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Vision Quest 2010


Vision Quest

No more bullshit.  We’re on a Vision Quest!

You and me.  Together.

I am going to work my ass off to make 2010 amazing for you.  That is my guarantee.

People always say, on “Monday I’ll start” or “When my next check comes in, I’ll join the gym”.



It starts now.  No more wasting time, no more broken promises, no more not reaching your goals.

How are we going to do this?


movarrowI want everyone to post their goal(s) in the comments section. If we can get over 100 200 comments, I am going to randomly give away ANY one of my products you want to 10 lucky people.

Tell me all of your goals and how you are going to reach them.


You are going to make small goals that are SMART.







You are going to check back when you reach your goal and we will feature you on the site.  We will look at your comments you make today on this post and see how close and how you did against your original goals.

I don’t care if your goal is to:

– lose fat

– gain / build muscle

– eat better

– be a better parent

– spend more time with your kids

– focus on your job

– wrestle Shute

"No one wants to wrestle Shute!"

"No one wants to wrestle Shute!"

Put in your goals in this post and when we reach 100+ comments, 10 lucky people will get any one of my products they want!

Let’s do this together!

And just to let you know I’m not bullshiting, here is my goal.

Smitty’s Goal for 2010: I want to get ripped!  I’m not talking about just a little lean, I want to be shredded!  Will I attain this goal?  Yes because I will not stop until I reach it!  As I write this post I have already changed my eating habits and written out my plans for 2010.  I am starting right now!

Tell me your goals right NOW and you could win!

UPDATE:  Send this post to all your friends and family, let’s get 200 comments!





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242 Responses to “Vision Quest 2010”

  1. Nick Gallatin Says:

    My goal this year is to pack some serious muscle specifically on my arms and and chest. I currently have 18 inch arms and a 47 inch chest. I will have a 50 inch chest and 20 inch arms by this time next year. I also have strength goals to meet in 2010 for bench press, squat, and dead lift. I currently max out on these three as follows: bech press-400 lbs, squat-500 lbs, and dead lift-500 lbs. My goals for these lifts are 450 to 475 for bech press; 550 575 for squat and dead lift. I’ll see soon when I reach my goals and can’t wait to see what you can achieve.

  2. John Infante Says:

    My goals for this year are complex…I currently weigh 228 and I want to slim down to about 210-215 for the sake of being more lean. I want to maintain my strength while doing this and achieve a benchpress of 475, a squat of 600, a deadlift of 600, a shoulder press of 250-275, and a leg press of 2,000 pounds. I will undoubtedly regain the weight I plan to lose and perhaps be heavier than when the year started but I plan on using a stricter diet to ensure the weight is mostly muscle mass. My chest is currently 48 inches and a 50 inch chest is my goal while my arms are 17.5 inches currently with my goal being 20 inch arms. My final goal is to lower my body fat percentage to under 20 percent.

  3. chris Says:

    GOALS for 2010:
    Achieve BW of 205lbs and 6% BF

    Added 100lbs to max DL from 400 up to 500lbs

    Resolve my lingering shoulder issues through strengthening and stretching, to allow me to get back to bench and shoulder press and cleans

    Get back to bench pressing and to max of 350lbs (before shutting down due to shoulders, max at 315)

    Due to shoulders had shut down back squat and moved to front squat. Max was 245lbs, goal is 315 for this year)

    To everyone, a healthy, successful and prosperous 2010!

  4. Kevin Says:

    Strength Goals for 2010

    405 lb bench (currently stalled at 365)
    500 lb squat and deadlift consistently
    250 lb power clean

    Lose 20 lbs body fat

    Weekly kettlebell and bodyweight workout days

    10 strict hanging pull ups
    10 handstand push ups

    Improved flexibility

  5. Brendon Says:

    Deadlift 465
    Squat 405
    Bench 335
    Press 205

    And to read and learn as much as I can about training, business, and life before I graduate college in 5 months!

  6. David Georges Says:

    So I am 47 years old… Before the end of the year, I am going to get in the best shape of my life.

    I am going to move up from 220 lb class to 242 lb class while keeping bodyfat under 12%. To be a true 242 I will weigh a minimum of 235 lbs.

