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Time to Get JACKED!

There is some great training going on in this training video. But there is also some very bad technique. Wrestlers require intensity and explosive training protocols, but you can still adhere to good technique.

Chime in with your suggestions and recommendations for the US Olympic wrestlers in this video.

Men’s Freestyle Olympic Training Camp

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7 Responses to “Time to Get JACKED!”

  1. Jordan Vezina Says:

    Yeah, that’s a problem. I’m sure they’ll do well for themselves in the present, but based upon this video some of them won’t be wrestling for long. The blond guy… man…
    You nailed it, there’s no reason you can’t train intensely with proper form.
    When you’re training someone intensely it’s easy as a coach to get ‘tunnel vision’ and not notice the alignment issues right in your face. In my opinion they need fewer exercises properly performed. Some coaches might think it sucks up too much time to really drill in technique, but you’ll make it up in fewer injuries.

  2. Will Says:

    Great intensity by these guys, but these guys need more wrist flexibility and I thought i’d see some sand bags and crazy grip strength displayed but I didn’t. Or at least KB drills.

  3. Max Shank Says:

    A for effort, but…
    the unfortunate thing is that people will see this as “sport specific,” when it is really supposed to be strength training, and it isn’t even that. It looks like a novice strength routine on crack with half ROM and poor technique. Thumbs down.

  4. Cj Swaby Says:

    Jordan Vezina was spot on in his post on the 20th July. Sports specific training should prepare your body for sport and minimalise injury risk. By its nature sport is chaotic (many variables, more difficult to manage risk of injury). Your form (technique) should determine your function, not the other way around. Granted they need to prepare themselves for the chaotic enivironment, but less exercises with correct techique would be the way forward (then expand), otherwise you’re just doing more stuff – badly!

    Working harder is not always the answer. But working better almost always is. – Michael Johnson.

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    In response to CJ

    You’re exactly right, that is the exact reason I created the Chaos Training manual!

  6. Ray Anderson Says:

    Most of these guys were training more like bodybuilders than Olympic wrestlers. I can really appreciate the effort that was being put out, but by no means were MOST of the athletes close to training correctly for wrestling. I only counted one maybe two @ the most that were close to training like they’re suppose to. The “technique” that was used…..SUCKED! Where was the Explosiveness? Speed? & of course…TECHNIQUE!!! These will ALL transfer over to the mat. True, there are many variables in a chaotic wrestling environment, but if you don’t train the kinetic chain properly, you’re only setting yourself up for the risks of injury & poor performance in my opinion. The use of different implements with randomized & varied training work work a helluva alot better than what I was watching on this video. My 2 cents worth!

    Ray Anderson
    Owner/Certified Sports Performance Trainer/USAW Certified Olympic Weighlifting Coach

  7. Mike Rojas Says:

    I agree with all the other posts here… It seems the intention and the intensity is there, just plain bad form everywhere! It looks like this video could be shot any day of the week in every gym in america? Technique is paramount, then the explosion of movement is next. But, listening to the coach in the beginning it seemed like they didn’t want to correct anything? They just wanted the guys in there, but they weren’t expecting to “change” anything the guys had been doing. As a ‘Coach’, these guys are lokking at you to make them better or at least show them the way… Just my 2 cents. Go USA!

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