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Wild Card – Grip Strength Challenge – Qualify for Nationals

Remember when you were a kid and you played Uno?

You always looked forward to drawing a Wild card so that you could change the color of the cards to what you had so you could really screw over the dude sitting next to you.

Well, now, you have the chance to not only get the figurative Wild Card in the sport of Grip, but essentially the Draw Four Wild Card, the most evil and powerful card in the deck that not only lets you change the color being played but also makes the next dude pick up four cards to add to his hand, the perfect play when that guy’s about ready to go out.

This week’s Grip Strength Challenge will allow someone to potentially qualify for Nationals and compete with the best in the nation. What is great about that is that it will give someone the chance to qualify who might have had an off-day in a contest, or even become qualified when no contests have been held near their area.

In fact, the next three weeks in the Grip Strength challenge will be Wild Card weeks! So you have an outstanding chance to qualify over the course of the next 4 weeks from the comfort of your own home, something that has never been possible before.

Two Hands Pinch

This week’s lift is the Two Hands Pinch. Now, normally in Grip Contests, an adjustable apparatus is used for this event, but in this case it will not be required. Instead you can just use normal plates with a pipe or bar running through them.

Also, in normal Grip Contests, the weights are all weighed using a certified scale. This will not be necessary, instead we will go by the number stated on the plates.

The pipe running through the plates and any collars that are added should be weighed, however – that is important. You must weigh them on a scale on video or else you can not count them.

For more specifics on how this lift is done for this week’s challenge, please watch the video below.

Two Hands Pinch

Some other requirements for this week’s challenge…

  • A metal or PVC pipe can be used
  • A double overhand pinch grip must be used
  • Plates Must Be Smooth-Sides-Out
  • The plates have to be lifted to lockout or very, very close to it (I WILL be watching closely)
  • The implement must be controlled on the way down. If it slips out, it is no good.
  • Unlimited attempts. Go for the biggest lift you can
  • The weights must be added evenly on both sides of the pipe. In other words, if you add a 25 on the front, you have to add a 25 on the back as well. Front loading the implement makes it much, much easier.
  • If there are any rules I have forgotten and you violate the spirit of the lift, it will not count. I reserve the right to disqualify a lift if it is in violation

That is about it. Other than that, make sure you match your video with the required information for the Title, Description, and Tags.

  • Title: Grip Strength Challenge – Two Hands Pinch
  • Description: Grip Strength Training
  • Tags: grip strength, hand strength, grip training, wrist strength, pinch grip

Looking forward to the submissions and I hope you are able to qualify for Nationals. If so, see you there!

All the best in your training.


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