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What is the Best Training Equipment?

What is the Best Training Equipment?

I asked this question the other day on Facebook and I received a ton of feedback.  Everyone weighing in with their opinion.  It seems that everyone has their favorite piece of equipment.
And that is completely fine.


Because muscle, strength and power can be built with a variety of tools.

How you use the training equipment is what is important, not which one you use.  Some equipment is more suited for certain strength training movements, so they are preferred.  But the key is how you use them.

1.  What weight are you using?

2.  What percentage is that weight to your 1RM?

3.  What speed are you lifting the weight?

4.  Is the implement released?

5.  What is the volume?

6.  Are your movements balanced?

7.  Are you performing a full range of motion (ROM)?

8.  What is the rest period?

9.  And so on…

Here are some of the essential pieces of equipment people told me about:

  • kettlebells
  • barbells
  • TRX
  • prowler
  • their mind (I like this answer)
  • their bodyweight
  • dumbbells
  • sandbags
  • rings

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Check out everyone’s Facebook comments!



Nick Perretta
Kettlebells and aerial silks. 🙂

Nelson Escobar
PROWLER… enough said

Joe Kenn
Barbell and dumbeells no trends of fads needed

Charles Gardner
The prowler!!

Jesse Pichardo
Heavy dumbells, thick bands and body weight circuits. I’ve yet to try sandbgs but they look like a kick a$$ training tool.

Craig Slater
I have a low basement celing, so it’s kettlebells, dumbells, I made my own sandbag…

Nick Brownson
Jump stretch bands.

Gary Zinzow
kettlebells dumbbells barbells and jungle gym.

Kira Robert Clarke
Barbell + kettlebells 🙂

Guy Razi
barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, sandbags

Robert J Wirtig
barbells,dumbbells, swiss and fat bars

Adam T Glass

Andrew Webber
I’m enjoying bodyweight and dumbbell work at the moment

Jason Steeves
PB&J and a coffee

Peter Franaszek
Kettlebell complexes as a finisher

Brian Poe
Prowler = favorite tool. Hill sprints = favorite conditioning tool.

Jerry Shreck
Kettlebells! Heavy Backpack on stepper-training for a backpacking/hiking trip.

Tom Rolen
oly. set and bar

Jacob Carley
Prowler; if you don’t know go buy one and find out

Kenneth Gruhl
straight bar and trap bar

Jim Davis
My mind . . . then again, I also like my 80 lb. weight vest for hill running and the treadmill.

Martin Barnes
Prowler. But the Fat Gripz are cool too.

Chris Dezendorf
My must have tool is music cranked up loud. Then second is my Oly bar.

James Neal Smith
Power Wheel is cool. And my Crawler (cheapskates Prowler) other than that barbell, dumbbells, bodyweight, bands, rings, etc.

Rob Taylor
Video camera and laser pointer to help teach better form/techniques.

Jennifer Cohn

Byron Carrell
My mind!

Joe Little Joey Bozzelle
Spud monster GM strap

Hadi Sherazi
Power rack. Barbell. Plates.

Nick Brownson
Joe Bozzelle, do you just use the strap for G.Ms or other movements as well?
I was looking into getting on.

Josh Hewett
The Olympic Barbell. But bodyweight training with straps can be pretty awesome.

Gregory Jimenez
The World, My Life, Beautiful Females, My Home Gym

Kabir Mehta
My body…..bodyweight exercises are the best….one can work any muscle out with them…

North Gym

Ryan ‘Bird’ Burgess
Barbell, plates, and beta-alanine

Warren Djemal
Oly bar, KBs, pull-up bar with rings

Kevin Pearce
barbell and dumbbell set

Marcello Vetromile
kettlebells.axle.fatty tyler grips.towels & chains.

Allen Hausrath
Sandbags an kettlebells

Joe Little Joey Bozzelle
Nick Brownson, I only do GMs with it. I’m not very creative. If anyone else has other movements to do with it please post. Using it for GM is a great accessory movement. It like a combo of GM, deadlift, and cambered bar squat.

Mike T Nelson
barbells, kettlebells, tires, heavy weight – whatever tests the best that day

Abinav Shankar Narayan
Pull-Up Bar, Rings and the Bloody Barbell..

Jacob Lezak
Ring straps, dumbbells, medicine ball

Kevin Pearce
barbell and dumbbells

Dominik Feischl
my own body

Peter J Figgis
I love my adjustable rings for all sorts of weighted pull-ups,dips,push-ups….revolutionised my training.

Mark Limbaga
barbells and dumbbells will always be the basics… but, for portability purposes, kettlebells and a trx rock

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9 Responses to “What is the Best Training Equipment?”

  1. Cam Gonring Says:

    barbells, dumbells, chains, bands, sandbags, sleds, tires, and heavy ass weight

  2. Stanich Says:

    As it was said in this post, and mentioned in some of the answers on facebook (I don’t have fb acc, so i post here)

    My own body, and mind. Together with this and one other web page.

  3. Rick Walker Says:

    Favorite pieces would have to be squat cage, power bar, and lots of plates.

    Runner up: strongman stuff. Tire, log, farmers, kegs, ATLAS STONES!

  4. Coach Mike Says:

    Last night it was a pull ups and inversion boot sit ups finished with 10 min of get ups!

  5. Walter Says:

    My attitude.

    Of course that comes from the brain, but it is much more than just knowledge.

    I am not stuck on any one piece of equipment. My attitude is:

    I can literally train anywhere at anytime with anything.


  6. Bill Says:

    Mine would be a heavy rucksack (60+lbs) carrying it while holding db/kb and walking a few miles….trains entire body and the mind!….I call it a death march…………second fav is slosh pipe.

  7. Blaine Says:

    Bodyweight, Sandbags and a lot of Imagination

  8. Harlan Jacobs Says:

    One you will use.

  9. vicente Says:

    Hi there!!
    the best training tool for me is definitely your own body (including your brain, of course), which allows you countless ways of training.
    If I have to pick a piece of equipment, I always travel with a TRX, some elastic bands and a skipping rope.


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