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Cool Dip / L-sit Workout Finisher

Cool Dip / L-sit Workout Finisher

During our last workout, Brad and I were running out of time so we decided to throw some exercise finishers at the end.

We combined a conventional dip with an l-sit.  It was awesome.

It really jacked up the intensity.  I think we hit it for 10 / 10.  Alternating dips and l-sits until we had hit 10 reps of each.

I definitely want you to try it out!

Dip / L-sit Combo

After Brad went, I want to try a twist on the combo.  I turned the dip into a dip press which means I basically went more into a push-up position.  I REALLY LIKED IT.  This is a great alternative and really killed my chest and triceps.

Dip Press / L-sit Combo


Other Great Finisher Combo Movements:

  • DB Bent Over Rows / DB Posterior Flyes
  • Push-ups / Mountain Climbers
  • RDLs / Shrugs
  • Burpee / Pull-up
  • Kettlebell Swings / Push-ups on Kettlebells
  • DB Curl / DB Press

Check out the Video!

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3 Responses to “Cool Dip / L-sit Workout Finisher”

  1. D-Rock Wilson Says:

    Great post as always Smitty. I had knee surgery two months ago and started my own physical therapy asap. You are always helping me find new ways to train and it has really shown in my progress. Nice face at the end of the video btw, lol.

  2. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Great as always Smitty. I’m going to throw them into my workout tomorrow!

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    thanks Jerry!

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