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Cool Video – Important Lessons

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I don’t usually comment on videos for many reasons (everyone thinks their opinion is so important for others to hear haha).   When in fact, no one cares.

But sometimes I can’t help myself.  Because sometimes videos move me.  They validate many of my own opinions and I truly appreciate originality.  Something that has been lost in the fitness industry.

I mean tons of people have stolen my stuff.  Should I be flattered or enraged?  Or should I put my head down and continue to put out solid content focusing on trying to help as many people as I can?

I chose the latter.

So what is in this video?

As you watch it, you will see many important training as it applies to athletics.

Let’s review.

Top 6 Key Athletic Strength Training Tips

As seen in the San Diego State Football Training Video

Tip 1

Be Chaotic – in the video you see the training where the players were pulling against each other with a tire in between them. Watch that part again. Do you see the articulations of every joint? Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, etc… Do you get that same absorption, the same stresses, the same power output with patterned agility drills? How about with a speed ladder? I don’t think so. Sport is chaotic, and a chaotic environment can be created safety in training to bridge the gap between GPP and SPP – Check out this article I wrote years ago.

Tip 2

The Switch – In my Chaos Manual I talk at length about the Switch.  The Switch is where an athlete engages in sports that continue to develop similar physiological and metabolic adaptations for their primary sport by engaging in different sports.   In the video the football players are on a wrestling mat performing dragging drills and wrestling drills.  This is so important when trying to develop a more comprehensive, broader athletic foundation.  Coaches, look toward other sports to better assist your athletes.  Here’s another from the Chaos Manual, have your football kickers perform martial arts in the off season  to improve their flexibility and kicking power!

Tip 3

Unilateral Training – Most athletic strength programs incorporate bilateral squatting movements.  But very few incorporate overloaded unilateral lower body movements (in the video you’ll see unilateral glute bridging and barbell step-ups).  Life and sport happen unilaterally.  Remember that.  Also, you will improve overall movement and the strength and stability of the ankles, knees and hips with unilateral training.  And don’t forget the implications to the athlete’s ability to stabilize their torso, ie. core strength.  Stabilizing in the sagittal plane is completely different than stabilizing in the frontal plane.

Tip 4

Sandbag Training – This is group under odd object training. Why?  Because the implement and its subsequent center of mass (COM) is not fixed.  The athlete must make real-time adjustments while lifting the weight.  This has a very important carryover to the athlete’s ability to stabilize, especially under fatigue.  Check out more odd object training here.

Tip 5

Intensity – You either have it or you don’t.  If you don’t have it you will get eaten.  You better bring it everytime you step in the weightroom and everytime you step on the field.  Because everyone can be ordinary.  Everyone can be average.  Everyone can be forgotten.  Make your mark, be the leader, get shit done.

Tip 6

Posterior Work for the Shoulders – The body must be balanced.  The force couples must be balanced.  The posterior musculature of the shoulder and upper back must be a priority in your training.  It has to be.  Never forget its importance.  Because when you do, it will get you.  Exercises like push-up pluses, band pull-aparts, retractions, diesel face pulls and all the stuff in the best shoulder rehab video on the net – should be done frequently.




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12 Responses to “Cool Video – Important Lessons”

  1. zach even - esh Says:

    awesome vid smitty, thnx 4 sharin, will call u manana!

    show peeps how we roll!

  2. Barry Gibson Says:

    Awesome work Smitty – some cool drills!!! They’re absolute beasts

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Shane and Barry, did both of you get the newsletter last night? We were trying some changes, just needed to confirm if it went through?

    Thanks for the comments!


  4. Shane Says:

    Yeah I got it the email. I got one on the 1st, too.

  5. Barry Gibson Says:

    Yeah man I got it too. Thanks!!

  6. Niel Says:

    Sweet video. Tip #3’s always important.

    I remember Bill Hartman once saying unilateral training should also be applied to the upper body as well.

  7. Dave Hedges Says:

    Very cool video, I just finished training and want to get back out now after watching it!!

    Great tips:
    Tip 3 – Absolutely – so many of my guys have benefitted so much when they came to me and I gave them unilateral leg work, they all moaned at the start but thanked me later. My fighters also do al lot of unilateral upper body (kettlebell clean & jerk and get ups rule!)
    Tip 5 – without a doubt!
    Tip 6 – Probably should have been number 1. It’s that important and so often overlooked. Want to train into your old age? gotta look after the upper back.

    Thanks Diesel

  8. Jerry Shreck Says:


    Great post! I always take it as a compliment when I see other coaches using something I showed them. Hell I steal from everyone; but I do like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks guys for letting me steal and use some of your thoughts and training ideals!

  9. Jim Smith Says:

    Got to give the respect to get the respect Jerry. That is how it works. Thanks for being a good friend.

  10. Jim Smith Says:

    All good points Dave, thanks for adding to the discussion!

  11. Spida Hunter Says:

    Bro, like you I don’t comment but this is a emotion mover from a S & C point of view espcially after reading your Tips!! Make shit happen, from the kiwi down under!!

  12. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Spida!

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