    I am going to box squat 500, then single ply bench 400 and Deadlift 633 in WABDL Competition.

    I am going to improve my GPP by pushing the prowler 2 times a week with a minimum of my bodyweight on the horns and 10 trips of 40 yards.

    Then I am going to BEAT SHUTE! …but first I am going to terrify and humiliate him. After that I am going after Louden Swain, I’ll stomp his ass too! (Ha! I bet those guys are older than me so it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe I should go after Alexander Karelin… Naahh. We can leave that for next year…)

  7. odin Says:


    Increase wrist strength as evidenced by levering my 12 lb. sledge to nose freehand and begin work towards the 16-pound sledge
    -Get my GripBoard MM0 certification (learn to set a gripper; strength is already there)
    -Close my COC #4 gripper choked at parallel
    -345+ lb. 2-inch axle DL (double-overhand grip)
    -235+ lift (in plates) on my old Rolling Thunder handle
    -210+ lb. 2-hand euro-pinch
    -set of 50 parallel bar dips
    -increase BW to 185 lbs.
    -show progress towards getting a rafter pull-up brief hold to rafters at least)-get a rafter or 2 to put on top of power rack or…?
    ***I forgot to include what has been the “Moby Dick” of my goals: Getting a full DL with the Thomas Inch Dumbbell-not promising I’ll get it this year, but most of the other goals are addressing weaknesses or will otherwise help me get closer to my dream.

  8. Shane Zimmerman Says:


    My goals for august 2010 are:

    increase lean body weight by 10 pounds. presently about 164 lbs lean body weight
    20 dead hang pull ups presently 12
    decrease the amount of soda i drink (4 a day O.o) to 1
    Improve my bench press 25 pounds (to 300)
    Improve my vertical jump by 2 inches

    Thanks for the great site and training ideas

  9. Jim Delorto Says:

    My goals are:

    1) TO perform a 405 Deadlift and Squat, maybe a 315 Bench not sure yet before the end of the year

    2) To perform 25 full dead hang pull-ups befor the end of the year

    3) To complete the Men’s Health Urbanathelon in under 2 hours

    4) To have six pack abs before the year is out.

  10. Daniel Shanks Says:

    1)Do a pro mma fight( I’ve got to get a few amateur fights in before this)

    2)Bench 30, Squat 400, Deadlift 500

    3)Train consistently. I have some really awesome coaches for both mma and conditioning, my inconsistency in showing up for training is the only thing holding me back.

  11. Daniel Shanks Says:

    I meant to say bench 300

  12. John Says:

    Smitty you fire me up.

    1) Bench 300, Squat 400, Deadlift 500 on or before my birthday (Jun 27) at or below 225 bodyweight.

    2) Eliminate back pain by peforming daily mobility / stretching / foam rolling

  13. gabe Says:

    Continue to improve my mobility.

    Totally rid issues with my left hip flexor and right shoulder

    Hit my maxes for reps.. Bench 225×5, Squat 275×5, Deadlift 405×5

  14. Joe Says:

    Goals for 2010


    Improve 1RM’s by Dec 2010 to bench – 315, Squat – 405 and Deadlift – 550 (follow 531, its work very well so far)
    Improve conditioning by doing the prowler at leat once a week

    Also I would like to hit 20 chins (currently 15), squat 315×15, DB press the 120’s for reps and box jump 58″ (currently 54″).

    Do all this by following 531, being smart with my assistance work and deloading properly.


    Start my business, the plans are in place just need to get started, with the goal of being profitable by July (so I don’t have to work at my shitty summer job again!)

    To finish 2010 in the top quartile at med school.

    Thanks for the articles and videos Smitty, the shoulder rehab one helped big time with rehabing an injury last year!

    2010, Get after it!

  15. brandon Says:

    my 2010 goal: i am focused on my bench.I want to reach a goal of 370lbs by july and 405lbs by january 1 2011.2010 lets do it again baby!!!!!!!!

  16. johnny Says:

    Reached forty,220lbs,bodyfat of 35% and have athritis in my ankle.Will achieve 190lbs,bodyfat of 20% and have no limits on my ankle.

