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Tom Lawlor Training

The Ultimate Fighter finale is almost here!  My boy Tom Lawlor will be fighting on the card on Dec 13th.  Check out this video that shows Tom hitting a strength training workout and giving a quick tour of a new MMA gym down in Florida.

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7 Responses to “Tom Lawlor Training”

  1. Steven Mosley Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for keeping the MMA conditioning information fresh. Best wishes!

  2. Mike Says:

    I was sad to see the drug image and thug music in this video. I have always sent my athlete’s to this site knowing it was a positive thing. I hope you guys are more careful about the negitive images in this video in the future. The Diesel crew has worked hard to bring great stuff to a hugry public. I hope this is a one time thing!

  3. Tom Lawlor Says:

    This comment should be directed towards me I suppose, not necessarily the Diesel Crew.

    The “drug image” is actually a hemp protein company that has worked out a product sponsorship with me. As far as I know (pending my NSAC blood test), the product does not contain marijuana…just hemp. I assume their marketing company is targeting a different demographic than most, but their product so far has been tasty enough that I go back for more.

    As for the music…..not everyone can be pleased, and if you do not like the music, I am sorry. I am of the attitude that if you don’t like some music, don’t listen to it! Some people get pumped up to opera music, and some people just don’t.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    I actually did see it was a hemp protein company and of course, everyone’s music preferences are their own.

  5. Tom Lawlor Says:

    In the future, when I make videos….I will do my best not only to make sure the editing is better, but also to make sure the music is a bit more appropriate for all ages=)

  6. Frank Says:

    I’m a big fan of Diesel Crew, MMA, & CrossFit (as many people are)and it is very difficult to find a fit for everyone as far as music goes.
    I watch most videos with the sound off most of the time anyway, I can still gain the training insights, though.
    The drug image doesn’t promote elite athleticism, but it sounds like that will be handled by Tom.
    Tom, best of success with your upcoming fights.

  7. Mike Says:

    Hi guys! Thanks tom! That is what I was hoping for. Jim is right every one is entitled to their own opion. But I had hoped for a more responsible attitude given he runs the site. I to am a big fan and the content has been a big reason why. I coach and have no proublem turning kids on to the crew.

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