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Week 3 – Classic Strongman Feats Challenge

For this week, the Feat in the Classic Strongman Feats Tournament is
Phone Book Tearing.

Here’s a summary of how the contest will run and how to perform the feat:

Need more info? Here you go…

Here are the rules for this week’s challenge.

First off, there is to be absolutely NO POPPING used. The Tear MUST BE DONE using the widely recognized legitimate means of phone book tearing called the Grip and Rip method, popularized by Dennis Rogers.

Second, the objective is to tear the phone book lengthwise, and for the most part parallel with the spine of the book. The angle of the tear may in fact change move toward or away from the spine, but the objective should be to go from the top of the book and end at the bottom of the book.

Third, bracing is permitted, as this is often done by even many of the best performing strongmen today, and I would imagine most of the Classic Strongmen of the past as well. However, this must be done in a manner that remains in the spirit of the feat.

How the Event will be Scored

The primary way this challenge will be scored is by a page count of the book. A clear shot of the pages should be taken on video of each section of the book, in order to get a solid count. For instance, many books have a white pages section, yellow pages section, and often a blue (governmental) pages section. All of these pages can be counted and added together in order to get the highest count possible. The total will be used as the base count.

Page counts will be rounded down into groups every 100 pages. So if the total comes to 1256 pages, then the book will be considered a 1200-pg book. To be considered a 1300-page book, it must have at least 1300 pages. If only one tear is put through the book, then 1600 beats 1500, beats 1400, etc.

Aside from the page count, the number of lengthwise tears will be the next factor. Multiple tears can be executed on the book, as long as they are fully completed from the top of the book to the bottom of the book. Cornering and notching the book will not count toward a store.

For instance, if two people tear a 1500-page book, and one person tears two slits the entire way through the book, then the person who tears the two slits will beat out the other person who only tears one slit.

However, since page count will be the primary factor, meaning if someone tears a book that is 1800-pages in half and another person tears a 1200-page book twice, the person who tore the bigger book wins.

Because multiple tears might be attempted, time will not be a factor, just as it has not been a factor in past weeks, so if you think you may be able to tear your book into multiple slices, then go for it, because whether you finish it in one minute or ten minutes, the time does not get factored in.

If you are unsure how to tear phone books or if multiple slits is something you have not tried before, check out my phone book tearing ebook, Phone Book Mass Destruction, by clicking on the image below.

All the best and I look forward to your submissions!


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2 Responses to “Week 3 – Classic Strongman Feats Challenge”

  1. Cameron Bailey Says:

    Hear is my entry I suck at books, only got one tear in at 1012pages

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