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Week 6 Submissions & Week 7 Feat

There were only two submissions last week, and Josh McIntyre came out on top.

Is there anyone who can beat Josh McIntyre in the Diesel Crew Grip Feat of the Week?

Josh McIntyre (winner)

Kevin Greto

This week’s feat – bending a 60D Nail

Make sure to film your video per the rules and upload it to YouTube. Send me the link by 8 PM EST on Friday, February 18!

For information on this week’s Twitter Chat on Nail Bending, go here = > Twitterchat 105-Nail Bending

Ugliest Twitter Bird in History

If you’ve never done a Twitter Chat, it’s easy as pie. This is what you need to do:

     1. Get a Twitter Account

    2. Follow me. Go here:!/jeddjohnson

    3. Click Follow near my name.

    4. Now you have two choices. You can either use the search function on Twitter to look for the hashtag, #sbgym, or you can download Tweet Deck at

The hashtag, #sbgym, is simply a little codeword that will be added to each line in our conversation. When you search for it, it will come up in your results and in mine, so we know that we are all on the same page.

I use Tweet Deck because it keeps everything nice and organized.

I hope you decide to take part in the Twitter Chat. I know a lot of you have questions on how to get started, how to strengthen your wrists, and how to bend bigger steel. We’ll be covering all of that on
Wednesday at 9PM EST.

Until then, all the best in your training, and I look forward to your 60D Nail Bend submissions!


P.S. Don’t forget to follow me, or you won’t see what I have to say: Jedd Johnson on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “Week 6 Submissions & Week 7 Feat”

  1. Josh McIntyre Says:

    If the contest was “most exageratted waste of chalk” I would have won that too.

  2. luke Says:

    The ugliest twitter bird is not the best looking but hell it can fight it`s the cassowary and it kicks harder then a muay thai champ on steroids.

  3. Ben Edwards Says:

    Good stuff, here’s my entry for Week 7 – Bending 60 Penny Nail:

  4. Ben Edwards Says:

    Oops, wrong link! Here’s the actual link to the specific Week 7 Grip Feat Challenge Video:

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