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Velocity Maximum Training DVD Review

As my life has continued to get more and more busy now that I am a father, I have done my best to cut my training time down in order to get accomplished exactly what I need to, maintain the results I want, and enjoy training without having to miss any more time than necessary with my little lady.

So, instead of going down there for 3-hour marathon sessions and 4-hour experimentation sessions on the weekends, most of my sessions are capped off at about 2 hours, and sometimes even shorter. By having a plan and realizing that a few awesome lifts can make up a very well-rounded program, I know exactly what I want to do for my full body strength goals and my grip strength goals and I am able to get them all down in a manageable time.

HOWEVER – don’t think that this shift from random and endless sessions, to all serious business means I don’t have fun each training session. Hell no – that isn’t the case, in fact I continue to try new things all the time.

One of the things I’ve blogged about here before is something we call Bi-Polar Lifts or Bi-Polar Training. Essentially, this type of training amounts to doing two different things at the same time with either hand. This increases the challenge level of the lift because instead of performing the same old Kettlebell Snatch, for instance, where you have activity going on in one hand only, with Bi-Polar Training, you will also have something going on in the free hand. So instead of acting like a rudder and a synergistic limb during the Snatch Movement, the off-hand is performing its own demanding work.

Benefits of Bi-Polar Training

There are so many benefits to this type of training that I could talk about it for an hour, but let me hit the high points.

1. You accomplish more work per exercise because the free hand is no longer “free.”

2. You tax your core in a different way because now both sides of the body are loaded.

3. When you go back to the basic movement, it seems easier. In this case, the free hand in the Snatch is free again.

These are just a few examples of the benefits, plus, like I said before, this kind of training is freakin’ fun. Like I said, I like doing stuff that isn’t just beneficial, but is fun and exhilarating as well.

I bet you do too.

So, it turns out, one of my buddies who I have known for a long time, Jon Bruney, put out an entire DVD that covers training very similar to my Bi-Polar Training methods, but also many other styles of training that you have probably never seen before. It’s called Velocity Maximum Training.

I have known and followed Jon through the internet, emails, IronMind’s MILO magazine, and Facebook for years. You may have seen Jon before – he is a performing Strongman and has done lots of strength and strength endurance feats and records with one of the godfathers of Grip Strength, John Brookfield.

Well, I finally got the chance to meet Jon and his partner at Submit Strength, Drew Kuespert at the Arnold Classic. I’ve interacted with these guys so much over the years (they have sponsored my Grip Contests many times) through email and other means, that it seemed like we were old training partners, because our training is very similar.

Now, what’s cool is Jon teamed up with another dude, again with very similar interests to mine, Mike Gillette, on this DVD Velocity Maximum Training and together they presented some awesome training ideas and exercises.

Here is a Highlight / Trailer video for the DVD:

Did you see the Rope Battling while holding a Kettlebell? Awesome example of Bi-Polar Training!

I know the video is short, but you can get an idea of why this DVD is called Velocity Maximum Training.

This DVD is packed with great add-in moves and finishers that you can plug right into what you are doing for awesome results. Here are some of my favorite things about the VMT Training DVD:

1. Power Slams:

There are so many explosive exercises that involve extension, but the number of exercises that train explosive flexion are much more limited. Think about all that has been written about the benefits of Triple Extension for Athletes. Jon and Mike show you how to balance all that out by doing Power Slams.

2. Rope Series

This 5 minutes of the disc completely blew away ALL of the swing drills I ever did for hip strength for developing power in my bat swing when I was younger and playing baseball. I am convinced that some of the BAD techniques I was shown by “qualified baseball coaches” did nothing but hurt my swing and are partially to blame with some of the issues I have with my back to this day. Some of these Rope Series drills will be awesome for developing power for baseball, golf, hockey, and other bat/club/stick sports.

3. Selective Tension

Mike does a great job of explaining this concept in the DVD, but it goes hand in hand with the benefits of Bi-Polar Training. Mike and Jon give you the run-down of why to do this training, they show you some examples of how to put it into action, and then you can run free with it and apply it how it will best benefit you.

4. Learn to Receive and React to Outside Forces

With many of the training examples shown in this video, the exercises will “push” you like most exercises do not, like how you are “pushed” in heavy contact sports. For instance, in conventional training, you push a weight back and forth or lift it up and down – very predictable. Sport is not predictable – it is random and forces are coming at you from all directions. You must be able to handle this forth and react to it while also maintaining your direction, balance and drive. This skill is what VMT will help you attain where conventional training means do not.

I could keep going about this DVD, because I love this type of training. This is the kind of training that we first broke out with back in 2002 and people couldn’t believe we were doing these things. It’s fun, it’s beneficial, and it works.

My suggestion is to pick up the DVD, watch it, and take notes, then try some of this stuff out.

A few important notes to be aware of when starting Velocity Maximum Training

1. You are NOT going to be able to do all of this stuff in one session unless you are (1) Crazy and (2) In extremely good shape – this training is that demanding on you.

2. This type of training should be seen as supplementary. The foundation of your training should be centered around big, multi-joint, and ground based lifts. You must develop the well-rounded strength using the basic moves. VMT is what you add into your program, or with your athletes, to take your skills as an athlete to the next level.

3. This is not Bosu Ball work or doing Squats on Swiss Balls and other things that have been labeled as “functional.” This stuff is for real. An interesting fact is that the kid who demo’d the majority of the exercises in the video (they shot it all in one day) was a seasoned college football player in outstanding shape and he said he had never gotten a workout like that before. That’s coming from a collegiate football player.

If you have any questions on Velocity Maximum Training, either email me or leave a comment and I will do my best to answer them here. Otherwise, pick up Velocity Maximum Training, here through my link. These guys were nice enough to hook me up as an affiliate.

In closing, remember this – when two equally skilled athletes go head to head, the one who is better prepared is going to win. This DVD will help you with that.

All the best in your training,


P.S. Remember – Questions – ask them below and I will come back and edit this post to answer them.

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