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Best Way to Improve Your Vulcan Nerve Pinch

Weekly Diesel Grip Strength Challenge

Here are the submissions for this week’s Grip Strength Challenge – the Plate Pinch Hula.

This is a great drill for building thumb / pinch strength without expensive equipment, because you can use the plates you already have.


The way I scored this was with a Stop Watch, and once the hands separated, I hit start and the hit stop once the athlete reached a minute, so, the count may be slightly different from what the athlete counted, but not much.

Jeff Parker took the title this week
with 33 Revolutions – AWESOME – the only guy to hit at least 30 Revolutions. Jeff – any pointers for the rest of us for performing this drill so well? Please post them below!

If anyone else would like to mention what they learned from this drill, please comment below. Will you keep this in your Grip Training routine? How do you feel it will help you?

Josh Dale – 22 Revolutions

Jeff Parker- 33 Revolutions – WINNER!

Andy Thomas – 24 Revolutions

Darrin Shalliman – 16 Revolutions

Josh McIntyre – 23 Revolutions

All the best in your training,


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7 Responses to “Best Way to Improve Your Vulcan Nerve Pinch”

  1. Josh McIntyre Says:

    That was awesome Jeff! Great job everyone else.

  2. Andy Thomas Says:

    Congrats Jeff, outstanding job.

  3. PITT Says:

    I gotta give all you guys some credit. I tried this challenge thursday night at the gym and I couldn’t get 1 Revolution. I can pinch and hold the 25’s for a short time, but as soon as I went to move them it was done. So congratulations to everybody that did this challenge.

  4. Jeff Parker Says:

    Thanks for the cool contest Jedd!
    For the past year or so I have finished almost every pinch workout with the plate hula with either 45’s, 35’s or 25’s.
    To build up to the hula with 45’s I did this:
    To get better at a set of plates that are too hard to pass around your body I would hold the plates in front of me and then let go with one hand and try to touch the rafters in my basement before I dropped the plates. Back and forth as many times as you can.

  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Jeff, that sounds like an awesome technique, bro! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gregory Jimenez Says:

    Hey Jedd Great to see your website upgraded to show all your products.

  7. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Great job guys, and congrats Jeff. I wish I could have submitted an entry but when I tried it the right thumb muscle was pissed from the previous pinch work. One need two hands to hula!

    I think the hula is good for clamping speed but for regular pinch training I like max efforts and timed holds. I think the hula gets some endurance and coordination going but maybe pinching 2×25 in each hand would be better for that. Makes you focus on both hands to hold the pinch with zero rest. Now from a climbing perspective the hula is good since it trains clamping speed (something most don’t train but is quite useful) and it better simulates one hand grabbing something then moving on to another hold and so on.

    I like Jeff’s method and will have to try that. 2×35 was easy from the start but 2×45 has eluded me.

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