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Muscle-up Update

I wanted to update everybody on my progress with Muscle-ups.

In January I put up a post showing how I was doing with muscle-up training at the time. You all gave me a great bunch of suggestions on how to train to get the Muscle-up DONE.

Here’s the original post with all of your comments: Muscle-up Tips.  If YOU are thinking about training to do a muscle-up, I suggest you check the comments out on that post.  They are awesome and have tons of good tips.

I really appreciate everybody’s assistance with this goal of mine.


The truth is I couldn’t train the muscle-up too much over the last few weeks because I was having intense pain in both biceps. That might have come from doing over 20 attempts on the muscle-ups last time…

Well, after doing quite a bit of stretching and extra recovery stuff for my biceps, I was finally able to try them again.

Two weeks ago on my upper body pull day, I did a ton of weighted pull-ups and dead-hang explosive pull-ups, as well as climbing pull-ups which have felt awesome.

So last week, since my biceps were feeling pretty good, I tried muscle-ups again, but this time, I limited it to much fewer sets and attempts so I don’t strain my biceps again.

Here’s the video. I got much closer this time and it felt much different without jumping into it.

One thing I forgot to try this time was the narrower grip. I started off with the wide grip and then remembered to try it narrower and it felt pretty good so the next time, I am going to try to remember to start out narrow.

Looking forward to trying some top-down training now that my biceps are healed up as well as modifying the starting height.

If you see anything I’m doing wrong with this non-jumping technique, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Thanks again for your help, everybody.

Even though the results of my hard work are coming slowly, I am really enjoying the journey on the way to my destination. Thanks again for all the help everyone has offered to me.

Keep up the good work in your training.



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10 Responses to “Muscle-up Update”

  1. Walter Says:


    Keep workin on it, you’re getting closer!

    Yeah, I think the closer grip would help too.

    If you like dirt bike riding you might like to check out some pics on my blog at

    Keep crankin’ Jedd!


  2. Njama Says:

    you are gettin closer (duh)and the closer grip just may be the key. I look at it like a powerful clean, about shoulder width for the hands so not to strain the wrist but good form… you may even discover some new muscle growth, becoming more of a beast!

  3. Goody Says:

    Looking good, Jedd!

  4. Jedd Says:

    Thanks guys. I plan on hitting them again this coming week, so I hope to have some good news for you!

    Thanks for the support.


  5. Dominik Says:

    looking very good jedd! you are close to it, that is for sure. because your transition from pull to dip looks good, you only need more lockout strength on the top! but it is more a technical thing. you are very close!

    keep up the good work bro,


  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Dominik!
    -Jedd- (signed in as Smitty)

  7. Sam Says:

    I just learned how to do muscle ups a few weeks ago. What I noticed helped me finish the lockout was pulling my body up and away from the bar so you have some space at the top of the pullup position which helps when you transition over the bar.
    Also the closer grip seems to help.

    Good luck

  8. Jack Says:

    Looking good! I’m having the same problem too. Two questions for anyone out there: 1. should your grip be loose so you flip the wrist over the bar? 2. Do you look up at the bar or ahead?


  9. Kidafi Says:

    Hey man!
    I don’t know if you got it as yet but if not just keep at it. You are so close..I got mine about a week ago after trying off and on for about 6 months..
    What did it for me was kipping into it at the correct moment. Also mentally focus on pulling hard and continuous to the waist. Don’t focus too much on the kip as it comes kinda natural as you pull hard to the waist. It seems like you are kipping a split second before you pull. Focus mentally on the pull and the kip will come in coordination..
    Good luck…

  10. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement brother!

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