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Woodall Grip Highlights

On June 20th, I went to Athens Georgia for the First Annual Woodall Grip Strength Challenge.

Below are some of the video clips from the contest.

Two Hands Pinch

The most common test of Pinch Strength is the Two Hands Pinch. The Two Hands Pinch is two 6 mm steel plates with rubber inserts between them.

The inserts are 6mm and 10mm and can be used to vary the thickness of the implement to allow the competitors to use widths that compliment the size of their hands.

There is a hole inside of the plates and inserts to allow for extra weight to be added on.

The objective is to grab the implement with both hands in a pinch grip and lift the implement high enough for the pipe to touch the cross bar 16.5 inches off the ground.

Here, I pinch 230, 240, and 245 pounds (on the second try).

This was by far the most I was ever pumped for a grip contest. The crowd was into it, the competitors were behind me, and I was feeling surprisingly well considering the woes I have been experiencing due to my thumb injury.

The next event was the Axle. The highlight of this event was Andrew Durniat breaking his own world record with a lift of 460+. He then went for 470+ and got it to knee height!

Next was the Rolling Thunder. Steve Gardener, Chad Woodall and Andrew Durniat all lifted ridiculous weight in this event.

The last event was the medley and it was sick. I had a rough time, but Chad got all but one implement, the shallow 45-lb hub. What a spectacle to watch.

After the event, we tried a few feats of strength. I did not do much because my back was killing me, but I did try my hand at the number 4 gripper that Aaron Corcorran brought. It is on the lighter end of the spectrum, but it still has a #4 stamped on the bottom, so getting it as close as I did gave me a good rush.

In this clip, several dudes try the number 4, but Steve Gardener actually closes two of them. Both Aaron’s and John Eaton’s which came out at 199 lbs. on a calibrator.

This was a great contest. I have more clips so make sure you sign up for our Feedburner email notifications so you don’t miss out when I post them. That is right up at the upper right hand side.

All the best in your training,


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    That new Diesel shirt is bad ass. Second You will crush that #4 by the end of the year!

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