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Vulcan V2 Grippers from David Horne / World of Grip

I am working with David Horne on getting another order of his famous and popular V2-Vulcan Grippers and Wrist Developers shipped here to the United States.

Since it has worked out so smoothly in the past, I will be doing this on a pre-order basis. Just let me know that you are interested in a Vulcan V2, Wrist Developer, Thumb Screws, or extra Springs by either leaving a comment below or emailing me.

If you are not familiar with these pieces of equipment, let me tell you a bit about them.

Here is a video I put up, yesterday.

Here is some additional information on the many pieces of equipment I will be getting in from World of Grip.

Vulcan Gripper (V2)

The Vulcan Gripper is David Horne’s “nutcracker” style hand gripper that is adjustable over a variety of strength levels. It has two loading arms with notches which hold a coil spring. The spring can be adjusted up and down in order to adjust the difficulty level.

Vulcan V2 – January 2012, World of Grip

The Vulcan was re-designed late last year and is being sold as the V2. The new design has a slightly wider handle setting than the original, but it also is a much more attractive piece now, as some of the visual flaws of the first version have been removed and eliminated.

The V2 comes with a Crom spring, which is a chromed spring. The Crom spring is 3 levels harder than the silver/black dip spring that was shipped with Vulcans last year.

Other springs, white and orange, can be ordered. The white springs are very light, while the Orange Springs are a more moderate strength level. Springs from the V2 and original Vulcan will work with one another.

Wrist Developer

The Wrist Developer is a device that is designed to mimic and strengthen the movement pattern of Reverse Style Bending.

It uses a similar loading structure as the Vulcan / V2, with two bars and same dimensions. The Wrist Developer comes with its own Crom Spring. Springs are interchangeable between the Wrist Developer and V2.

Thumb Screws

Thumb Screws are attachments that go onto the handles of the Vulcan Gripper in order to train dynamic pinch, similar to a lever-action pinch training device.

If you are interested in picking up one or more of these items, please post a comment here or email me through the contact form.



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19 Responses to “Vulcan V2 Grippers from David Horne / World of Grip”

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  2. Dave Says:

    I may be interested in a wrist developer, depending on the price.

  3. Larry Ross Says:

    yes i am intrested in all three if the price is right

  4. Tim Says:

    What will the prices be for each one of these items be including shipping. I live in Evansville, IN.

  5. Brett Says:

    I’d like the Vulcan and thumb screws

  6. Kevin Says:

    How much for the whole shebang? Nice designs!

  7. joe williams Says:

    me me me i want a vulcan/v2 and a wrist developer hit me up and let me know

  8. John Says:

    Interested in both. Anything to help my wrestlers grip strength out!

  9. Sam Says:

    I am a grip fanatic and need the Vulcan! Avid grappler, but main passion is strength and power. Extremely interested in the V2 vulcan. Best torsion gripper I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

  10. henry Says:

    i would be interested in the vulcan and probly the thumb screws. i would like to know about the price on these thanks

  11. Doug Says:

    I’m interested in the Vulcan V2. Would like to know the price too (and the price of an extra spring).
    What range of resistance does the orange spring offer? (such as lowest – CoC #1, highest – CoC #2, something like that…)

  12. Gary Gray Says:

    What is the cost, plus shipping? Also cost of weaker orange & white springs? Is there a “chart” showing strength levels per each spring/hole setting?

  13. Allan Says:

    I would definitely like to purchase the thumb screws. I have a RB adjustable but may be interested in the V2. Thanks.

  14. David Says:

    Interested in the vulcan gripper, depending on price.

  15. Michael Says:

    I am interested in all three pieces and also extra springs. Please email me back with ordering details. Thanks.

  16. Dan Says:

    I’m definitely interested in the wrist-developer, vulcan and all accessories, including extra springs of variable resistance. Any news on the cost?

  17. justin Says:

    Do you have any black springs in stock? If so, I’m interested.

  18. Ian legrow Says:

    Hey Jedd,
    Got your 8 week grip program and such just wondering how much re Vulcan 2 gripper cost? Wondering if I should m save up and buy one or maybe wait. Re Vulcan is a bunch of strengths in one tho so it makes practical sense. Could u send me info on it please? Thank you!

  19. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Ian – I sent you an email. Thanks.


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