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I’ve been thinking of ways to make the Diesel Crew site more interactive, and I think I have come up with a cool way to do it.

Starting next week, we will have the Weekly Diesel Grip Feat Challenge. Here’s how it will work:

1. Every Sunday, I will post a video of a Grip Strength Feat of some sort. It could be anything from Pinching, to Support, to Crushing, to Wrist Strength, or anything else in Grip.

2. You will then have until the following Friday to upload a video of yourself performing the Feat.

3. In the video, you must say your name and state the Feat you are doing for the Weekly Diesel Grip Strength Challenge, Something like this: “I’m Conway Martin, and this is my video for the 5-10’s Pinch Lift for The Weekly Diesel Grip Challenge at” Then you just hit the feat on film!

4. You must then hit me with an email with the link to the video. I must receive the email with the video link no later than 8PM EST on the Friday of the challenge.

5. I will post all of the videos that have been submitted here on the Diesel site. My goal will be to post all of the videos I receive by Saturday at 8PM, EST.

6. Viewers at the Diesel site will leave comments, deciding who has the best video and who should win a prize. Voting will continue until Sunday at 8PM, EST.

7. Whoever is voted “Best Video” for the Weekly Grip Strength Challenge, will receive a special limited edition Diesel prize. What is it exactly? You’ll have to take part in order to find out!

8. Videos can not contain anything that may be offensive to Diesel readers. Getting pumped up is fine, but you WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if you use racial, ethnic, sexual slurs and things like this. We do reserve the right to disallow a video if we deem it inappropriate.

500-lb Axle Deadlift (Photo – Kevin Cronin)

I think this is going to be a very fun and interactive feature here at the Diesel Crew site. I look forward to seeing all of your videos.

            Two Hands Pinch

By the way, I’m not wasting any time getting started. The first Weekly Grip Strength Challenge will be posted here on the site on Sunday afternoon, January 2nd, 2011.

So get your chalk, and get ready to do some serious Grip Training in 2011.

Remember, the first challenge will be here this Sunday – don’t miss it!

If you have questions, please leave a comment below.

All the best in your training!


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12 Responses to “Upcoming Feature at Diesel”

  1. Gregory Jimenez Says:

    I will enjoy taking part in this! its a good idea.

  2. Todd Says:

    Hey Jedd, is there a category for ‘without chalk’? Just a thought…for us guys who aren’t serious competitors in grip it may be interesting to try that. I haven’t used chalk on any of my grip work yet, probably should but I’m kind of used to it at this point.

  3. Jason Steeves Says:

    Sounds like fun bud, let’s giver!

  4. Grip Strength Training Says:

    @ Jason Steeves – Cool Jason. Glad to hear you will be taking part.


  5. Grip Strength Feats Says:

    @ Todd – I hadn’t thought about that. Chalkless can be a factor in the voting for the winner. Like I said, I will not be deciding, it will be the Diesel Universe.

    Take note, not all the feats will require chalk. Some of them may in fact be made more difficult in using chalk.

    Thanks bro!


  6. Grip Strength Videos Says:

    @ Gregory Jimenez,

    Cool man! Hey did you get my email about TGA?


  7. Gregory Jimenez Says:

    Yeah i will rejoin the grip Authority today. start the new year on a positive, Happy new year everyone.

  8. Ben Edwards Says:

    Jedd, I’m looking forward to putting up some videos!

  9. Grip Sport Says:

    @Ben Edwards – That will be awesome bro!

  10. Kris 'the punisher' Pincombe Says:

    What is this weeks challenge?

  11. Grip Strength Challenge Says:

    This week’s feat will be up in a matter of hours once I tally the votes! Thanks.

  12. cooper78 Says:


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