  17. Jeff Says:

    My 2010 Goals are to get my body weight down to 245 by May and then maintain that (currently 275). Deadlift 525 without a belt (current max 485). Increase my hip mobility, give work all I have each day and be a better mentor to the people who work for me. Finally, I will put more effort into personal relationships especially when it comes to my wife and family.

  18. Brian Shaw Says:

    Goals for 2010:
    1. Enter my first full meet @198 and total over 1700.
    2. Break the current IPA CT state bench press record of 505lbs for 198 Amature Submaster at the Europa fitness Expo.
    3. Total higher than 1150 at a push/pull meet.
    4. Spend more quality time with my family.
    5. Be a superhero to my children.

  19. Geir Says:

    Hi this is cool
    My goals are
    Do a pullup with 45kg (now 34)
    Do l-sit to handstand
    Snatch a 24kg kb 200 times in 10 min
    Get back to my dayli meditation practice
    Be more aware and patient

  20. Charles Holmes Says:

    Goals for 2010;

    1. Stay focused at work – Make more $ this year than any year prior.

    2. Purchase my first home.

    3. My natural weight is about 170lbs. I hit 190lbs last year and lost it all again. This time… My GOAL is 200lbs. I’m 5’8″ 😉

    4. Attract the perfect female into my life.

    5. Be Happy!

  21. Nick Taylor Says:

    My goals for 2010:

    1. Make Varsity Football as a sophomore.

    2. Bench 200lbs by the end of this coming summer.

    3. Get into a great college.

    4. Live life to the fullest.

  22. Giggy Says:

    1. I’m going to be the best defensive line of the league during the next season.

    2. I will be the best at the physical test to become a police officer.

    3. I will weight 20 pounds more to be 6’5 245lbs.

    4. Finally i’m going to start martial art.

  23. Henk Says:

    only 14 and 160lbs at the moment but am looking to:

    bench my bodyweight
    Deadlift double my bodyweight
    add 6 inches to arms
    complete 30 pullups with perfect form
    squat 1 1/2 body weight
    put on 10 pounds fo raw lean muscle
    Win national schools rowing regatta

  24. Kevin Lutz Says:

    My goals for the year 2010:
    -Reach 6% bodyfat by May long weekend
    -After Bulk back up to 10% bodyfat
    -Bench 320 Last day of school
    -Squat and deadlift 450 by my 18th birthday (July 5th)
    -Obatin 17 inch and a half inch arms by the end of summer
    -Enter and win first bodybuilding competition this year

  25. machoman Says:

    bulk up for about 10 kg
    bench 80 kg
    squat 120 kg

  26. Lu Says:

    -2 kg more muscle
    -getting under 10% body fat (actually 13-15)
    -getting more flexible again after sitting an learning for university last 5 months
    -climbing in the mountains with my 2 sons after knee surgery last year
    -interval sprinting or speedsakting once every week
    -back flip
    If I get lazy, my sons are allowed to kick my …:-) !!

  27. Hoff Says:

    Too late for the free stuff, but I’ll fire away anyway.

    Overarching goal: win a conference championship this season
    Personal goal: 1000 yards rushing

    How to attain it:
    -1: squat (read: smash) 495 for 5 reps by August (current best is 2)
    -2: workhorse conditioning: complete hill sprints under a given time for 20 minutes straight w/ 30 seconds rest b/w sprints (this is improving weekly)
    -3: smash our 40 test when we report w/ 3 sub-4.55 40s (ran a 4.56 in May). This will be obtained through sprint and plyometric work “bridging the gap” w/ the work in the rack.

    BOOM: 2010’s gonna be a good year! Thanks for the inspiration Smitty!

