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Week 5 – Diesel Grip Feat of the Week

DIESEL UNIVERSE – Time to vote for the best video. This week’s feat was Pinching a 35-lb Dumbbell by the head without using the text/numbers for grip. Large dumbbells ARE ALLOWED if the athlete does not have access to a 35.

Leave a comment below!

Matt Hunt

Josh McIntyre

Paul Tompkins

Thanks and all the best in your training!


Stronger Grip

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89 Responses to “Week 5 – Diesel Grip Feat of the Week”

  1. mike gribble Says:

    You go Josh,,,all the way

  2. Christine Leander Says:

    Josh McIntyre!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pete Rhiggi Says:

    Josh’s talent and humor wafts of excellance!

  4. Steph Says:

    My vote is for Josh!

  5. dan Says:

    Josh. His videos crack me up every week!

  6. Rodney Hampton Says:

    Josh mcintyre

  7. Flip Says:

    Josh is the man on this one.

  8. Mike Hoffman Says:

    Josh McIntyre…i drive a civic!

  9. jay Says:

    josh mcintyre

  10. Rocco Poliseo Says:

    Josh McIntyre…One word Dedication

  11. Nick Says:

    Josh McIntyre.

  12. Tina Says:

    Paul Tompkins—- nice!!!! show of control

  13. Mike Says:

    nice show of control Paul.
    I’ll have to come see you in a competition

  14. JASON Says:

    Dude! What awsome stength.
    Paul Tompkins, without a doubt

  15. Tyler Says:

    Very impressive Paul!!

  16. Cris Says:

    All videos are good, but Paul Tompkins was most impressive

  17. Allyson Says:

    Paul– finally got to see you doing some lifting.
    Love the girls’ introduction.
    Paul Tompkins has my vote.

  18. chris g Says:

    josh mcintyre all day

  19. Jen Says:

    enjoyed all 3 videos.
    I was most impressed by Paul Tompkins.

  20. Buck Valley Bill Says:

    Exceeds as usual..way to go Paul Tompkins

  21. J Says:

    paul tompkins without a doubt…..

  22. AJ Says:

    Here’s a well earned vote for Paul Tompkins

  23. Emylee Says:

    Paul Tompkins gets my vote this week

  24. Karen Says:

    Josh McIntyre all the way!

  25. K Says:

    Josh McIntyre – it’s the beard

  26. Calvin Says:

    Paul Thompkins without a doubt

  27. Darrin Shallman Says:

    Matt Hunt gets my vote.

  28. Don Says:

    After watchig all the videos, I have to give Paul Tompkins my vote. Way to go Paul

  29. shawn Says:


  30. CH Says:

    Josh gets my vote!

  31. j. daniels Says:

    Josh mcintyre is fckn hilarius

  32. tronixxx Says:


  33. Kyla Says:

    Paul Tompkins —no question

  34. killer b Says:

    Josh mcintyre is funny

  35. chris s Says:

    Red beard mcintyre

  36. Laura Says:

    Josh McIntyre, hands down!!!

  37. Doug Says:

    Josh McIntyre is the man!

  38. Matt Says:

    Paul tompkins has my vote

  39. D Says:

    Josh McIntyre for sure!!

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