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Top 10 Videos of 2013 Countdown

Happy New Year, Diesels!

Today, I have the Top 5 videos of 2013.

1. Fix Elbow Pain with Tricep Work? – 4143 Views

I don’t know how many people are bothered by high forearm and elbow pain, but I do know that it is WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. Earlier this year, I learned that one possible cause of this, or a factor that contributes to it, is tight triceps, so I began stretching my triceps more as a preventive measure and shot this video to help out others who are having pain in the forearms and elbow areas as well.

If you are still dealing with high forearm and elbow pain, then get Fixing Elbow Pain today. This program has helped hundreds of people get rid of this annoying, nagging pain.

2. Prevent Elbow Pain with 5 Minute Warm-up – 3844 Views

One of my favorite warm-up methods for preventing elbow pain is a few quick trips through some easy and lightly advanced speed bag strikes. It gets blood flowing through the arms and elbows which helps lubricate the area prior to heavy lifting. BUT, if you don’t have a speed bag or know how to hit it, that is no problem at all. In this video, I show you a similar drill that gets it done just as well.

This year, I will be putting out a product on how to hit the speed bag. If you want to learn, be sure to add your email into the box below:

3. Get Bigger Shoulders | Kneeling Landmine Press – 2525 Views

In the dog days of Summer 2013, I was brainstorming ways to build my front delts a bit more, when all of a sudden I saw an article by Tony Gentilcore covering the Kneeling Landmine Press. I thought it was perfect – emphasizing the anterior delts a bit more, plus it is a pressing movement, which I love, and not just another version of a front raise. I have hit this lift on a weekly to bi-weekly basis since then and love them.

Here’s the original article: Get Stronger Shoulders and Bigger Front Delts

4. Misses Are Just Warm-ups | Old School York Pinch – 2389 Views

One of the feats I have been chasing for years is pinching two Old School York 45-lb Plates with one hand. These beasts are about 4 inches thick, the edges are rounded, and only 3 or 4 people have been documented as completing it, so I am happy to be one of the few you can count on one hand to have done it.

Here’s the original post from April of 2012, where I talk about my focus on this feat: Old School York Pinch

5. What is the Inch Dumbbell – The Full Explanation of its Challenge – 2037 Views

The Inch Dumbbell is a classic grip challenge. It is well recognized within the Grip Community as one of the true tests of Grip Might. In this video I cover everything you need to know about it, its history, what makes it hard, and why it is so awesome.

Want an Inch Dumbbell? Contact me for pricing. Also, keep you eyes open for a product on the Inch coming this year.

That rounds out the Top 10 Videos of 2013. Had you already watched them? Were there any you forgot about or missed? What was your favorite on the list? Were there any that you were surprised that did not make the list from 2013?

Add a comment below.

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Have a great year!


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