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Time to Vote Diesels!


We need your votes. Who has the best video? Who did the best job with 185-lbs in the One-Hand Deadlift?

Please leave a comment below. One vote per I.P. address, please

Carlos Rodriguez

Richard Manchur

Darrin Shallman

Josh McIntyre

Gene Pires

Johan Nederhof

Have a great weekend, and all the best in your training!


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32 Responses to “Time to Vote Diesels!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Josh Macintyre….was there any doubt? Dudes an animal!

  2. Todd Coenen Says:

    Josh McIntyre all the way. Those were some monster lifts!!!!!!

  3. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Richard manchur for the dedication, in a tie. Great job everyone

  4. Big Mike Says:

    Josh McIntyre for sure. Sick lifts

  5. Richard Manchur Says:

    As much as I want to vote for myself…I am going to have to vote for Josh McIntyre. Awesome job!

  6. Angela Says:

    Oh I didn’t put the whole add in the first time. But i’m voting for Richard Manchur.

  7. Debbie Haas Says:

    Richard Manchur – wins for best dressed as well!

  8. Tko Says:

    Richard manchur. Anyone dedicated enough to do the lift in a dress shirt, tie, and his name badge deserves my vote.

  9. Jane Gribble Says:

    McIntyre, awesome as usual!

  10. Ryan Says:

    Richard. The dedication in a suit wins it.

  11. Jason Brown Says:

    Richard Manchur for doing it in dress clothes! Well done, second place definitely Josh McIntyre for busting a ton out.

  12. Kylee Hill Says:

    I vote for Richard Manchur, love a man in a tie!

  13. Christine Leander Says:

    Ummmmm, yeah….Josh McIntyre!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kathryn Stiles Says:

    Richard Manchur!!

  15. Mary Kaye Manchur Says:

    I vote for Richard Manchur!!!!

  16. Istto Says:

    McIntyre. Of course.

  17. gene pires Says:

    what, did walmart kick them out of their store? Josh again.

  18. Rocco Poliseo Says:

    Josh McIntyre he is a Demi God!

  19. Laura C. Says:

    My vote is for Josh McIntyre!!

  20. jen viquez Says:

    josh myintyre all the way!!! he always has the best lifts

  21. jermaine propane Says:

    Dat nigga josh iz a beast, yo! How much the du-rag?

  22. Jason Steeves Says:

    Josh dominated the lift.

  23. Johan Nederhof Says:

    Josh was the better lifter, but I take an A for effort 🙂

  24. Jason Andrew Says:

    Josh, hands down.

  25. Karen M Says:

    Josh McIntyre his strength is amazing!

  26. PC Says:

    I go with McIntyre. Multiples, both sides….Richard gets honorable mention for adding the fashion sense aspect 🙂

  27. John S Says:

    Josh rocked, but my vote is for the tie/Richard.

  28. Jared Says:

    Richard Manchur, proving that his shirt is truely wrinkle free material…

  29. Peter Hellman Says:

    Josh McIntyre is one strong ox!
    Derek poundstone better watch out!

  30. Kim Says:

    Richard Manchur ROCKSSSSS!!!!!

  31. Michael Doran Says:

    Darrin Shallman wins by virtue of actually performing the challenge as presented by Jedd. The challenge was 185lbs.
    Props to Josh for sheer display of strength.

  32. Christina Says:

    Richard rocks! He gets my vote!

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