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Better Training Results with This Technique

I have a confession to make.

For years, I thought warming up was a joke – a waste of time. DUMB.

Trainers like Guy Razy would come to train with us and show us cool warm-up drills, and I would ignore them. DUMB.

Guys like Coach Mike wrote me emails telling me I needed to improve my flexibility and mobility and I put it off. DUMB.

Smitty and Brad told me how much better they felt after incorporating more of this stuff into their training and I ignored them. DUMB.

It wasn’t until more than a year later when Smitty and Brad actually ran me through a battery of intense warming up that I realized what I was missing. Now I warm-up intensely every single workout.

In addition to warm-up and dynamic flexibility strategies to get ready to WREAK HAVOC, I’ve also found that I respond well to jumping exercises before hitting the weights.

I’ve always loved jumping, but unfortunately my ceiling is too low for me to leap up on top of jump boxes, so that’s out of the question.

But I recently found something just as good. You’ve probably heard them called Kneeling Jumps, but I call them Up Downs.

Up Downs spark the Central Nervous System BIG TIME

After doing these, I am ready to DROP BOMBS. I feel more aware, more focused, and I have hit several PR’s since including them. I want you to try these out.

How to Perform Up Downs

You may have seen these done differently elsewhere, but this is how I do them. This way actually makes it harder to perform them, causing you to work just a bit harder, focus more deeply, and as a result, pushing you to a better warm-up finisher.

Starting Position:

Kneel down on the gym floor, placing your entire shin flat on the ground, plantar flexing the foot. This position takes your ankles out of the movement and forces you to engage everything else more intensely.

Power Transfer:

It is imperative to get the arms involved in the movement in order to generate the power to get up off the ground and to the landing position. Swing them back to engage a sretch reflex, then fire your leg and glute power to drive yourself upwards.

Recovery Position:

Once airborne, you must pull your feet out from under you to stick the landing. Try to land as quietly as possible to absorb the energy, and get into an athletic position, like a puma ready to pounce on its prey.

Here’s a quick video demo showing some of the stuff I have done to modify Up Downs even more.

If you’re like me and have hated and dreaded warm-up, you should try this out.

Go through some dynamic warm-up and mobility stuff and then finish it off with some Up Downs or something similar to really prime the CNS. I think you’ll be surprised how good you feel.

Try them and let me know what you think. I think you’ll have a KICK-ASS workout setting MONSTER PR’s.

All the best,


Stronger Grip

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8 Responses to “Better Training Results with This Technique”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hi Jedd,

    I read your article and watched your video and i was motivated to try it out – immediately.
    Oh yes man feels good, i will definitly add this to my “too small” warm up routine.
    Thanks Jedd.
    Keep on hitting new PR´s.
    By the way how is your muscle up going?? Have you made it?

  2. Grip Strength Feats Says:


    I have stagnated unfortunately brother! I haven’t tried one since August I think. I had some shoulder pain so I laid off of them. It will happen, just not sure when…


  3. Thomas Says:

    Jedd you have to do more of Smitty´s Rehab stuff ;-)(Ohh am i mean 🙂 ) It helps 😉

  4. Rick Walker Says:

    Kneeling jumps are a staple in my programming. I throw them in for 5s at the end of a circuit while fatiqued.

  5. Todd Coenen Says:

    Good stuff. I normally alternate between these and bodyweight jump squats prior to a gripper workout. I like your single-leg variation……….I’ll have to give those a try.

  6. Dustin M. Says:


    Smart move incorporating kneeling jumps. I am a wrestling coach and of course all the wrestlers are required to go through a vigorious warm-up before moving any further. It’s usually done in this order(not that it makes a difference): circular running (because of the mat), jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, wrestler’s bridges, then sprints, bear crawls, ‘military crawls’, tumbling, and their favorite–up and downs. 🙂 They do these by the tons, which most people would consider their work-out and it’s their warm-up. But, it always gets them prepared for any physical activity.

    By the way, I owe you a testimonial video for your bending ebook. I am still bending steel as if I was in the Matrix, dude! Although, I cannot bend spoons with my mind–Im still working on that. 🙂

    Thanks again for the killer book!

  7. micke Says:

    interesting with this exercise, you focus everything on hip extension(?) and ignore quads and calves.

    Definitely gonna try this exercise only done for attempts to show off. Thanks.

  8. Grip Strength Videos Says:

    @ micke – I wouldn’t label it ignoring them, I would just say it is a way to make it harder and force you to work hard and as a result spiking the CNS, getting ready for the workout. Doing something that includes full triple extension would probably do just as well.

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