  28. Vijay Says:

    1. Finally get in the ring for a kick boxing fight. Starting prep soon as I get back from Turkey in July.

    2. Finish Mel Siff’s Supertraining.

    3. Get my ASCA level 1.

    4. Pass all exams.

  29. Tyler Meyer Says:

    my current short term goal is to dead lift 500lbs
    overhead press 305lbs
    one arm dumbbell press 150lbs
    bench press 500lbs raw

    my long term goal is to compete in pro strongman

    and also one day compete in Americas strongest man

    im 17yrs so i have a chance i think

  30. cody powers Says:

    win the texas state wrestling tournament at the 215 lbs weight class

  31. Njama Says:

    My goals for the remainder of 2010, for business: pull in $2500 in training, get ready to go back to school for kinesiology come the spring of 2011. fitness is to drop 10-20 pounds and get back into martial arts (tae kwon do) and get my black belt. Achieve my RKC level 1. get back to training for strongman (amatuer level).
    2011 business: get TRX certified, RKC (mentioned already), my personal financial goal is to be in the 5 figures for next year. Everything is achievable but have to put my mind right, and surround myself with the right people which I’ve started to do. Dount just want to be happy sometimes of the year, wanna be smiling ALL year round!

  32. Aaron Says:

    Goal- Lose 20 lbs while maintaining/increasing current strength

    Protocols- 1. Viking Warrior Conditioning 2. Program Minimum ‘Enter The Kettlebell’ 3. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar

    Deadline- Jan. 10th 2010

  33. Nick Says:

    My goals?

    To improve all of my lifts. To get stronger at each, all the while putting on muscle.

    To improve my conditioning and lose a little bodyfat.

    To get my NASM certification completed.

    I will complete these goals with drive, determination, hard work, and a desire to become better.


  34. Vision Quest 2011 :: Diesel Strength & Conditioning | Innovative Strength Training for Athletes Says:

    […] you remember the first part of 2010 and our Vision Quest together, you’ll remember it had over 200 comments from people ready to make a […]

  35. Wusley Luthuf Says:

    I have started strength training and want to give it my best I can, goal is to lose fat and achieve the “ever elusive” 6 pack. This time around I want to attack my training and diet with determination and that desire to make sure something is NEVER elusive to me. Time line for the achievement of my goal is by July 2011…

  36. Robin Says:

    My goal will be to reach 15% bodyfat this year while keeping my weight up as much as I possibly can.

  37. Trevor Rackley Says:

    My goals:-
    1/ To make 2011 better than 2010
    2/To make my new PT business a suscess
    3/ To set up boot camp stlye training
    4/ Start a Kettlebell bootcamp
    5 To love my wife more


  38. BA Says:

    My goals are:
    Commit 100% to diet/nutrition and lose 10-12% body fat.
    Increase 5RM for deadlift and squat by 25%
    Spend more quality time with my wife and kids (not just watching TV)and exercise together with walking, biking, hiking etc…
    Focus on helping others and passing on any type of information that has helped me reach my goals

  39. Greg Munie Says:

    My physical goals:

    Reduce my cholesterol w/o drugs

    Keep my blood pressure in the good limits w/o drugs

    Eat better and drink less

    Stop doing things that provoke injury (train smarter!)

    Re-start martial arts training

  40. Barb McCartney Says:

    Okay, here I am at the age of 56 and somehow feeling like time is running out. Two years ago I started playing tennis and it is now my absolute passion! I shied away from competitive sports in my youth, but have discovered a fierce competitive spirit. I really, really, really want to win a tennis trophy this year. I don’t care if it’s in the old people’s league or whatever, I just want to win a trophy for once in my life. Obviously this will require strength and agility training, but I’m in! Can you help me be a winner?

  41. Duane Says:

    My goal for 2011 is simple, take what i thought i learned in 2010 and improve on it. I’ve been lifting about a year, and struggle with adding some lean weight to my 165lb frame.I have improved my physiology in the fact that i have hereditary high cholesterol/blood pressure issues, and through weight training have drastically improved my lipid panel numbers. Now i want to sculpt my body into lean muscled figure that will have people saying…wow…what have you been doing, and how do i do it too.

  42. Glyn Wyss Says:

    I have been ill for 2 weeks and did not like the fact that I could not work out and got weaker,hence Motivation.
    Number 1 aim,and all other wishes will follow,Squat twice bodyweight ie. 300 pounds,present best 185 for 20 although I have rarely done 225.
    Number 2 Goal,swing, snatch, clean and press 53lb Kettlebell instead of the 35lb one.
    Number 3 Do Work at weekends,kettlebells,yoga,running,walking up hills as long as it is more than I do now.
    Number 4 Strength training 4 days a week with Wednesdays just stretching.
    Number 5 pass HKC kettlebell certification.

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