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Top 5 Social Media Sites for Strength Training & Weightlifters


Being a weightlifter is not just a hobby, but a way of life. There are many people that have turned their passion for exercise into a full time job through extensive strength training, which in turn has delivered some amazing weightlifting results. The profession and hobby of bodybuilding has grown into something truly amazing and finding sites where like-minded individuals can chat with each other can be extremely helpful. Here we look at the top sites for individuals who are interested in body building or who wish to find some excellent regimens. This is one hobby that has quickly turned into a phenomenon through the social media world.

Strength Training In Social Media – 5 Top Sites

1. Body Building – This is not just your regular old social networking site—it’s dedicated to the body building experts of the world. You can find workouts here, network with other body builders, or just learn some new trends. You are sure to pick up some great tips and new workouts to add to your regimen and increase your body building efforts.

2. Muscle Talk – If you are looking for the forums of all forums dedicated to the body building professional, then this is it. Muscle Talk is a popular social networking site that began in the United Kingdom but has quickly gained a worldwide following. This social media site allows you to talk to all sorts of other strength training experts and get some excellent ideas and tips to improve upon your own workouts.

3. T Muscle – This is the glitz and glamour of the social networking world when it comes to body builders everywhere. Through the “My Magnum” feature within this site, you are introduced to every type of body builder from just about anywhere in the world. You can even blog about your own experiences or learn about how others are achieving their strength training goals by chatting with them on this site. This has some excellent features and amongst some of the pizzazz of the site you can meet some really helpful strength training experts.

4. FBB Fan – If you are a woman body builder or involved in the sport at all, then this is where you need to be. This site is dedicated to the entire sport of female bodybuilding and all that surrounds it. You can meet champions and experts from across the industry or even learn how to get your start within the sport of body building for women. You can find workout regimens or simply learn the new trends or information about the industry.

5. Facebook – Facebook isn’t just for the teeny bopper set, and in fact it is a much more adult community than other sites, like MySpace, thanks to its growing popularity with people aged thirty and over (one of the site’s fastest growing segments); it can be an excellent social media site for body builders to meet others within their sport or profession. This is an excellent site to find great resources or talk to others that share the same interest or passion as you; there are even some great applications on the site that can help you to create specified workouts to fit your body building needs.

The web is alive with excellent bodybuilding and strength-training resources (this blog included!), and thanks to that fact bodybuilding and strength training is growing in both popularity and effectiveness by the day. These sites are just 5 great resources to jump-start you to bigger and better results!

Mary Ward is a blogger who enjoys writing about medical career topics, such as how to get a masters in health administration, job and education tips, and more.

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