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2010 National Championship Group


I have gotten routine questions about upcoming Grip comps. It seems that late Spring, Summer and early Fall are like the hot times for Grip Contests, so I thought I would list them here.

North American Grip Sport National Championship

This is coming up on July 16, 2011. It is normally held at my home in PA, but because of difficulties in travelling this far East, it was moved to Crooksville, Ohio, at the venue of the Gripmas Carole, home of Chris Rice.

In order to compete at Nationals, you must qualify, much the same as any National Championship in other sports. Qualification opportunities are listed below…

Qualification Chance 1:

  • Athletes in the Open Class who Total Elite: Total of 800-lbs between Grippers, Axle, and Two Hand Pinch
  • Finish in the top 3 out of 7 in your class (Novice, Open B, Open A) in a NAGS-sanctioned contest
  • Finish in the top position of your class (less than 7 competitors) in a NAGS-sanctioned contest

Qualification Chance 2:
Athletes can also qualify for Nationals by completing 3 of the following feats during the 2010 – 2011 season in NAGS-sanctioned contests. (Can occur during multiple contests)

  • 1″ Vertical Bar – 325
  • 2″ FBBC Vertical Bar – 200
  • Gripper – Close Level 13 Gold on the Vulcan or 150# Gripper Close (parallel or 20-mm Block Set or wider)
  • Bending – Grade 8×6″ bolt, Wrist Developer Level 5 Gold
  • IronMind Axle Deadlift – 325
  • Euro Two Hands Pinch – 200
  • One Hand Deadlift on Olympic / Powerlifting Bar – 250
  • 50-lb Blob to Lockout
  • Rolling Thunder – 180
  • Two 45’s Pinch to Lockout
  • Sledge Hammer – 16-lb Lever (vertical, to head, to vertical)

Qualification Chance 3:
Complete any of the following Certifications during the 2010 – 2011 Grip season

  • Certify for IronMind Captain of Crush (#3, #3.5 or #4)
  • Certify for IronMind Red Nail Roster
  • Certify as Gripboard Mash Monster (or move up the Ladder)

Qualification Chance 4:
Complete any one of the following Wild Card feats during the 2010 – 2011 season in NAGS-sanctioned contests. (multiple contests permitted)

  • Close #4 Gripper with parallel set or wider
  • Break US Record in Two Hands Pinch
  • Break US Record in 1-inch Vertical Bar (LGC Standard or FBBC Standard)
  • Break US Record in 2-inch Vertical Bar (FBBC Standard)
  • Break US Record in the Axle Deadlift

Qualification Chance 5:
Win in one of the Wild Card Weeks of the Weekly Diesel Grip Strength Challenge at The following tests of Grip Strength will be used:

  • w/o June 6 – Two Hands Pinch
  • w/o June 13 – Grippers
  • w/o June 20 – Medley Style Test (yet undecided)
  • w/o June 27 – Plateau Buster Lift

Cost for the competition is $50. The entry form can be downloaded here: Grip Nationals Entry Form.

We will have three classes this year: Elite (Total 800 between Grippers, Axle, and Two Hands Pinch), Open, and Novice (Less than one year of Grip competition)

As I have mentioned, this week’s Grip Challenge is a Wild Card qualifier for Nationals. All you have to do is win this week and you qualify for Nationals for your class.

Incidentally, if you wish to waive your Novice status, you can enter as Open, but you can not return to Novice at a later date.

Double Overhand (Pronated) Axle Deadlift

Worlds Strongest Hands 2011

Vulcan Gripper

The World’s Strongest Hands Series was first held last year, and it will be held this year again and hopefully every year!

I will hold all three legs here at my location in Wyalusing, PA (Bradford County). I strongly encourage everyone to attend all 3 Legs this year.

Two Hands Pinch Device

Here is the schedule:

Leg 1 – August 13, 20011.
Vulcan Gripper with 20mm set, 4 attempts
Two Hands Pinch, 4 attempts
Half Penny Lift, 4 attempts
Shallow Hub Lift, 4 attempts

Leg 2 – September 10, 2011
Vulcan Gripper with 30mm block set, 4 attempts
Two Hands Pinch, 4 attempts
Stub lift, 4 attempts
Half Penny Lift, 4 attempts.

Leg 3 – October 8, 2011
Vulcan Gripper with 20mm block set, 4 attempts
Two Hands Pinch, 4 attempts
Shallow Hub Lift, 4 attempts
Stub Lift, 4 attempts

Grip Topz Equipment

There will be 3 classes.
Mens open
Mens light weight (82.5 kg / 181.5 lbs and under)
Womens open

The entry fee is pretty low for each leg. It is $15 per person per leg and there is a discount if you pay more multiple legs up front ($37). No entry form for WSH.

There are multiple locations for WSH this year, so please look for one nearest you:

1. David Horne – Stafford, England
2. Juha Harju – Helsinki, Finland
3. Andrew Durniat – Wooster, Ohio, USA
4. Dave Thornton – Three Rivers, Michigan, USA
5. Jedd Johnson – Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA
6. Adam T. Glass – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
7. Dylan Scally – Dublin, Republic of Ireland
8. Derek Graybill – Tucson, Arizona, USA
9. Eric Milfeld & Paul Knight – Fort Worth, Texas, USA
10. James Grahame & Dave Stiff – Melbourne, Australia
11. Victor Onischenko – Moscow, Russia (Russia is a new addition this year – Whole new country, DIESELS!!!)

If you have any questions, please let me know with a comment below and I will get back with you. I look forward to having a full gym for each leg of the series.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


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