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Trip to the Arnold 2013 – Documentary

Arnold Sports Festival 2013

In 2004, my friend Rick Walker suggested I come to the Arnold Sports Festival, and it was one of the best experienced of my life in the way of the Iron Game. Since then I have been to it almost every single year.

Rick Walker, Don Pope, Me – Sept. 2005

What is the Arnold???

“The Arnold,” as it has often come to be called is like a smorgasbord of Iron and Sports. What started out with an emphasis on bodybuilding many years ago, has developed into THE WEEKEND for strength enthusiasts and lovers of the Iron Game.

Over the course of the weekend, countless sports take place there. All off the lifting sports are represented – Powerlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, Kettlebell, Olympic Lifting…even Grip Sport is featured on the main stage every year now.

Plus, other well-known sports run throughout the weekend, including various Martials Arts and Wrestling-based sports, Fencing, Table Tennis and more.


Finally, I Did It…

This year, I finally did what I’ve wanted to do for several years – shoot a documentary of the trip and share it with everyone who comes to my website.

The main idea behind this documentary was to increase the awareness of Grip Sport and Feats of Strength. However, along the way, we also had a lot of fun and I think there are parts in here that are absolutely hysterical.

The documentary isn’t just about me, it also contains my friends, Paul Knight, Chris Dezendorf, and JT Straussner. It’s just an old road trip – 4 dudes busting on one another, playing tricks on one another and having a great time enjoying a small vacation, if you will.

Aside from documenting the trip, though, I was also able to accomplish some pretty cool things during the shooting of this DVD. First off, the documentary lets you get to know Paul Knight a bit better. Paul has one of the strongest crushing grips in the world, and possibly the best crush in the United States, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time on-line, so many people do not get the chance to learn much about him or find out just how smart and analytical he is about training.

Another cool part of the weekend that I got on film was a look into the mental side of bending from Paul Knight and J.T. Straussner. These guys are a couple of the best when it comes to all around steel bending. You’ll learn about the mental process these guys go through, how they use visualization in their training, and how they deal with failure if they miss a bar.

How to Watch the Documentary

What’s cool is you can view this documentary completely free of charge. All you have to do is add your email address to the box below and I will send you the link to view it.

If you try to sign up and you get a message that you are already signed up, then that means I have already sent you the link to the page housing all the videos. Just check your inbox for a message from me.

For now, here is a little teaser of what is included in the documentary.

Arnold 2013 Teaser


Isaiah Hubert: “Cool documentary Jedd. I liked the group dynamic and the grip conversations.”

Be sure to sign up. For a documentary shot with no outline or plan of progression, I think it is the perfect balance of entertainment, documentation of a very cool event, the Arnold, and learning points you can apply to your training.

Have fun!

Jedd Johnson

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3 Responses to “Trip to the Arnold 2013 – Documentary”

  1. Matt G Says:

    Documentary sounds interesting. Thanks for putting in all the effort for recording it and then posting it here for us.

  2. Rick Walker Says:

    Pretty funny. Paul had one tied on at the bar! I was laughing at the dude weighing himself in his towel…

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Did you check it out? How did you like it?

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