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Diesel Grip Challenge – Week 11 – Towel Pull Ups

This week’s feat of grip strength is Towel Pull-ups. Please vote for what you consider the best video.

Jonas Jonzen

Jeff Chorpenning

Michael Howland

Darren Shalliman

Youthser Guerrero


Andy Thomas

Nick Rosendaul

Gene Pires

Daniel Reinard

Have a great weekend everybody.


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20 Responses to “Diesel Grip Challenge – Week 11 – Towel Pull Ups”

  1. youthser Says:

    Great submissions all around!

    I suppose it’s not Kosher to vote for oneself so my vote goes to Daniel Reinard for # of reps, great job everyone.

  2. XPAthletics Says:

    Great job to everyone with the challenge. My vote goes to Darren Shalliman for the great range of variations.

  3. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Reinard for the win. But great job from everyone!

  4. Joe Says:

    Shallman gets my vote.

  5. gene pires Says:

    voting for myself is tacky and unsporting. Damn morals.

    my vote for Darren for the massive weight on the jaws. Damn heavy

    honorable mention for rosendaul for the toy collection.

    honorable mention for all the people who sent videos in too. especially the first timers.

  6. Frank Pizzo Says:

    Great job everyone on this weeks challenge…my vote goes for Daniel Reinard…I am very impressed with his hand and back strength in this weeks submission!!

  7. Brett volway Says:

    My vote goes to Dan Reinhard. Well done.

  8. Jonas Says:

    My vote: Daniel Reinhard

  9. Todd Coenen Says:

    My vote is for Nick Rosendaul.

  10. Joshua McIntyre Says:

    Mean Gene Pires this week, The Dog attempt was hilarious. Great job everyone else!

  11. Darrin Shallman Says:

    My vote goes to Andy for a great effort on this challenge. Good job everyone who entered this week.

  12. Emily Shallman Says:

    My vote goes to brother Darrin. Good job.

  13. Paul Shallman Says:

    Darrin for the win. Cool demonstration of neck and jaw strength.

  14. David Wigren Says:

    My vote goes to Jonas. That jump N grab thing was cool as hell. Daniel was a close second, perhaps because I’m afraid to vote for him again and have people find out about my man-crush on him.
    Gene came in third because of the attempt to pull up with the dog, that gave me a good laugh.

  15. doug c Says:

    Darwin shallman all day

  16. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Darren wins this week by the slim margin of 6 to 5!

  17. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Congrats Darren. You’re a tough opponent.
    David W., I heart you too big guy. 😉
    I’m loving the towel pullups btw. I doubt I’ll be doing regular ones very often now. Used the towels in today’s workout. I like how they hit different muscles, I feel the traps and even pecs with these.

  18. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Glad you like them bro. Awesome.

  19. Paulius Says:

    Good videos, too bad I almost didn’t see full extensions and didn’t notice this challenge before.

  20. Jedd Johnson Says:


    I have a new challenge each week, so just stop in on a Sunday or Monday and you should be able to see what is featured. Another way is to make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel:

    Thanks and looking forward to a submission some time.


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