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Trip to the Underground

This weekend we went to the Underground Strength Gym to Zach Even Esh’s Strength Gathering, and we have a great time. Our group was huge, piling into two SUV’s in order to get down there: Smitty, Joe Hashey, Brad, Eli, Brian, Joe and me.

Friday night was the gathering, which saw many a strtength challenge go down. When we arrived, Zach was finishing up his last group of clients, who were performing Bulgarian Split Squats, kettlebell work, and rope climbing work. During this time, we began changing into workout clothes and warming up. Once the trainees were done with their program, we moved in and got the strength challenges started.

The first challenge of the night was the weighted dip challenge. This involved looping chains over the neck and shoulders and performing dips with as much weight as possible. Zach, some of his trainees, Smitty, Brad, Eli and even AJ Roberts, guest speaker for the following day took part in the challenge. AJ, at over 300 pounds completed a dip with 12 chains added. At 20 lbs apiece, that’s a dip of over 500 pounds!

Zach has a nice collection of good 45 hub plates. One set is a straight-angled hub while the other is a set of York plates with the tapered hub. Both sets were very challenging to lift, but Brad took the title on this one, clean-and-pressing them, snatching them, and curling them for multiple reps.

We busted out the adjustable two hands pinch apparatus for everyone to try. I didn’t figure anyone besides Brad, Eli, and me to get near the 200 pound mark since this was the first time seeing the implement for most of the guys who tried it, but AJ Roberts pulled 195 pounds on it at 44 millimeters. Outstanding!

The highlight of the night for me was working on Zach’s 150 pound globe dumbbells. Hashey, Eli and I were all able to one-hand snatch it. It took me about a half dozen tries, but by the end of the night i was able to hit it for a double.

Friday was a great night of training and Saturday’s seminar was terrific as well. I really appreciate Zach having us down. It’s been a long time since we went to a strength gathering like this where I could go all out while still fresh. Normally when I get the chance to go all out on feats like this, I have just finished a full grip contest and am already destroyed, both mentally and physically.

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5 Responses to “Trip to the Underground”

  1. thefightgeek Says:

    I’m jealous ;P

    Those 150 pound globe dumbbells sound cool!


  2. zach even - esh Says:

    this was the time of our life and the great lifters of the past were looking down on us with smiles on their faces.

    thanks for making the trip, was an amazing time that I cant describe w/words!

  3. Joe Hashey Says:

    Awesome day, can’t say anymore about it!

  4. B-rad Nelson Says:

    This would have been kick ass. Tell Zach to hold this again and Adam Glass and I will make the trek.


  5. brad martin Says:

    I had a really great time. Doesnt get much better than hanging out with good friends and lifting heavy weights.

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