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Ultimate Forearm Training Testimonial

Ultimate Forearm Training Feedback

I recently got a note from a Baseball Player named Noe Saul that sent in this feedback about Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball:

    I have read all the bonuses and those by themselves are amazing products. They really add way more to the program then I expected. And as for the manual, I am completely blown away Jedd… I knew it was an amazing product to begin with but when I began to read the manual it was at a whole new level. I give this an A+ Jedd. Amazing is what I describe this product as. I really like that you have all the exercises so we can mix it up. Can we make our own circuits? Thanks a bunch Jedd this will be put to use right away.”

Noe, thanks a lot for the solid feedback, my friend!

If you haven’t picked up Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball and you are either a player or a coach, you really need to get this thing. Why?

Because it’s a literal Grip Strength Exercise ENCYCLOPEDIA.

This thing has 200 exercises in it using a variety of equipment, including Pinch Plates, Grippers, Fat Bars, Dumbbells, Barbells, Axles, Ropes, Kettlebells, Hubs, Rubber Bands, Sand Buckets, Lever Pinch Devices, and just about every other piece of equipment ever invented for training Grip.

Aside from all that, I also show you a bunch of stuff you can make on your own to train grip with as well. I know a lot of people out there don’t have a huge budget to go out and buy a crapload of Grippers and other specialized Grip training equipment. For that reason I show a bunch of Home Made Grip Training Remedies that you can make from wood, steel, and other stuff you get from the hardware store.

In the feedback above, Noe asks, “Can we make our own circuits?”

The answer is DEFINITELY!

I put together 20 workouts that can be done in their entirety or can be broken up into pieces to meet the time constraints you have in your own workout. Plus, you can pull out any exercise you don’t like or don’t have the equipment for and then plug something else in there that you prefer or DO have the equipment for.

On top of all of that, I also stuck in the book an extensive section on injury prevention and rehab. This includes tools that I have bought and used over the years to recover from injuries I have had, ways to warm-up prior to grip contests, and other things I have done. Believe me – I PUT MY HANDS THROUGH HELL and know how annoying an injury can be in the hands or lower arms, so i packed that section with good solid stuff as well.

You’ll also see that Noe talked about all of the bonuses being good enough to be products on their own. Check out the bonuses included in this unbelievable package:

    Loaded Bat Grip Training Guide: I show you how to use loaded bat training to gain grip strength without risking your mechanics.

    Tube Ball Grip Training Guide: I show you how to keep your lower arms injury free all season long using simple movements with the Tube Ball. They’re not just for rotator cuffs any more.

    Year-Round Strength Training Program Guide: I show you how to set up your year-round training program to match what else is going on in your athletic schedule without risking overtraining and maximizing your results.

    Essential Forearm Stretches for Baseball: These are the exercises I do every workout to ward off injuries from my high intensity grip training.

    20 Done-for-You Grip and Forearm Workouts: I put together 20 workouts for you so you never get board and can use them to branch off into other good solid workouts.

    8-Week Grip Training Program (Video & Print-out): This has been a bonus I have used on several products that has gotten a lot of good feedback over the last couple of years. This comes with a video that demonstrates all of the movements.

    Grip Considerations for the Bench Press: Want a big bench? Set yourself apart by doing these simple movements to increase your grip strength and the control you have over the bar. SURPRISE! These movements will translate to baseball as well.

    Medicine Ball Training Manual: Smitty put this bonus together a couple years back and it is always popular. You won’t believe the variety of Med Ball exercises Smitty shows you for core power, explosive ability and strength.

This package is loaded with value. There is no risk.

Don’t even think of it as a purchase, consider it an investment in your training going forward. And if you get it and don’t like it, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can get it here = > Forearm Strength Training for Baseball

Thanks again to Noe for that outstanding testimonial. That is why I work so hard on these products so that I can really make a solid impression with you.

All the best in your training,


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