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This Week’s Strength and Fitness Newsletter

Just sent out this week’s Strength and Fitness Newsletter. Did you get it? If not, here’s what you missed.

Article: Push-Up Variations by Vic Magary

Article: Blast from the Past: Burpee Variations by Scott Bird

Article: Recovery for the Tactical Athlete by Bill Long

Featured Video: Kettlebells at the Playground

Featured Site: 52 Blocks Knuckle Game

Recommended: Ultimate Sandbag.

From the Archives: The Secrets of Building a Coveted Physique by JC

From the Archives: Resolutions and Goal Setting by Joe Hashey

Each week’s newsletter is a collection of articles, videos, and other features to help you accomplish your strength and fitness goals. We send out an email that shows you the content and provide you with an exclusive link you will click on to go to the Straight To The Bar Newsletter page.

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