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Throwback Thursday – Sorinex Summer Strong 2011

Throwback Thursday

I have been meaning to do something a little bit different for you all in the Diesel Universe. I wanted to pull up something that was very cool and very special for you from the annals of the site, and I grabbed the videos from the Sorinex Summer Strong 2011 Get-Together.

Richard Sorin, owner of Sorinex and innovator of the Blob (left) and Me (right)

So many GREAT and HISTORIC Feats of Strength went down that day, I would be all day listing them. Some of the highlights include Rich Williams cleaning and pressing the Inch Dumbbell, Chad Woodall coming ever so close to nearly lifting 2 Old School York 45’s in each hand, a pull-up contest between Tex Henderson and Andrew Durniat, and much, much more.

See the original post here => Sorinex Summer Strong 2011

I hope you enjoyed today’s Throwback Thursday. If you want to see more, tell me by leaving a comment below. I can’t promise I will be able to do this every single week, but I can certainly do it from time to time.

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