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Grip Strength Challenge – 25lb Hub Lift

Hello Diesels.

I didn’t mean to get this posted this late in the week, but there was just no other way to get it done, as I have been working my ass off on several different projects.

I uploaded this video yesterday to YouTube. The best way to make sure you see these videos as soon as they go up is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. You can do that by going to my channel and hitting subscribe ==> Jedd Johnson on YouTube. Or you could also click on the subscribe button in the upper right hand corner of this week’s video…

Hub Lift for Thumb Strength

Why Do Hub Lifts?

Hub lifting is a great form of training for thumb strength. The thumb can easily be neglected in normal training and by trying simple movements such as this, you can get the necessary work in to fortify this normally “weak link” in the hands and in the kinetic chain.

Grip Strength Challenge Rules / Process

1. Get a good shot of the hub so we see what it looks like.

2. Perform a hub lift with 10-kg or 25-lb plate to lockout on film.

3. Upload to YouTube.

4. Send me the link to your video by email, YouTube, or Facebook.

5. Get me your submissions by 8 PM EST on Friday, May 27, 2011.

If you are wondering what the hell I have been doing lately to keep so busy, then let me tell you.

1. Intro to Strongman Training: I have recently finished editing Intro to Strongman Training. The Strongman Sport produces some of the most brutally strong men in the world, and I was talking with Steve Slater, of the world-famous Slater Stone Molds Fame, and we were saying that it was time that some good quality information got put out there on how to do this kind of training the right way in order to make the enormous strength gains that are possible while also staying safe and injury free. So we got together and shot the DVD and it is almost ready to go. If you want to get on the early bird list for this DVD, then make sure that you sign up for our Strongman Training Early Bird List, below…

2. New Feat of Strength DVD – I am shooting the next installment in my Feat of Strength DVD series this Saturday. I am shooting it with a good friend of mine who has proven to be one of the best in the world at this specific type of bending and it is sure to be the go-to resource for this type of information.

3. Advanced Kettlebell Training – Years ago, Smitty and I released Advanced Kettlebell Techniques. In the coming weeks, I will be re-working that into an updated version. If you are sick of the same old Kettlebell Movements and really want to challenge yourself with this training tool, then make sure you stay tuned. That is planned for the end of June.

4. Lots More DVDs – I have several other DVD releases planned. Two of them are already shot, I just simply have not had the time to get them converted to DVD. I will let you know as soon as they are ready for your viewing pleasure.

Obviously guys, I have been extremely busy and am constantly trying to bring you the best information possible in the given subject areas. I absolutely love all forms of strength training and I want to put out the best resources I can to help others enjoy these disciplines as much as I have over the years.

If Strongman Training is something you want to learn about, make sure to put your info in the box above.

All the best in your training.


Fat Gripz

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4 Responses to “Grip Strength Challenge – 25lb Hub Lift”

  1. Chris Says:

    Awesome stuff Jedd. Looking forward to the feat of strength DVD.

    Also, the plates at my gym don’t have hubs that I can lift, but I have an ironmind hublifter. Can I use that for the challenge?

  2. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Jedd looking foward to the Strongman & Feats of Strength dvd!!

  3. Ben Edwards Says:


    I couldn’t do the challenge because I can’t hub lift my 25s. They have a nasty little shallow hub. Maybe 3/8″ deep. I think it might be the same one in your video that you hublifted actually. Most mortals can’t get even close to that though, lol. Hope you got a bunch of entries because hub lifting is pretty neat.

    Ben Edwards

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Next time Big Ben!

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