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Very Cool “Climbing Street”

Check out this video.  This athlete has built a “climbing street”.  This is the first that I’ve seen of an extended rope climb with varying holds and obstacles.  Very innovative and very cool.

I’m sure his grip was wrecked after this run!

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2 Responses to “Very Cool “Climbing Street””

  1. Scott H. Says:

    I have always wanted something just like that!

  2. fedoman26 Says:

    Dear dieselcrew,

    that’s me on the video. thank you very much for posting it – it’s a honour to be at the diesel-crew-site.

    I have made a video now from my new tool. it’s a campusboard. you can only grip it with the first section of your fingers!

    please work on with that spirit and that passion. I am reading the blog every day!

    many greetings,

    dominik alias fedoman26 from austria (europe)

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