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Serious Pinch Grip Endurance


A pretty good group of submissions this week. Many of them were very, very close in performance as well. You need to check them out.

Special recognition for Elizabeth Horne, who took on the challenge while also being 6 months pregnant!!!

Richard Manchur – 0:10

Richard has participated in many challenges. This week proved to be somewhat tough for him. The first thing I noticed was the angle of his index fingers. This is a tell-tale sign that the thickness is too wide. With narrower plates, I am sure Richard would have done better. Either way, great job Richard and thanks for competing again!

Chris Vaughn – 0:06, 0:10, 0:11

Chris, admittedly, had a hard time with this challenge, and as he pointed out after his first attempt, Strongman Training can sometimes neglect the thumbs. What’s good is that he has identified this as an issue. If he continues to work on thumb strength, I think he will see better performance on Farmer’s because his thumb will be a stronger auxiliary unit, and also even on Log performance this can make a difference in the initial row, roll, and press control. I also like that Chris gave it multiple tries. Did you notice that he got better every single time – 6, 10 and 11 seconds! Remember, the performance of the lower arms is very neurally dependent. As Chris’s hands got more used to this test of strength, his performance went up, most likely through neural learning! I encourage others to do this and see if it helps your performance in these challenges! Great job bro.

Josh McIntyre 0:50

Unfortunately, Josh got distracted right in the middle of this event this week, as some evil chick walked between him and the camera. As he speed-swiveled his head to see who could be so disrespectful as to walk in front of the camera while the Diesel Grip Challenge was going on, he must have subluxed something in his cervical spine because instantly the plates started slipping. Let’s hope he recovers quickly, DIESELS!

Mike Turpin – 0:53

I look forward to Mike’s videos every week. Last week he was introduced by a face he had drawn on his hand. This week, he performed the sickest stare-down on a camera I’ve seen since Meng was wrestling on mid-90’s WCW! Awesome bro.

Darren Shallman – 0:53

Darren has sent in a bunch of submissions and you can really tell that he is going to be a very well-rounded Grip Sport Competitor. He has told me that he plans on attending all three legs of the World Series of Grip 2011 at Dave Thornton’s Iron Grip Palace in Michigan, so I am really looking forward to see how he makes out. Good luck, bud!

Paul Tompkins – 0:56

Paul is right up there near the top every week. His background is in powerlifting and Olympic lifting. It’s great to watch him give it his all every time he sends in a submission. Keep it up, buddy!

Elizabeth Horne – 1:04

Outstanding, performance, Elizabeth! Guys, if you don’t know of Elizabeth, she is the top Women’s competitor in the world. Every once in a while she pops up on the scene doing something incredible for anyone, not just for performance by women – for anybody. Great job and thanks!

Mike Rojas – 1:05

Mike turned me on to this challenge a couple of weeks back when he posted on his Facebook a picture of him doing this with the Legion of Grip shirt on. He used a couple of very thick 45’s for this which makes this challenge even tougher! Good job bro.

Jason Alley – 1:13

Jason trains with a group of dudes in the mornings and every week they do their own little Grip Challenge. I am hoping some of the other guys throw their hat into the ring for some off the upcoming challenges. Good job, Jason!

Scott Goguen – 1:19

Scott says he has been following the site for a couple of years now and has found Grip Training to be something he wants to continue to pursue. He did a damn good job with the medley a couple weeks back, one hand deadlift last week and he was very strong this week as well. Great job Scott!

Ken Theissen – 1:34

I have been following Ken for quite some time, especially for his impressive mace swinging feats. Dude is very strong. I would love to see this compete in a contest sometime – you can just tell he is an athlete to the core!

Thanks again everybody and congrats to Ken Theissen on his win this week – awesome job!

Check back soon for next week’s challenge!

All the best,


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4 Responses to “Serious Pinch Grip Endurance”

  1. Ken Theissen Says:

    Thanks, Jedd… I’m real motivated by all these awesome grip video’s on Diesel!!! From them I discovered a weakness in my own grip I was never aware of.. the thumb. Keep up this awesome site and work.. it’s very motivational. Also, it’s great to come across other people that live a training, strength n fitness lifestyle. Thanks again for choosing me this week.


  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Keep it up, buddy!

  3. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Awesome job everybody. Elizabeth Horne! Wow! That was humbling. Congrats to all, on to the next!

  4. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Lol yeah Jedd, thats why I looked.

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