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Top 5 Celebrity Workouts – Celebs Building Muscle

I’ve been noticing a bunch of celebrity pics around the internet showing them training, building muscle and killing pink weights and wearing ipod arm bands.

Here are my top 5 Fittest Celebrities.

HELP!  I need your opinion, leave your top choices for fittest celebs and I will profile them in the next installment.

Matthew Mcconaughey


Matt is pretty ripped up and I always see him doing tons of bodyweight stuff.  It is a testament to bodyweight training and good nutrition.

Now for some reason my wife loves Matthew, but I don’t see it?  I mean, after EdTV I just couldn’t watch him again.  Well, maybe that one movie with him and Goldie Hawn’s daughter, she’s hot.  Plus, I’ve always thought his arms were a little too short and he reminded me of a velociraptor.


Lance Armstrong

celebrity fitness build muscle

What else can you say about Lance?  Elite athlete, cancer survivor and just a type A personality.  He does not do anything half way.  He either wants to be the best at whatever he does or just be relentless trying to be the best.

Here is Lance killing some kettlebells.  I wonder if he has the Diesel KB ebooks?  I’m sure he does, remember I said he wants to be the best 🙂

Plus, he dated Goldie Hawn’s daughter!

Jessica Biel


Ah…do I need to say anything about Jessica.  Dat chick is smoking with probably the best body in Hollywood.  If there is a better body, leave a comment with your favorite.  Lots of medicine ball work and full range bodyweight movements and light dumbbell work.  I’ve also seen her hitting intervals and basic agility movements at the track.


Mike Tyson


Now when I say Mike Tyson, I’m talking about old Mike Tyson.  The ferocious, “my defense is impregnable” Mike Tyson.  You remember those old workouts of him in the thermal tops and bottoms, hitting the heavy bag so freaking hard and moving so explosively?  I had never seen power like that before.

Ryan Reynolds


That dude was jacked in Blade 3, plus he’s married to Scarlett Johansson.  Got’s to give him props.  Now, he’s not as dreamy as Joe Jonas but I guess Scarlett settled anyway.  From what I’ve read he did 100’s of crunches each workout.  Now we all know that the abdominals are like any other muscle group and require progressive overload.  1000 crunches does not a six pack make – training plus good nutrition does.   He also did body part training, ie. chest day, back day, arm day, etc.  A more efficient use of his time would have been an upper / lower split as described in AMD.  He even admitted by the time the movie was over he was sick of working out.  That is what working out almost every day of the week does to you.  With a high intensity upper / lower split  you will have a better workout and not have to spend hours in the gym.

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19 Responses to “Top 5 Celebrity Workouts – Celebs Building Muscle”

  1. Adam Says:

    Great read!
    And your 100% right about Jessica Biel!

    What other celebrities did you consider? Dwayne ‘Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham could be serious contenders..they both keep jacked all year round!

  2. Matty Holmes Says:

    Ryan Reynolds for sure , hes not just ripped but jacked!

  3. Mark Raynsford Says:

    Spot on! Check out the body on Lance Armstrong! Not bad for someone who “just rides a bike” !!!

    P.S. Loving the AMD prog!! 🙂

  4. Spida Hunter Says:

    bro, that pic of Lance is the shiz!! I like your comments around Iron Mike (the old mike) as he was something “special” when it came to raw power with cat like fluidity!!

    I pay more attention to the guy celeb’s body’s then the girls i.e. I’ll look at Jason Statham body and think shit he ripping it up at the moment then look on if he proportionate with the rest of him etc…

    So Lance, Mike are my pics!

  5. Ryan Says:

    Melanie Brooks? I think thats “Scary Spice” from the Spice Girls. She’s smokin hot.

  6. Goody Says:

    FYI – Goldie Hawn’s daughter: Kate Hudson.

    Couldn’t agree more on Jessica Biel! H-O-T

  7. David Elentukh Says:

    Westly snipes is pretty damn jacked, Selvester Stalone, Hugh Jackman, James Bond,John Cena, Jackie Chan, Jet Li is an all time favorite

  8. David Elentukh Says:

    Note new James Bond is much bigger then the old ones, Daniel Craig really went all out.

  9. keith Fine Says:

    My vote goes to Ryan,but wheres Hugh Jackman ,Jason Statham, Daniel Craig

  10. Rick Walker Says:

    Some you missed:

    Brad Pitt in either Fight Club, Snatch, or Troy.

    Edward Norton in American History X.

    Gerald Butler in 300.

  11. tianshun Says:

    i tink u shud take a look at bruce lee with his back muscles..

  12. sloth Says:

    Ms Biel is hot, but have you seen Jennifer Aniston in her latest movie, “Marely & Me”. Damn!! looking very hot.

  13. Mark Says:

    I would defiantly like to know about Lance Armstrong training. He’s strength training he does to compliment his bike training.

  14. renaud Says:

    and what about will smith?

  15. Tom Says:

    Mike Tyson gets my vote i mean seriously his body was insane in his prime

  16. derek Says:

    you forgot jason statham!

  17. King Lance Says:

    There’s no doubt in my Lance is the best athlete in the entire world and an example to all of us.

  18. Mike Says:

    Jessica Alba is smoking hot

  19. jake Says:

    you may want to consider taking armstrong off of that list!

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