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Training at John Alvino’s Part II

Here is some more footage of us training at John Alvino’s after the first day of the Fast Track event.

In this clip, we’ve got one-arm snatches, kettlebell flipping, and floor presses.

That was a lot of fun training in that gym, and we’ve got a lot more planned for this weekend!

On Thursday, I’ll be meeting up with Dan Cenidoza for a crazy Grip strength workout the night before the Juniata Clinic starts. You can be we’ll be tearing cards and bending nails along with other grip stuff for a couple of hours.

After the training, then we will eat. Dan follows the warrior diet and only eats dinners! He eats nothing all day long and then drops a huge bomb at the dinner table.

He starts everything with a bunch of vegetables, then a salad, then the main course which is usually steak, and then follows everything up with more vegetables. The dude eats like a freaking machine!

It’s going to be a great time this weekend. Speaking, meeting new strength coaches, catching up with old ones, training, and watching Dan eat.

All the best in your training,


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