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Tire Flipping Modification

Most strength coaches teach tire flipping all wrong!

Are you in this group?

Do you tell your athletes to get real close to the tire, setup in a deadlift stance and lift.


You are immediately in a mechanical disadvantage, especially with a larger tire. To improve leg drive and explosiveness you have to setup with your feet and hips back and assume a posture at about a 45 degree incline.  If you are too close, after the initial lift, you’ll be fighting with the tire on your knee and with your biceps in a bad position.  Watch the pros, their hips are back and they drive the tire with their chest, not lift straight up.

Do you tell your athlete to lift straight up?


You have to drive through the tire with your chest, not lift with your arms. That is the first step in tearing or irritating your biceps.  And this will not work with a larger tire.  Your arms should be straight and with no degree of flexion.  You will get away with it with a smaller (lighter) tire, but you should drill good form so that as you progress to larger tires, you don’t run into problems.



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  1. thefightgeek Says:

    I’m really looking forward to the video on this.

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean, so a video should clear it up.


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