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Vulcan Gripper – Last Few V2’s

Update on the limited quantity of Vulcan V2 Grippers I have left.

If you have never bought anything from me in the past, rest assured I do not mess around with these orders. I keep everything organized to the best of my ability and aim to mail everything out either the night I get the order or the very next day. I’ve received some very nice feedback from some of the people who have purchase Vulcan Grippers and Wrist Developers from me, and I thought I would share some of that with you right now:

    From Andy Thomas (recently bought a V2): “I got a Vulcan V2 from Jedd on this order I believe. Great gripper, quality product, great seller as well. If you train grippers at all, you need one of these. I put it off for a long time due to the price, but I am now kicking myself for´╗┐ not getting one sooner. Great piece of kit.”
    From William Mollett (recently bought a V2): “Thanks for the great service I received, and I will make future purchases off you.”

I really appreciate the feedback, guys, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Speaking of the future, I do plan on getting in a small order of Orange Springs, Black Springs, and Thumb Screws. I am in the process of making that order with David and Elizabeth at World of Grip, right now.

If there is additional interest in more V2’s once these ones are gone (which will probably be this week), or Wrist Developers, let me know by leaving a comment below with your email address and I will be glad to follow up with you.

In the video above, I mentioned that I have 5 Vulcan V2’s left – that is no longer accurate. One of those is already reserved for a friend who is traveling outside the country, and two have already been sold since I uploaded the video to YouTube, so these are going quickly.

Any questions – please let me know, other wise you can get your Vulcan here: Vulcan Grippers At Huge Savings.

Thanks, and all the best in your training.


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3 Responses to “Vulcan Gripper – Last Few V2’s”

  1. Gary Gray Says:


    I ordered the Vulcan V2 Gripper, Thumb Screws, Black Spring, Orange Spring & White Spring. I’m really glad I also ordered the White Spring as my grip strength is so low (all these years I always used wrist straps). I really do like the “feel” of these Springs, as compared to the gripper torsion spring. The Thumb Screw is Great. Two Comments:
    The outside space distance between the handles is very wide, 5″ as compared to my HG100 & HG150 grippers which are 4″. However, I solved this problem by inserting a piece of wood 1/2″ wide in the grove space just above the swivel bolt. (Makes outside space distance between the handles about 3-l/2″)
    I have seen the charts showing the levels of each spring as to the hole settings. However this does not show “pounds of pressure”. For example, if I have the Black Spring; Front Arm Hole 4, Rear Arm Hole 4, being Level 5 on the Chart, how close is this to my HP-150 Gripper (being rated at 150 lb.)
    Gary Gray

  2. Kevin Molina Says:

    Jedd, I am interested in the Wrist Developer, Thumb Screws, Black Spring, Orange Spring, two White Springs, also a Setting Block if possible. Thanks, Kevin.

  3. Warren Parris Says:

    I’m very interested in getting a V2 and thumb screws. All I need is the price and ordering info.

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