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TUF 8 Finale – Watch Tom Lawlor!!!

As many of you know I have been training Tom for his upcoming bout on Saturday for the TUF 8 finale card.  Tom is an insane athlete and he has been blowing through his strength regimen with a fury.  Tom is also very humble and has been very receptive to my program.

Watch the finale on Saturday and cheer for Tom!

I am also thinking about making Tom’s MMA protocol a small ebook for a small fee if there is interest.

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4 Responses to “TUF 8 Finale – Watch Tom Lawlor!!!”

  1. Kory Says:


    I would be very interested to see how you created a comprehensive program for a professional MMA fighter that has proven effective.

    Great work Tom and Smitty. Athlete and Coach are a team and you guys have done it right.


  2. John Says:

    So would I, it would also be cool if you gave alternative exercises that could be doen in a regular gym setting.

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Actually most of Tom’s training was in a commercial gym. That means his program was written with exercises that he could do with the equipment available to him.

  4. Bobby Delos Santos Says:

    Im interested!
    Loving Blunt Force Trauma and Combat Core!!!

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