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Highlights from USA Powerlifting Competition


I hope you are kicking ass so hard in the gym that the PR’s are paying you to take it easy on them.

First off, I am sorry for starting the earthquake earlier this week. I was working Two Hands Pinch using some black-hat, ninja-style, Outlaw-Diesel methods of training and it accidentally slipped out of my grasp.

The weight was so tremendous that it set off a tectonic plate collision in the Richmond, Virginia area. Jay DeMayo tried to take the credit, but he is not the one to blame.

Sorry, Washington Monument

My bad about the damage to the Washington Monument. I’ve heard they’ve been looking for a reason to shut that thing down anyway, so I guess I did them a favor.

(In all seriousness, I hope everyone is safe and that damages can be taken care of soon.)

Anyway, I wanted to share a video with you guys that I took last Saturday in Scranton PA at the USA Powerlifting Nationals.

I went down to watch my buddies, Paul Tompkins and Mike Turpin compete. Paul and Mike have submitted a lot of videos to my Weekly Grip Challenge, so i wanted to go down and give them some support!

Speaking of the weekly challenge – have you entered the Classic Strongman Feats Tournament? If not, get on it!

Back to the Powerlifting Meet…here is the video…

According to Paul, he lifted 451 in the Bench, 644 in the Squat and 655 in the Deadlift, totaling 1750.

Mike got 358 in the Bench, 391 in the Squat and 557 in the Deadlift, totaling 1306. Awesome job guys.

I also wanted to mention that Mike Turpin is developing some of the nastiest forearms I’ve ever seen. He showed me his freaky Brachioradialis and I had nightmares for two straight nights. According to Mike, he has done no direct forearm work from this. It has all come from Grip Training, like Gripper work, Pinching, and lifting Hex Head Dumbbells by the Head.

So there’s yet another reason to start Grip Training if you haven’t already done so. The time under tension packs serious muscles on your lower arms!

Also, Mike told me that several months ago, Paul attempted a near-600-lb Deadlift and could get it nowhere near lockout. Judging by the fact that I watched him pull 659 with EEEEEASE, the Grip Training must be paying off.

Mind you, these guys are doing a variety of stuff. They are trying the challenges I put out each week and they are doing some other stuff on their own. Hitting the hands from multiple angles like this has improved their General Grip Strength tremendously.

Mike says he used to not be able to close a #1 Gripper, and now he is mashing the #2 each workout. Also, between his lifts and Paul’s there was about a two-hour break in the action, so Turpin, another buddy of mine, Mike Puchalski, and I went out to my car and did some work with the Vulcan-2 that I had for Puchalski. If memory serves, Mike toyed with the Level 10 like he was reading a newspaper on the toilet, and that is with the new Silver Black-Dipped Spring. AWESOME. I can’t wait to see what he can do at World’s Strongest Hands on September 10th. If you are in the neighborhood, you should come by. It is going to be a good time.

Who Wants a Vulcan 2 Gripper?

Speaking of Vulcans, I am completely sold out right now, but I am looking to get another order around. If you are interested, please post in the comments section below. The Vulcan V-2’s cost $99.

I am also looking to bring in some extra Orange Springs that are quite a bit lighter than the standard Silver Black-Dipped Springs. Also, I want to get some Thumb Screws thrown in as well.

All I am looking for is for you to post below that you are interested and I will add you to the list. Please do so as soon as possible so I can get with David Horne. This time, I am keeping one of the sets of Thumb Screws.

OK, DIESELS, that’s it for now. My new Grip Training Freak, Eric Loyd is coming over soon and we are going to work on the Vulcan, Two Hands Pinch, and maybe even try bending a horseshoe.

All the best in your training,


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8 Responses to “Highlights from USA Powerlifting Competition”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Just can you please put me down for one. Thanks, buddy!

  2. Dave Says:

    I got one from the first order, but need to pick up some chalk, since it sliding around is what is currently limiting me. Any recommendations on where to find chalk and brands?

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I use the magnesium carbonate stuff from Elite FTS. A lot of people have good things to say about climbing chalk. I will get you a link.


  4. Frank Says:

    Can I get V2? Thanks!

  5. Dan Harrell Says:

    Jedd,I would love a Vulcan V2 Gripper.I’ll be glad to pay in advance if you need.Thank you for the offer.

  6. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Awesome video, RAW lifting is a true test of strentgh!!!!

  7. Mike Turpin Says:

    Jedd, this is awesome! as far as I know, ill be there! Check my fb, posted a 172.5# two hand steel beam pinch. Also paul and I are crushing 2.5s and my 3 came friday!

    Just to let everyone know, jedd showing up was truly an honor and such motivation. Ive been battling a squat and pull hindering hip injury and a 40 pound weight drop in 2 months. I missed a squat, a bench, and my second attempt 557 pull. In no exaggeration, the reason I had anything in me for my last pull was knowing people came out to watch me succeed. This is the first time I can say, misses are just warm ups!!!

  8. Bryan Gallagher Says:

    Jedd I missed out on the first order of Vulcans so I hope you get another order soon. Please get some thumbscrews as well, they seem like a must!

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