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WARNING – Try at Your Own Risk

Hello Diesels.

I am going to show you something today that can quite easily be described as TORTURE.

If you think you are tough enough to try it, then please go ahead. You HAVE to be Diesel to do so.

But I am warning you that you are trying it at your own risk.

If you get sore afterwards, I am not to blame. It’s the movement that’s at fault.

This series of movements is intense and if you are not in proper physical condition, you could end up having a very very bad day.

This series is done utilizing the Glute Ham Raise. If you have access to one of these pieces of equipment, you have access to a what could be called the modern day Torture Rack, if used in the right way.

Here is a basic Glute Ham Raise done on a Glute Ham Raise machine:


As you can see, the objective is to lift the body from a position parallel to the ground to the vertical position using primarily the strength of the glutes and the ham strings. Of course there is involvement of the erectors and other muscles in the posterior chain, making this a great movement to use for athletes, powerlifters, and more.

What I am going to show you is three variations that can turn this basic movement into something ridiculous.

Variation 1: Dumbbells


As you can see you will hold dumbbells out to the sides throughout the duration of the exercise. This creates an increased co-contraction through the movement and makes the rear delts fire as well as the traps and rhomboids.

Variation 2: Bands:


For this variation I grasped two red mini jump stretch bands and pulled them tight throughout the movement. The contraction you feel on this one is intense. REMEMBER – I WARNED YOU!!

Variation 3: Isometric Presses

Listen! If you are not serious, turn back now, because this variation is going to light you up if you are not prepared.


As you can see, in this variation, you will stop half way in the middle of the range of motion. This is hard enough to do in itself, but once positioned, you must begin to perform presses with dumbbells. Because you are at an angle here there posterior delts will get throttled again.

You coul also perform this variation with bands if you are SICK ENOUGH. My hamstrings were separating from their origins and insertions by this time so I tagged out at this point.

LOOK! Don’t even try this out if you are not DIESEL. I don’t want people coming around here whining about how ol’ Jedder hurt ’em. You need to make a decision now whether you want to just go into the gym and get a workout or if you want to commit to strength development in a way other people aren’t willing to train.

If you give this a try, come back and let us know what you think.

Here’s video proof to show you I actually did these movements as well.

Try this out and let us know what you think of it. Leave us a comment below!

All the best in your training,


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8 Responses to “WARNING – Try at Your Own Risk”

  1. Bill Long Says:

    Nice Jedd, going to try that tomorrow during my training.

  2. Brad Martin Says:

    Nice job man. Good to see you’re training hard. Keep the videos coming!

  3. Jedd Says:

    Bill, give these a try and post here what you think. Let me tell you man – the dumbbells don’t need to be very heavy on those variations.

    Brad, lots of good work going on down here, believe me brother. You guys training Sunday?


  4. Chris Says:

    hey, Looks good, I have been doing these lately since picking them up from Westside. You can try just holding plates to your chest.

  5. Mike Rinderle Says:

    What’s a good variation if you don’t have access to a GHR Jedd?

  6. Joe Hashey Says:

    Nice work Jedd! Those arent easy exercises!

  7. Jedd Says:

    Chris, that sounds like a good variation for loading the basic GHR movement. How much are you up to with that variation?

    Mike, On YouTube, type in natural glute ham raise and you should find some videos where they stick´╗┐ their heels underneath a bench or something similar. This serves the same purpose. You may have to put weight on the bench to hold it down, though. Good luck and let us know how it works out bro.

    Joe, killer brother, especially that isometric press one.

  8. Bill Long Says:

    I tried the band variation today did 4×5 just to see how it felt today wasn’t leg day but had to try it I will do the rest Wed on leg day……Band variation is AWESOME felt great! More challenging and after the pain is over from the reps I feel much better The Iso band holds felt good after my upper body work out so I will see what happens Wed when I do all three variations.

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