rest of the locations competing in the event around the world. You are essentially competing against athletes across the United States, Europe, etc.

This is an outstanding way to compete in your first event. There are only three events and one of them is the famous Two Hand Pinch. There will be a short tutorial prior to each event to help out beginners so that they can understand the technique and strategy for the events.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or hit me with an email.

To find out more information about the events and how to train for the contest, check out this link from a couple weeks back: How to Train for Worlds Strongest Hands.

Thanks and I hope to have several more competitors come to their first contest on October 16th.


P.S. Here are the videos of last month’s Leg 2 of the WSH. Check these out so you know what to expect.


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  1. Rick Walker Says:

    I’m in.

    Add me to the lzist.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    I gotcha buddy. Sorry about that.


  3. Kevin Greto Says:

    I’m in.

  4. Jedd Says:

    Cool man. I will get you added.

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